10 Singapore Investment Blogs, Websites & Resources to Follow

Here at MoneySmart, we’re not too proud to give a thumbs up to the competition when they deserve it. In fact, there are several Singapore investment blogs and websites that focus on the topic in much greater depth than we do, covering in detail the investment techniques and other nitty gritties you need to make money.

So if you want to take refine your investment strategy, dive into these Singapore investment blogs and websites.

Investing Note

singapore investment blogs

Investing Note isn’t a blog in the traditional sense of the word—it’s marketed as a social network for stock investors, where people can access technical charts and other data, and share their stock estimates with other users. The site does have its very own blog, where you’ll find information on upcoming IPOs, events and workshops. But if you really want to get a wealth of information about individual stocks, you’ll have to sign up for an account. And as accounts are free, signing up would be a pretty good investment of the 2 minutes it’d take you.


Investment Moats

singapore investment blogs

This Singaporean investor’s blog touches on many topics, including wealth building, evaluating companies when investing, market trends, technical analysis and achieving financial independence. There is a good mix of technical topics and more motivational ones. What stands out is the obvious effort the author has taken to research and write his posts. Investment Moats also has a dividend stock tracker which tracks the yields of blue chip stocks, utilities and REITs, which is useful if you’re a buy-and-hold sort of investor.


Stocks, Shares and Indices forum on Hardwarezone

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The investment section on the HWZ forums is a goldmine of information, anecdotes and recommendations. They are stickies teaching you the basics of how dividends work, how to open a stock trading account and which brokerage to pick. Then there are threads dedicated to individual stocks. This should be your go-to site if you’re soliciting recommendations or tips.


Motley Fool

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Despite what the name suggests, reading this blog will not turn you into an idiot. Motley Fool‘s posts focus on stock investing, and some of the useful are those which highlight the cheapest stocks of the moment in various industries. Other than that, there are personal finance articles of a general character as well as news about companies you might want to invest in.


The Fifth Person

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No, The Fifth Person isn’t a website about polygamy. Its actually one of the most informative sources of investment information on the web. The founders are avid and successful investors themselves, and post frequently on individual stocks that they’ve tracked and invested in. If you follow the tabs at the top of the site, you’ll also find a very helpful step-by-step guide on how to invest in Singapore, with info about everything from how to find bargain stocks to how to invest your CPF savings.


STE’s Stocks Investing Journey

singapore investment blogs

If you’re looking for a more accessible blog that looks like it’s written by an actual person rather than a team of paid writers, check out STE’s Stocks Investing Journey, which is written by a Singaporean investor who posts his own views and analyses. One of the nice things about this blog is that he shares some details about his own personal portfolio, and also talks you through his investment decisions.


Trading With Rayner

singapore investment blogs

The author of this blog has written two books focusing on technical analysis, and that’s the tone Trading with Rayner takes. If you are looking for tips on reading those charts and carving out new trading strategies, you’ll find them on his blog. He’s got some good beginners’ guides to candlestick charts and forex trading. If you like what you see, you might even want to buy one of his books.

singapore investment blogs features analyst reports on stocks and REITs, which are very useful if you spend a lot of time handpicking what goes into your portfolio. They track share prices, compile comments from analysts and bloggers, and offer updates of latest news and announcements affecting each stock.



singapore investment blogs

The writer of SGWealthBuilder – a personal finance blog – discusses a wide range of topics, from commentary on finance- and manpower-related local news to analyses of companies you might want to invest in. His predictions for share prices in light of recent news are probably the most useful thing you can get from the site for free. As a paid member, you also get access to a wealth forum and investment reports on SGX stocks.


My 15 Hour Work Week

singapore investment blogs

One of Singapore’s most well-known finance bloggers, the author entered semi-retirement in his early thirties and writes about a number of personal finance topics, including regular updates of his investment portfolio and expenses. He shows his personal stock picks as well as returns. My 15 Hour Work Week is not an investment blog per se, but his portfolio updates are an interesting read for those who are investing their spare cash and downsizing their spending in hopes of retiring early.


What are your favourite investment blogs? Share your recommendations in the comments!


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