How Lalamove Empowers SMEs to Prepare for Soaring Mother’s Day Sales

Lalamove Mother's Day

The second Sunday of May is designated as Mother’s Day — and many of us rely on delivery services to shower her with gifts. And because mums deserve the BEST, anything I send must be timely and of course, cost-effective.

For business owners, that might be challenging. Not only must they ensure timely deliveries, but the peak period can also be logistically demanding.

Thus, one solution is to work with a reliable delivery partner, that they know will handle the item with care during the journey. An on-demand delivery platform like Lalamove can provide a competitive advantage with its fast and affordable on-demand delivery solutions. In addition, this resolves the need for merchants to have their own delivery fleet, reduce overheads and also eliminate any manpower/logistics issues!

Having access to a delivery partner who can support timely and cost-effective deliveries isn’t just a one-off thing for Mother’s Day. It applies to other festivities such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas…or even when we are prepping for the lead-up to the coming peak season(s).

Here are some of the top 3 items mums love, and how to send them in a timely and cost-effective way.


1. Fresh flowers (not wilting ones!)

Lalamove Mother's Day

Flowers are a delicate bunch, especially the imported ones that you’ll find in florists’ fridges or in the cold rooms of big garden centres.

That’s why it’s important to get them to mum ASAP, and hopefully still chilled, so the flowers maintain their perky, dewy look when she receives them.

One of the cost-effective delivery services florists use is Lalamove, which has a fleet of various vehicles that include motorcycles, cars, MPV, vans and lorries. This means that not only the flowers remain in tip-top condition (while arriving on time), Lalamove is also able to deliver items of various sizes and volumes to suit your business needs.

Case in point: Lalamove just added to its wide delivery fleet a 24ft lorry, up from 14ft! Can you just imagine the scale of deliveries that can be done with this power-packed vehicle?! That’s the kind of support that Lalamove provides business owners.

Surge in orders? No problem. Delivering huge and bulky items? No problem too! Maybe it’s time to send mum an entire garden!


2. Her favourite meal (not whatever’s nearby)

Lalamove Mother's Day

When it comes to a big family gathering (Mother’s Day is a great reason!), just heading to the closest eatery nearby just doesn’t cut it. Hey, it’s a special day! Lack of options won’t be an excuse if you have access to yummy food delivery options — so you can get that delicious nasi ulam mum’s been craving from Katong, although you stay in Jurong.

For smaller home-based business owners that do small-scale catering for intimate events, using a reliable and cost-effective delivery partner such as Lalamove to ensure the food gets there on time and still piping hot is a must. If it’s a big event, all the more the food must arrive in a speedy and dependable manner.

This can be accomplished with the help of Lalamove’s quick, on-demand delivery that’s within the day or even hour (!!!). And during the high season, the convenience of using Lalamove’s hassle-free delivery app really saves time and effort, in addition to fast driver matching time with Lalamove’s large pool of delivery drivers.

During peak periods, you’d also need to ensure you get the ingredients delivered from your suppliers beforehand. With Lalamove’s variety of vehicles from vans to lorries and its multi-stop delivery feature (up to 19 locations per order!), you can stay ahead of the F&B catering game! It’s even more convenient with Lalamove’s wide fleet (includes 24ft lorry, motorcycles, cars, MPV, vans and lorries…) and multi-stop delivery feature (up to 19 locations per order).

In Singapore, what’s an event without food???


3. Presents delivered on time (not the day after…)

Lalamove Mother's Day

Imagine, it’s your birthday, but the present only got delivered the next day. I’m not particularly fussed over this if it’s me, but there’s no way I’d want this to happen to Mum!

For businesses, it’s great to know that Lalamove has 24/7 on demand delivery services, just in case there are customers who make orders at the last minute. For peak season, the delivery provider does multi-stop delivery, with up to 19 locations per order, so if you’re sending multiple orders via Lalamove, you’re still in good hands.

And about punctuality, well, Lalamove has a route optimisation function too, so that the shortest distance within the shortest time is covered for all of the orders. Besides, Lalamove also provides real-time tracking. So it’s easy to keep tabs on the driver’s locations, for peace of mind.


Lalamove as a trusted delivery partner

Lalamove Mother's Day

For businesses big and small, Lalamove is one of the most reliable, trusted delivery partners in the market right now — not to mention, cost-effective as well. Users can send anything from gifts and hampers, to flowers and gifts; as well as F&B, catering and even for wholesale needs.

Here’s a quick recap of what Lalamove offers:

  • Wide fleet of vehicles — includes motorcycles, cars and MPVs; to a variety of vans and lorries (like the new 24ft lorry!)
  • Speed — delivers within the day or hour; with fast driver matching time and a large pool of delivery drivers. 
  • Convenience — easy-to-use app and web interface.
  • Multi-stop delivery — up to 19 locations per order with route optimisation and real-time route improvement.

With access to a team that’s primed to deliver high quality service, with excellent customer support and even real-time tracking, business owners can focus on growing sales. Lalamove is also cost-effective, with transparent and competitive delivery prices with no hidden costs (there’s also regular discounts!). The delivery partner’s services can also be seamlessly integrated with your business platform via API.

From now till 30 April 2023, enjoy up to $15* off your deliveries this Mother’s Day with promocode LALAMOM. *T&Cs apply.

Mum only deserves the best. If you need timely, on-demand delivery, consider Lalamove for its reliable, cost-effective delivery this Mother’s Day and bring smiles (not frowns) to mums around Singapore.


This post was written in collaboration with Lalamove. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same objective lens. We are committed to providing the best information in order for you to make personal financial decisions with confidence. You can view our Editorial Guidelines here.