long weekends public holidays singapore 2020
Singapore Public Holidays 2020 — How to Maximise All 7 Long Weekends in 2020
Singaporeans love staying on top of public holidays, not just because we’re a harmonious multi-ethnic society, ...
31 October 2019
retrenched unemployement benefits
5 Ways Singaporeans Can Protect Themselves From Potential Retrenchment
If you’ve been freaking out about retrenchment thanks to this year’s economic outlook, well, things aren’t ...
3 October 2019
corporate bankruptcy insolvency
Corporate Bankruptcy or Insolvency in Singapore — What Does It Mean for Employees?
These days, it seems like businesses around the world are dropping like flies. Just recently, retailer ...
2 October 2019
workforce singapore adapt grow
One Thing That Can Work Wonders for Your Career, and It Costs You Nothing
This post was written in collaboration with WSG. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
cpf contribution retirement age
CPF Contribution & Retirement Age Changes: 7 Facts Singaporeans Should Know
I am seriously wondering if I’ve recently been abducted by aliens and implanted in an alternate universe, ...
20 August 2019
mom retrenchment singapore
What Are The MOM Retrenchment Benefits in Singapore? Read If You Think You Might Be Retrenched Soon
In the life cycle of a typical Singapore employee, a youth spent hustling and climbing the career ladder ...
12 July 2019
sahm worth occupation
How Much is the Job of a Stay-At-Home-Mum (SAHM) Really Worth?
When you meet a stay-at-home parent, do not ask something along the lines of, “So, what do you do all day?” ...
22 April 2019
unusual part time jobs pet sitter pet boarder
7 Unusual Part-Time Jobs Singaporeans Can Do Instead of Tuition
Sometimes, it seems like Singaporeans are all doing the same few boring jobs in banking, finance, insurance ...
4 April 2019
singapore business economy
Budget 2019 – Challenges Facing Singapore’s Economy And How SMEs And Workers Can Prepare For Them
The world is changing, and three big shifts, in particular, will make their effects felt more clearly in ...
29 March 2019
term contract employees
On a Term Employment Contract? Don’t Get Cheated of Your MOM Entitlements
If you thought the employees toiling long hours at the office had it bad, wait till you speak with the ...
6 March 2019
High-Pay Part-Time Jobs in Singapore – 5 Gigs for a Decent Side Income
High-Pay Part-Time Jobs in Singapore – 5 Gigs for a Decent Side Income
Most part-time jobs in Singapore suck. Flipping burgers at a fast food joint earns you about $5 to $6 an ...
29 January 2019
freelance jobs singapore 2018
Freelance Jobs Singapore – 8 Jobs Where You Can Set Your Own Schedule
Everyone’s tired of being chained to their desks. If only you could work whenever you wanted to, without ...
28 January 2019
gojek singapore
Gojek Singapore Has Arrived – 5 Things to Know About Grab’s New Rival
If you’ve been lamenting the ever-escalating Grab fares and lack of promo codes throughout most of 2018 ...
17 January 2019
mid-career switch job change singapore
Want to Make a Mid-Career Switch? 5 Industries Singaporeans Can Consider Exploring in 2019
Feeling stuck in your career? Worried about the future of your industry? Or are you just looking for a ...
7 January 2019
polytechnic salary singapore
Polytechnic Graduate Salary 2019: These Are The Highest Paying Industries for Polytechnic Graduates in Singapore
I grew up in a time when people assumed JC education was superior to Polytechnic education. After almost ...
4 January 2019
carousell lazada qoo10 shopee seller
How to Become a Seller on Carousell, Lazada, Qoo10 & Shopee in Singapore (2019)
Ready to make your first million? Read this guide. J/K, I’m not going to tell you how to get rich quick. ...
27 December 2018
fastest growing industries singapore trending job openings
Top 5 Fast-Growing Industries in Singapore (2019)
Now that you’ve received your year-end bonus, you have probably made up your mind about whether you’re ...
19 December 2018
sabbatical work travel earn money
Taking Sabbatical Leave From Work? Here’s How to Earn Money as You Travel
If you find yourself sinking getting crushed by a paralysing depression each time you return to Singapore ...
10 December 2018
singapore civil service 2018
Singapore Civil Service – The Ins and Outs of the Iron Rice Bowl
Whenever you read about the Singapore civil service in the news, half the time it’s about whatever civil ...
4 December 2018
singaporeans working overseas job
Sick of Working in Singapore? 5 Ways to Get an Overseas Job and Work Abroad
It’s no secret that Singaporean workers are a miserable lot. Long hours, bosses who border on flouting ...
28 November 2018
How Long Should You Stay in One Job? 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Stay for More than 3 Years
How Long Should You Stay in One Job? 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Stay for More than 3 Years
Employers would like you to believe that job-hoppers’ resumes are automatically delivered to the paper ...
27 November 2018
grab driver
Grab Drivers: Should You Consider GoJek, Ryde and Taxi Companies Instead?
The private car hire scene has been booming in the recent years, and many locals have taken to driving ...
14 November 2018
top mba in singapore
Top 6 MBAs in Singapore – How Much Does An MBA Cost and Is It Worth it?
You’re a degree holder and you’re now looking for a way to get ahead on the corporate ladder. To improve ...
25 September 2018
job singapore foreigner malaysian 2018
Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners – 6 Jobs For Malaysians & Other Non-Singaporeans
It’s not that easy to get a job in Singapore if you’re not a Singapore citizen or PR. Unless you’ve got ...
6 September 2018
driver jobs singapore 2018
Driver Jobs in Singapore – 4 Ways to Make Money with A Driving License
So, you spent lots of time and money trying to pass your Class 3 driving exam (damn those poles!), and ...
6 September 2018