62% of Singaporeans Are Burnt Out. Here Are 3 Ways Business Leaders Can Use Technology To Help


Asian countries are known for their long working hours and stressful work cultures. As many of us have probably experienced, Singapore is no different. 

Compared to our counterparts in Asia Pacific, Singapore is the most overworked country, according to a study by workspace innovation company The Instant Group. Overworking has left 73% of Singaporean employees unhappy and 62% feeling burnt out. 

Now if you’re an employer, this won’t do because tired employees are unable to perform their jobs and might even end up quitting. This will eventually result in more costs for your company to rehire and train new people. 

It’s in employers’ best interests to retain and keep employees happy. This includes finding new ways to help your staff and making sure the HR implements them properly.

But there’s another way that business leaders can help, too. 

What can business leaders do to help?

As business owners or HR professionals, the best thing we can do to help our staff is to give them more time—not just more time for leisure but more time to focus on important work tasks.

By harnessing new technology, you can help employees work more efficiently, have better mental health, and (hopefully) get home on time for dinner.

Here are 3 technologies to incorporate into your workplace

1. Harness AI tools

We’ve all heard about the potential benefits and risks of generative AI. But one thing’s for sure, it’s here to stay. And it’s up to us how we can make the most of it to help us. 

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT can save employees quite a significant amount of time when it comes to tasks such as analysing huge amounts of data, assisting with coding, generating content ideas, and producing images and audio. 

Of course, it’s not perfect, but if it frees up employees’ time from more mundane work, they’ll have more time for more strategic, higher-level tasks that require them to think more. This also supports their professional development, and if employees see that they’re learning and growing, they’ll be more motivated and inclined to stay.  

If you’re serious about incorporating AI in the workplace, it’s also important to provide proper training so they can use it effectively. 

2. Use apps that have mental health functions

Since the pandemic, there’s been more awareness about the importance of mental health. We’ve seen how many companies have put in more effort to support employees’ mental health with things like flexible time off and training programmes. 

Another way is to provide access to therapy. But therapy isn’t cheap, and not everyone can afford it. One way the company can show that it’s taking employees’ welfare seriously is to consider adding mental health coverage to its corporate health insurance plan. 

Another way is to give subsidies for employees to download and subscribe to mental health apps. 

3. Make it easy for employees to book work rides with GoCorp by Gojek

You know those taxi claims that you accumulate and leave till the last minute or until your finance person nags you? Remember when taxi receipts used to fade out because you kept them for so long without claiming? 

Yep, those pesky things can be a real chore. Did you know the average expense claim takes 20 minutes to process because they’re so painstakingly manual?

You can now make the whole process much smoother with GoCorp, a transport expense management platform for businesses. It offers a simplified process of providing corporate rides to your employees. They no longer have to take screenshots or keep paper receipts and make claims manually.

For employers, here’s how it works: 

  • The rides that employees book are charged and consolidated into your company’s GoCorp account
  • You can set company or employee-level usage limits and rules
  • Receive real-time updates through an online dashboard to organise and track corporate ride usage
  • Direct billing: Enjoy the flexibility of charging real-time rides to your corporate credit/debit card or through monthly credit term billing
  • Manage costs easily: Access to automated reports on costs and usage helps you better plan and manage your budget

All you need to do is switch your employees to GoCorp as a payment method and book rides normally. Easy peasy!

You have all sorts of tools at your disposal to care for your employees. Technology can be harnessed to boost productivity and save time for both you and your employees. As employers, the benefits of caring for employees certainly outweigh the costs, and you also stand to benefit long term. 

New sign-ups for GoCorp enjoy a first-year fee waiver, zero deposit fee, and no minimum spend requirements. Find out more about GoCorp.

Want to recommend GoCorp to your company?

For employees who refer their company to GoCorp, you’ll receive $20 in vouchers for your personal use, which will be sent to your account within 2 months upon successful referral.


This post was written in collaboration with Gojek. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same objective lens. We are committed to providing the best information in order for you to make personal financial decisions with confidence.