MyRepublic’s 1,000 Free SIM Cards With Unlimited Data – What’s The Catch?

myrepublic free sim card

When MyRepublic said that they wanted to be Singapore’s fourth telco and offer unlimited mobile data, they weren’t kidding around. Earlier today, it was reported that MyRepublic will be giving away 1,000 SIM cards for FREE. Not only that, those SIM cards will give you unlimited 4G data for three months!

Are we starting a Singapore Fight Club?

1,000 SIM cards to be given away? And yet the authorities aren’t panicking yet? Has no one in the government watched Kingsman: The Secret Service? One of the key plots of that movie was how the villain, played brilliantly by Samuel L. Jackson, gives away free SIM cards to the world’s unsuspecting population. The SIM cards then make people get unnaturally aggressive and violent. Like, to the point of I kill you, you kill me.

Even MyRepublic themselves appreciated the movie connection:

So unless MyRepublic is planning to create our very own local Fight Club, what is their reasoning behind this rather generous, and exclusive, giveaway?

As it turns out, MyRepublic is taking part in a new trial heterogeneous network that starts in August this year. They’ve been given a temporary telco license as part of this trial, and they’re going to take full advantage of it. MyRepublic has made it clear that they want to be Singapore’s fourth telco, and that they want to win customers by offering a flat fee, unlimited data plan.


Okay, okay, how do I get my hands on one of the 1,000 SIM cards?

Registration for this trial isn’t open yet, and while MyRepublic has said they will announce it via their website and via social media, by “the end of this week”. No exact date was confirmed.

But before you get too excited, ask yourself, are you one of MyRepublic’s 30,000 broadband customers? If you are, then you will have priority when registration opens. If not, then you might be better off saving your luck to win big at Toto or 4D, because there’s probably very little chance of getting selected.


What exactly comes with the free SIM card?

Unlimited 4G data for 3 months.

There are no voice or SMS functions included in the plan, so really it’s pretty much the kind of SIM card you’d get for your tablet devices. But when you think about it, with unlimited 4G data, still using voice or SMS is pretty much like using CDs for a primary school art project. Since there’s no worry about how much data you use, you can go crazy using Viber or Skype for your calls and WhatsApp or Line for your messages.


So, What’s the Catch?

MyRepublic’s telco license only allows them to provide their 4G network in the Jurong Lake District area. You’ll need to take a boat out to the middle of Jurong Lake to use it. This is all actually a plan to drive more visitors to the almost-forgotten Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden.

We’re kidding.

The Jurong Lake District includes malls like JCube, JEM, Big Box and everything else in between. That’s a pretty huge area to take advantage of a 4G high speed mobile network with unlimited data.


What else can you do with free unlimited 4G data for 3 months?

The possibilities are endless, really.

Call out your friends and run your first LAN party in a decade. Just turn your phone into a wireless hotspot, and you can play all your favourite multiplayer games like Evolve, Left 4 Dead, DOTA or even old school mainstays like Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament. If you can get over the graphics.

Since MyRepublic already offers their broadband users the option to watch all your favourite television shows via Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, there’s no reason to doubt they’ll do the same for their mobile customers. Imagine binge watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black! Just, you know, not in a public place like JCube.

Or, you know, you could also probably watch an appropriate movie, like Fight Club. Or Kingsman: The Secret Service.


Are you interested in getting one of MyRepublic’s free SIM cards? Tell us why.