Here’s How You Can Optimise Your Office Internet Experience with Singtel Business Broadband

singtel business broadband

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It is every working person’s nightmare to have to deal with spotty Internet while trying to get work done in the office.

As business applications become more reliant on the Internet and the cloud, companies’ demand for bandwidth is ever-increasing. With the increased use of cloud-based collaborative tools, an unreliable Internet connection can have a significantly negative impact on productivity and general morale as work is getting hampered. Many businesses now also have employees bring their own devices or allow bandwidth-intensive applications or media streaming, both of which can further increase the burden on your company’s Internet bandwidth.

Cyber security is also a huge concern these days, especially for businesses that may share their internet connection with external users. Free WiFi is often offered as a value-added service to customers, and what you might not realize is that sharing your network presents a significant security risk as others may breach your network and steal your business data.

With an increasing demand for both greater bandwidth and increased security, how can the right broadband plan help SME business owners address these issues?


Singtel Fibre Broadband Plus can help with your business needs

With these things in mind, a broadband service that provides 2 separate internet connections allows you to achieve true network segregation. It will let you distribute the load on your business’ broadband network in a more effective manner, and help maintain network security.

For example, you can dedicate one Internet connection for sensitive business data use such as a payment gateway or file sharing and collaboration, while the secondary connection can be used as a guest WiFi.

And when it comes to making sure your employees have enough bandwidth to do their work, keeping separate WiFi connections for business and personal device use can help reduce network congestion.


How it works

Below are just some examples of what Singtel Fibre Broadband Plus is ideal for:

– IP Payments – With a dedicated connection, you can reduce the occurrence of unsuccessful transactions.
– Guest WiFi – Separating the guest WiFi network ensures your business applications and network stay secure and reduces congestion.
– Smart devices – Prevent unauthorized devices from accessing business data or personal smart devices from slowing down your main network.


Eliminate WiFi dead zones with WiFi Mesh

As your office premises expands with your company growth, ensuring that your Internet connections are accessible throughout the office space may become a challenge. A bigger office may also mean more WiFi dead zones, which can be disruptive to business functions.

Having multiple rooms and walls can impede the WiFi signals because walls may reduce the signal strength due to the lack of a “line of sight” between devices and the WiFi routers or access points.

Singtel WiFi Mesh helps solve this issue by ensuring a strong signal is accessible anywhere in the office. WiFi Mesh is very easy to set up, without the need for additional configuration or wiring within the office. If more coverage is needed, it is as simple as adding additional WiFi Mesh units to extend the signal.

A reliable and fast Internet connection that is accessible everywhere in the office is essential to ensuring employee productivity, and really just to make sure that everyone stay happy in the midst of a busy workday.


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