Singaporeans Who Are Afraid of Investing Should Consider This Before Writing it Off Completely

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The recent swell in conversations regarding planning for retirement and growing one’s money amidst a Singaporean society that is slowly but surely getting more expensive has driven up significant interest in methods of investing. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that many Singaporeans are still relatively hesitant to start investing. And with several global events that have affected the markets, many people might be even more reluctant to think about growing their money in amidst an uncertain environment.

Shockingly, a recent survey conducted by Aviva revealed that 44% of Singaporeans surveyed had not started planning for retirement.


Why Are Singaporeans Not Actively Growing Their Money?

One of the other alarming facts was that 21% of respondents actually felt that it was pointless to invest for the future as they will “never know what those investments will be worth”. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. But that’s also a relatively lazy excuse to not set some proper investment goals and learn more about how you can achieve them through proper risk management and understanding of investment products.

We have previously written about how you should first determine what kind of investor you are before jumping in head first into investing with no roadmap whatsoever. But once you have done that, there are many ways in which you can manage your risk, be it through the choices of investments, or using technology to assist you, which is exactly what we are going to look at here.


How Can You Manage Your Risk With The Help of Technology?

Investing certainly has come a long way from the age-old perception of traders yelling on trading floors at imaginary objects and making all sorts of weird gestures. These days, platforms have empowered individuals like you and me to make decisions on our own.

That being said, many of us don’t feel confident enough to make all of our investing decisions on our own. This might owe to an overall lack of market knowledge, or not having enough time to monitor the markets. This is where platforms that provide alerts and risk management tools can really assist you in making these decisions, especially for many young Singaporeans who are generally caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily work life.


How Do These Alerts and Tools Work and What Should You Look Out For?

Typically, alerts are created based on certain predetermined factors, such as certain economic events, price movements or even based on technical indicators. What this then allows you to do is to set your own thresholds on buying and selling assets.

For example, some platforms have price alerts that allow you to gain immediate knowledge on when a market reaches a specific price, which can help you to make decisions in a more timely manner. Alerts are generally a great way to be able to manage your investments without having to worry too much about market movements.

Certain platforms also have risk management tools that allow you to set a guaranteed stop, which helps to limit losses so that even if the market plunges, your position will be closed out at the stop price you specified. There are a variety of other stops that you can implement as well, which basically help you to control how much risk you undertake, especially if you are not able to eyeball movements in your investments every hour of the day.

Apart from planning your risk threshold, busy Singaporeans should also look out for accessibility to this information and the ability to make decisions. Imagine having to scramble to your laptop to find out more information or make a decision. In this day and age, that is just ridiculous. Platforms like IG’s trading app gives you the ability to set price alerts at any time, and also allows you to make trades when you want to. Their mobile platform also provides the same access to exclusive market data and analysis so you can digest information on the go as well.

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While figuring out your buying and selling threshold might take a bit more time and research, finding platforms that provide you with various technical indicators that you can base your decisions on is a good starting point and can help the more risk averse investor to manage his/her fear of even starting to grow his/her money.

The earlier you start, the more familiar you will get not just with the trading platform, but also with your own comfort zone and using technology to assist in your investment decisions can go a long way to helping you build a richer nest egg for the future.


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