Think Singapore’s MRT Is Bad? Wait Till You See the Public Transport Systems of Other Cities

What do you think of Singapore’s Mass Rail Transit (MRT) system? Sure, MRT stations are a bit more crowded, the trains are a little slower, and regular service disruptions since 2011 have made public transportation a tad troublesome at times – especially when you’re trying to get home after a long day’s work.

Aside from these “minor” inconveniences, is Singapore’s MRT system really that bad?

Well, you might want to re-think just how bad riding the MRT system can be. Because if you rode the public transportation systems in the following cities, you’d gladly ride the MRT any day:



Unfortunately, “Good” Just Isn’t Good Enough For Singaporeans

It’s no secret that people are… a little unhappy with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) over its management of public transportation in Singapore.

While LTA boasts that 9 out of 10 MRT (88.5%) commuters taking the Public Transport Customer Satisfaction Survey (PTCSS) were “satisfied” with public transport services in Singapore – the reality is that satisfaction is at its lowest point in the last seven years!

True, most Singaporeans are probably thankful that they’re not dealing with some of the other transportation systems shown on this list. But then again, this is Singapore, and people aren’t concerned about trains breaking down anywhere else when they’re late for work.

Singaporeans have a right to complain when its MRT system, which is proclaimed to be one of the world’s “best” transportation systems lets them down.


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