Don’t Skip Your Annual Health Screening: How to Select a Package That Suits You

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Keeping yourself in great shape isn’t just eating the right food or exercising regularly. Even the shiniest and fanciest of cars needs to have what’s under the hood checked regularly. You should do the same even if you think you are in the pink of health. And health screenings are a way to spot potential problems before they even manifest themselves.

So, how should one go about selecting a suitable health screening package? You can start by first looking at your age and gender.



Based on how old you are, your health risks may differ. A 30-year-old encounters different health risks as compared to a 65-year-old. The risk of many health conditions, such as type-2 diabetes, heart disease and glaucoma, rises with age, so you may need more comprehensive health screenings as you age.

Above age 20

Raffles Deluxe Plus, which is Raffles Health Screener’s most popular health screening package amongst professionals, managers, executives and businessmen, is recommended for people in their 20s and 30s. This health screening includes ultrasound tests, in addition to a pap smear or ovarian tumour marker test for women, and prostate tumour markers for men.

Above age 30

Those who prefer a more comprehensive health screening can opt for Raffles Executive packages which includes tonometry for glaucoma, hormonal profile, cardiac risk and anaemia screening. Raffles Executive packages may therefore be a better option for those aged 30 and above.

Above age 40

Raffles Elite is suitable for people aged 40 and older as it is extremely comprehensive and designed to identify many age-related conditions. Raffles Elite Plus even includes Bone Densitometry, Retinophotography (Diabetic Eye Test), Spirometry (Lung Function Assessment), and an MRI for neck or back pain.



Men and women face different health related issues, so it is important to find a health screening package that takes into account gender-specific health risks that you might face.

For instance, women who are at risk of breast cancer may opt for mammograms. Pap smears are also an option to screen for cervical cancer, while men may opt for prostate tumour marker tests or prostate ultrasound tests.

Raffles Elite Package is popular amongst men aged 40 and above, and includes cardiac assessments such as a treadmill electrocardiogram. Such treadmill tests are recommended for men aged 45 and above in order to detect heart disease.


Plan Your Health Screening In Advance

With the holiday season just around the corner, it is best to schedule your annual health screening in advance in order to get your preferred dates. According to Raffles Medical, the peak health screening season is from November to December, so make sure you plan ahead.

To make things easier, Raffles Medical is one of the first healthcare providers to allow the online purchase of health screening packages. You can purchase a health screening package online before booking your health screening appointment.

As the e-commerce voucher is valid for one year, you have the flexibility to go for your health screening whenever your schedule allows. That way, you don’t have to disrupt your travel plans if appointment slots are fully booked.

Health screening goes a long way towards increasing your chances of enjoying a long and healthy life. Make it a point to get an annual health screening, and encourage your family members to do so too. You can even buy health screening packages as gifts for your family members to show that you care.

To select the most suitable Raffles Medical health screening package for your needs, click here.

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