AXA Car Insurance Singapore Review (2019)

AXA Car Insurance Review

AXA is one of the more respected brand names when it comes to car insurance in Singapore.

But it can be difficult to choose the right AXA car insurance plan because they have what looks like a zillion (okay, 7) different comprehensive plans, all for different target consumers with different needs. Let’s take a look at them.


AXA car insurance plans at a glance

Here’s a handy table to summarise the key features of each of the 7 key plans from AXA car insurance.

AXA car insurance plan Key features Recommended for
SmartDrive Essential AXA authorised workshops only. Very basic coverage Older/second hand cars (no more warranty), drivers on a budget
SmartDrive Essential+ Same as Essential, but 110% of the car’s market value is insured + allowance given if car is under repair More expensive second hand cars, parallel imports, drivers who rely heavily on their car
SmartDrive Peace of Mind Same as Essential, but higher flood protection + loss of personal items covered Same as Essential+
SmartDrive For Her Similar to Essential, but with phone assistance, roadside support + transport allowance Drivers willing to pay more for hand-holding
SmartDrive Flexi Similar to Essential, but no restriction on workshops New cars (still under warranty), drivers on a budget
SmartDrive Flexi+ Same as Flexi, but 110% of the car’s market value is insured + allowance given if car is under repair New cars, drivers who rely heavily on their car
SmartDrive Flexi+ Family Same as Flexi, but better personal accident coverage + young & inexperienced driver excess is waived New cars, drivers whose kids just got their license

Looks complicated, but when it comes down to it, AXA car insurance plans can be split into 2 subtypes: the SmartDrive Essential family (limited to AXA authorised workshops) and the SmartDrive Flexi+ family (no workshop restriction).

SmartDrive Essential (and its derivatives SmartDrive Essential+, SmartDrive Peace and SmartDrive For Her) all limit repairs to AXA authorised workshops, and are thus suitable for any car that’s not under warranty in Singapore – provided you’re not fussy about where you get your car fixed of course.

Which of the 4 plans you pick basically depend on what you value:

  • If you just want the basic coverage and the cheapest premium, choose SmartDrive Essential.
  • SmartDrive Peace is for those concerned about insuring your personal belongings in the car.
  • SmartDrive For Her is for those who want logistical and emotional support in the case of an accident or any other driving hiccups.
  • SmartDrive Essential+ is the most typical of a comprehensive car insurance plan. It has good loss of use benefits for when your car is at the workshop, plus a high payout in the heart-wrenching event of your car getting totally wrecked.

On the other side of the divide is the SmartDrive Flexi group. As there’s no restriction on which workshop you go to, the Flexi family is best for new cars under warranty.

  • SmartDrive Flexi is the most basic of these plans.
  • Most new car owners will probably want to upgrade to SmartDrive Flexi+ for more comprehensive coverage for their baby.
  • SmartDrive Flexi Family is an option for when your teenagers grow up and get driving licenses. Many insurers force a high excess (up to $3,000) on you if you let a young and inexperienced driver drive, but with the Flexi Family plan this is waived. Of course, expect to pay a higher premium.

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What add-ons can you get with AXA car insurance?

On top of their bazillion plans, AXA also has a veritable slew of add-ons available so you can really customise your plan. There are 5 packaged sets of add-ons you can choose from (they can be combined):

Car insurance add-on Key features Recommended for
Protector Plus Daily transport allowance, delivery of repaired car,  car protector, renewal discount Enhancing the coverage on a basic plan i.e. Essential or Flexi
Duo Protector Daily transport allowance, medical and dental expenses, personal accident, monthly allowance in case of permanent disablement, excess reduction for duo Couples who share a car
Overseas Protector Loss of personal effects, cancellation fees reimbursement, hotel accommodation, overseas allowance, courtesy car overseas People who like to do driveaways in (West) Malaysia and Thailand
Family Protector Loss of personal effects, medical and dental expenses, personal accident, monthly allowance, waiver of named young or inexperienced driver excess Families with kids who just got driver’s license
Claim Protector Excess waiver, NCD protector People with 50% NCD

Alternatively, you can add them on a la carte.

Car insurance add-on Description
Excess Waiver Add-on to waive your own damage excess
Car Protector AXA will pay 110% of the market value of car at time of total loss
NCD Protector Protect your No Claim Discount for all types of claims and accidents
Car Accessories Cover up to $2,000 of car accessories without affecting your NCD
Courtesy Car in Singapore For use when your car is undergoing repair due to an accident
Phone Assistance & Roadside Support AXA will assist if your car breaks down or is immobilised
Medical & Dental Expenses Up to $5,000 per person in the event of an accident
Personal Accident for Driver Choose from $50,000, $100,000, $200,000 or $500,000
Personal Accident for Passengers Cover your passengers for up to $20,000 in the event of a car accident
Monthly Allowance Receive a monthly allowance in the event of total permanent disablement from a car accident


How to get cheaper premiums with AXA?

AXA motor insurance plans are so customisable that this is sort of a moot point. To save on your premium, all you have to do is opt for only the plans and add-ons you really need and skip the nice-to-haves.

For example, you can opt for the SmartDrive Essential and add on only Car Protector and NCD Protector a la carte. Voila, a perfectly serviceable plan for your car with no excessive frills.

Apart from that, there’s also the usual NCD and flexible excess option to help lower your plan premiums. These are pretty self-explanatory.

Type of discount Description Amount
NCD (No Claim Discount) Given in increments of 10% for each year you don’t file a claim 10% to 50%
Double excess Double your own damage excess in exchange for a discount in your premium Varies


Why (or why not) choose AXA car insurance?

Considering that it’s such an established brand in the insurance space, I think AXA has gone above and beyond when it comes to providing options to consumers.

AXA is like the cai png stall of car insurance – you just rock up and pick the items you want. You’ll never be forced into paying for stuff you don’t want. And just like cai png, there’s something for everyone (unless you’re really damn picky) and every budget.

AXA is definitely a car insurer that should top your list if you’re very savvy about car insurance and know exactly what you want. Like if you’re an extremely seasoned driver and have experienced mishaps on the road. (Or if you work in insurance.)

The flip side of this is that maybe there’s just TOO much choice. If we’re honest, the average Singaporean consumer is not going to make the most out of AXA’s buffet of options. We think we know what we want, but ultimately I think many of us don’t actually want to take THAT much responsibility for our choices.

… Okay, that’s enough philosophy for today.

In summary, I think AXA is a fantastic choice of car insurer if you know what you want. If you don’t, consider giving MoneySmart a call and talking to our car insurance experts for advice. It’s free, we’re unbiased, and there’s totally no obligation on your part.

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