7 Ways This Mobile Provider Can Reduce Stress & Worries in Your Life

MyRepublic offers affordable mobile plans that will reduce the stress in your life

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There are already so many stressors in life. Is my spending within budget? Have I paid all of my bills? Will I finish work on time to fetch my kid from school? Is the cafe I want to visit today open? Am I going to run out of data on my mobile plan this month and be charged extra? The list goes on.

Eliminate unnecessary worries by switching to service providers that can relieve the pressure. For example, if you’re always on edge about exceeding your mobile data plan and being charged extra, consider switching to mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) MyRepublic.

Let’s take a closer look at what respite MyRepublic can bring to our already-stressful lives:


1. Best MVNO in Singapore

MyRepublic was recently named the Best MVNO in Singapore, winning a share of 31% of votes in the HWM+HardwareZone.com Tech Awards 2020: Readers’ Choice category. Circles.Life came in second with 28%, while GOMO came in third with 15%. This means that users can feel assured that they’ve chosen an MVNO that’s in good standing with fellow users.


2. No bill shock when you exceed your data plan

MyRepublic is popular for its data plans. Unlike some providers, users of MyRepublic won’t get charged additional fees when they exceed the specified data cap. Instead, the speed just gets reduced, but you can still keep on surfing, messaging and calling as per normal. Unless you’re watching some super high-definition video or playing a data-intensive game, you probably won’t feel the difference. 

Typical download speeds are up to 120Mbps, and when you exceed the limit, your max speed download speed becomes up to 1.2Mbps (to put things into perspective, Spotify streams at the default speed of 160kbps). In short, there’s no bill shock or hard cap of data. Your data-filled life still goes on.


3. No lock-in period

If you’re commitment phobic or the type who will read all the fine print when signing a contract, fear not with MyRepublic as there’s no lock-in contract commitment. If you’re fickle and can’t decide which MyRepublic plan suits you best, you can change your MyRepublic plan any time at no extra charge. Even if you want to switch to another mobile provider, you can do so any time. Just note that your bills will not be prorated if you port out during your bill cycle. That’s all to it


4. No hidden charges

Some mobile providers offer cheap plans as low as $5/month, but do read the fine print as all the essential extras like caller ID, incoming calls, SMS, and even an activation fee are not included. MyRepublic mobile plans are transparent about their charges; and services like caller ID, SIM Card activation and registration are all included for free.


5. Worry-free roaming for when we can travel again

Travel at this point of time is out of the question now, no thanks to Covid-19. But once we are back to our jetsetting or bleisure (business leisure) ways, no sweat if you need to travel on short notice. MyRepublic’s roaming feature can be quickly activated (it’s almost instant, a few minutes tops), and there’s also the option to add on a Roaming Data Booster that you need.

As there are no pay-as-you-go roaming data charges, you won’t be slapped with crazy roaming bills to deflate your mood when you return triumphant from your long-awaited post-Covid-19 trip.


6. Seamless to switch

Change is always difficult (yet constant), but if it is seamless and easy, then you’d hardly ever feel the difference. This is the case for MyRepublic — you can switch from another mobile provider and retain your number with no disconnection or messy paperwork to do. All you need to do is inform MyRepublic when you sign up online, and the team will do all the work for you.

As soon as you receive/collect your new MyRepublic SIM card, you’re good to go almost immediately. Also, if you’re opting for home delivery, there are multiple delivery dates/slots to choose from, so you can plan ahead in advance when you want to port over, and won’t worry that the package comes while you are not at home. Huzzah!


7. Affordable plans

MyRepublic constantly upgrades its plans with bonus/upsized data to meet its user’s needs, especially as our consumption of video content and other data-heavy media increases. By constantly updating and upgrading its plans, MyRepublic remains competitive and consistently matches industry standards.

Right now, MyRepublic offers SIM-only mobile plans from $10/month. Here’s a quick overview of the plans available:

Plan Data Talktime SMSes Caller ID? Contract?
Lite Plan @ $10/month 6GB, unlimited data thereafter* 300 minutes (free incoming) 300 (free incoming) Free None
Value Plan @ $18/month 7GB + 7GB bonus data for 1st 12 months (new sign-ups), unlimited data thereafter* 1,000 minutes (free incoming) 1,000 (free incoming) Free None
Core Plan @ $20/month 50GB  (new sign-ups), unlimited data thereafter* 500 minutes (free incoming) 500 (free incoming) Free None
Pro Plan @ $29/month 70GB 

(new sign-ups), unlimited data thereafter*

400 minutes (free incoming) 400 (free incoming) Free None
Unlimited Data Plan @ $39/month Unlimited 1,000 minutes (free incoming) 1,000 minutes (free incoming) Free None

*At throttled speeds with no extra data charge
Information accurate as of 6 Oct 2020; visit MyRepublic’s page to learn about the latest offerings

The $10/month plan is really competitive, as the cheapest mobile plans other telcos and MVNOs are offering are priced from $5 to $29 (and some don’t include the above-mentioned “essential extras” like caller ID).

If you’re paying much more than $10 for less data, talktime and SMSes than what MyRepublic offers in its Lite plan, consider downsizing your mobile bill — this helps to reduce the strain on your bank account as well.

Find out more about MyRepublic mobile plans here.