Here’s One Way to Save More When You Buy Your Next Mobile Phone

Here’s One Way to Save More When You Buy Your Next Mobile Phone

If you have your heart set on the latest iPhone or Samsung phone, then your wallet better be ready. Today, you must fork out anywhere from $1,928 for the Samsung S24 Ultra to $2,018 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max; based on Apple Store and Samsung Online Store’s retail prices.

Apart from buying during sales, can you get some savings out of your new phone?

One way that people get the latest phone models is to sign up for a new mobile contract and buy the phone for a cheaper price.

But this leaves you locked in for 2 years and you’re stuck paying the fixed monthly bills. The worst-case scenario is that after 2 years, your total outlay amounts to even more than the phone cost!

And what happens when the next new phone model comes out? Are you willing to pay the cost price of the new phone and a contract penalty fee just to stay in the game?

Well, there is a different option that could let you have your cake and eat it: that means staying contract-free and paying for the phone in instalments.


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StarHub’s Star Plan helps you save more on your next phone

Star Plan is a new no-contract SIM only plan, giving you the ultimate freedom from 2-year contracts. If you’re eyeing that new phone, you can buy now pay later with Star Plan and get a new number or port in your existing number from another telco.

With Star Plan, you get:

  • The option to purchase a device on a Buy Now Pay Later model to enjoy savings over $500 vs traditional 2-year mobile contracts (more on that below)
  • Fast speeds with over 99% 5G coverage across Singapore
  • The option to add other services to your plan from just $5.09 (e.g., roaming, IDD) monthly
  • 24/7 support with live agent on StarHub App


Save over $500 with StarHub’s Star Plan: A cost comparison

StarHub’s no-contract SIM only Star Plan allows you to choose from paying upfront in full (“Pay Today”) or “Pay Later” in bite-sized 12 or 24 instalments at 0% interest.

Here’s a quick comparison of how much an iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB would cost when bought on StarHub’s Star Plan versus the traditional 2-year contract.

$99 2-year plan (100GB) Star Plan: Star 22 (150GB)
Cost of iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB (Usual price $2,018) $711
Upfront payment
Inclusive of Pay Later discount of $190 OFF*
Monthly bill $100.86 $22
Total cost after 2 years/24 months $3,132
(100.86 x 24mths) + 711
(76.17 x 24mths) + (22 x 24)

*Calculations are based on prices and offers valid as at point of publishing, with 9% GST. Check the StarHub website for the latest offers.

By opting to buy now and pay later with Star Plan, you can save yourself a neat $776 when purchasing an iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB. Check out the latest offers at your nearest StarHub shop or on the online shop. No need to eat grass for the next few months, yay!


How to sign up for Star Plan

Ready to get on StarHub’s no-contract SIM only Star Plan?

Here’s how:

  • Visit the StarHub website
  • Select your desired phone model from the list
  • Select the Pay Later option from the payment methods
  • Choose from either the Star 30 plan with 200GB of 5G data ($30/month) or Star 22 with 150GB of 5G data ($22/month).

For a seamless experience, have ready the following items:

  • Your StarHub Hub ID for existing customers. New customers can also register for it
  • Your SingPass
  • Your Debit/Credit card details


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Star Plan, in a nutshell

With StarHub’s 5G Star Plan, snagging the newest phone model is a breeze—just split the cost into easy instalments with a cool 0% interest tag. Plus, spice things up with extra services starting from just $5 and steer clear of those surprise bill scares.

And here’s the kicker for Star Plan folks–enjoy round-the-clock in-app live agent support and live chat whenever you need a hand. Dive into YouTube and Netflix binging, and level up your gaming experiences, thanks to generous data allowances and fast 5G speeds. It’s all about making your tech life hassle-free!

If you’re ready to make the switch, don’t forget to take advantage of ongoing promotions.

Visit the StarHub website to purchase.

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This post was written in collaboration with StarHub. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same objective lens. We are committed to providing the best information in order for you to make personal financial decisions with confidence.