Here’s How You Can Maximise Your Credit Card Usage with MoneySmart’s New App

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They say there are four important steps to the perfect relationship. It is important to find someone who can cook and clean; it is important to find someone who can earn good money; it is important to find someone who is great in bed; and most of all, it is important to make sure these three someones never meet.

Now, while this is a pretty funny joke, it probably is pretty tough to juggle three relationships without wreaking havoc on your personal life. I can barely even juggle three credit cards, for that matter. Like, how do I know which credit card to use when I’m dining out on weekends?


You’re such a noob. When I apply for cards, I know exactly what each card is good for.

Yeah, well, credit card companies love me so much they’re practically forcing credit cards into my wallet, so I never need to apply for one. But even if I can remember which card to use for which spending category, I definitely won’t be able to keep track of the ever changing promotions and deals that come with each credit card. It’s so troublesome to keep searching on my smartphone to see if a specific deal is still available.


But aren’t banks now racing one another to create the best mobile app for credit cards?

That’s a good point! The only problem is each bank’s mobile app is only useful for their own credit cards. Not only does that mean I have to keep referring to multiple apps, but some of my cards don’t even have a corresponding app. Recognising this, decided to create our own mobile app. Introducing Swipe by

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I knew it! This is a paid article…

Well, technically it’s our own app, so no one’s paying us to write this. But in all seriousness, Swipe by will change the way you use your credit cards by helping you decide which card to use for each spending category, as well as helping you keep track of all deals your credit cards are eligible for. Here’s how to use Swipe in 3 easy steps:


Step 1: Add all the credit cards you currently own

Swipe by works whether you have one credit card, five credit cards, or twenty. When you load the app for the first time, after signing in, you will have the opportunity to indicate all the cards you own, easily categorised by issuing bank.

Swipe app credit card

Don’t worry if you didn’t indicate all the cards you own at first. You can always come back later to add more cards as you apply for them. And we’re quite sure you’re going to apply for some after using the app. I’ll explain later.


Step 2: Choose which spending category you’re planning to use your credit card for

This is a step you’re probably going to repeat often, since there are six spending categories to choose from. You have a choice of dining, shopping, travel, grocery, entertainment and petrol. What Swipe does is it ranks your cards in order of best to worst for each particular category.

swipe app credit card moneysmart


Here’s how it works: suppose I’m planning to pay for my dinner date by using my credit card. I select the dining category from the menu. Immediately, the best credit card for dining among those I own shows up. In my case, it’s the American Express True Cashback Card.

swipe app credit card moneysmart

Not only does it tell me which credit card is the best for me, it also tells me why this is the best card for dining. Not only do I get up to 3% cashback for my transactions, but American Express also opens up a series of dining privileges for their cardholders.

But unfortunately, none of those dining privileges apply to my date right now. Fortunately, since Swipe ranks my cards, I can swipe (pun intended!) left and right to see all the dining privileges my other cards can give me. In the end, I might go with the ANZ Optimum World MasterCard, since it gives me up to 5% cashback for all my dining transactions, assuming I had already chosen Dining and Leisure as my cashback category.


Step 3: Take advantage of the many deals and promotions your credit card is eligible for

No concrete plans for tonight? Use Swipe to find all the credit card deals and promotions near you. Just select “Deals Near Me” and you’ll be brought to a map.

swipe app credit card moneysmart

Say I’m planning to head to the Singapore Art Museum. I can look for dining deals in the area that I’m eligible for. I notice that the recently opened Capitol Piazza mall has a couple of options, including Palette Restaurant & Bar. Swipe tells me I can get 15% off a la carte food items from Monday to Friday if I use any Citibank Card.

swipe app credit card moneysmart

While at Capitol Piazza, I notice a restaurant with a unique Central European menu called Kaiserhaus. The good thing about Swipe is that it not only tells me what deals I’m eligible for with the credit cards I have, it also tells me what the deals are for credit cards I don’t have.

swipe app credit card moneysmart

Thanks to Swipe, I now know that I can get 15% off my à la carte order there if I use any HSBC card. Well, guess it’s time to apply for the HSBC Revolution Card then.


So what happens when I get my new credit card in the mail?

The first thing you should do is sign your name on the back of the card for security reasons. The second thing? Fire up the Swipe app, go to the menu and select “Manage My Cards”.

swipe app credit card moneysmart

On the top right hand corner of the Manage Cards screen, you have the “Add Card” option. Select the logo of the bank that issued your card, and then find the card on the list presented. Repeat this step whenever you apply for a new card.


Okay, I’m convinced! How do download Swipe?

Swipe by is currently available as a free download for iOS users in the App Store. For Android users, expect it to appear in the Google Play Store in the later half of this year.


We hope you enjoy using Swipe by! If you face any issues with the app, do let us know.