Shopping at Giant Just Got Even More Affordable — There’s Been A Lasting Price Drop on Hundreds of Everyday Essentials

Giant Lower Prices That Lasts

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I’ve been shopping more often these days — for groceries, that is. You see, ever since Circuit Breaker happened, I’ve gotten into a routine of cooking my own meals and have become more adept at stir-frying instead of executing a basic tray bake.

Thus, its music to my ears that Giant recently announced that it would drop prices on hundreds of its already affordable everyday essentials — and its “Lower Prices That Lasts” promise would stay firm for at least 6 months (and 3 months for fresh produce).

But this is not just about me being able to purchase cheaper ingredients and lowering my food budget. I feel it’s a good initiative because:

  • In a world where our “new normal” is actually “no normal” as everything is fluctuating due to the COVID-19 situation, Giant’s consistently lower prices are like an anchor to keep our groceries and essentials budget steady.
  • Not everyone has the luxury of time to wait for/keep track of supermarket offers that are only available for a limited time. By dropping and keeping the prices of hundreds of Singaporeans’ favourite brands and essentials low during this difficult period, it’s like lasting lowered prices that we can enjoy at our own convenience and time.
  • It’s also a promise that “we’re all in this together” — Giant’s “Lower Prices That Last” initiative is a $17 million investment, but it goes a long way towards helping everyone in Singapore tide through these COVID-19 times.

According to a The Straits Times article, the price reduction was prompted by Giant’s consumer research finding that cost of living concerns are top on people’s minds during the ongoing pandemic.

How much can I save when shopping at Giant today?

Shopping at GiantLet’s say I head to Giant to buy a mix of groceries to last me a week and daily essentials. Here’s a look at my shopping bill and what I can save today:

Brand/Item Old price Price now Savings
Cabbage 2L Vegetable Cooking Oil $5.65 $4.30 $1.35 (~24%)
Ibumie Mi Goreng 5packs $2.35 $1.80 $0.55 (~23%)
Lee Kum Kee Panda Oyster Sauce $3.70 $3 $0.70 (~19%)
Dove Shower Beauty Nourishing 1L $9.70 $5.90 $3.80 (~39%)
Top Detergent Powder Anti-Bacterial 5.5 Kg $13.55 $9.80 $3.75 (~28%)
Listerine Mouthwash Cool Mint 1L $9.90 $7.20 $2.70 (~27%)
Minced Pork per 500g $6.45 $4.50 $1.95 (~30%)
Golden Pomfret 2 for $11 2 for $6 $5 (~45%)
Fuji Apples 5 for $3.95 5 for $2.50 $1.45 (~37%)
Assorted Leafy Vegetables — Chye Sim, Kangkong, Spinach 3 for $2.70 3 for $2 $0.70 (~26%)
TOTAL $68.95 $47 $21.95 (~32%)

Today, shopping at Giant will net me a savings of $21.95 — that’s almost 32% discount — on my weekly supermarket bill. This money saved can go towards next week’s grocery run, be used to top up my EZ-Link card, go into my retirement savings account/holiday fund (for after COVID-19, of course), or channeled to an investment like a regular savings plan (these usually start from $100/month).

It’s also more than enough for a family of 4 to enjoy a hearty meal at a coffeeshop after their grocery run, kopi and Milo included.

Especially for fresh produce like seafood, meats and vegetables, prices tend to fluctuate due to season and availability. Understanding this, Giant worked hard to partner with its suppliers in order to keep prices stable and low for its customers.

Visit Giant’s website to discover more Lower Prices That Last products and savings! P.S. Here’s an extra money saving tip: To top it off, you can also earn TapForMore points and enjoy extra savings with every dollar spent at Giant with your PAssioncard! Triple dip your savings while shopping at Giant if you own UOB One credit/debit cards! Earn up to 10% rebates on your daily essentials!

It’s not all about the money

Shopping at Giant - seafoodFor some of us, price is not the only driving factor. I tend to look at convenience, service, shopping experience, freshness, quality, variety and value-for-money as well.

Giant already ticks many of these boxes for me. The supermarket chain has over 50 stores located islandwide and a wide range of fresh, quality products at wallet-friendly prices. There’s also Giant Online, so customers who have no time to leave home can sit back, relax and let Giant do the heavy lifting to send bulky essentials and groceries directly to their doorstep.Giant Singapore new logo 2020 green leafAlong with its recent price reduction, Giant has also undergone a transformation (it now sports a new “green leaf” logo) with even more customer-centric features. These include:

  • Further improved quality and freshness: Giant ensures its produce, meat and seafood are delivered fresh daily with a 100% freshness promise or your money back
  • Better lighting in stores, neater navigation for a more enjoyable shopping experience
  • A $1 zone for bargain hunters
  • A Snack World that features favourite snacks for the whole family, from the super-healthy to our late-night Netflix indulgences
  • A World of Food area that features the best curated products from all over the world, so that we don’t FOMO even if we can’t travel just yet
  • A decked up general merchandise area with home & living appliances, electronics and even tableware
  • A Guardian pharmacy within Giant stores, a first-ever integration so that customers can now shop for their much-needed health and beauty products

Every little bit saved counts

On top of enjoying lower prices that last at Giant, you can also have some fun and stand a chance to literally shop for free with Giant’s Lower Prices That Last game starting 1 Oct!

What: Lower Prices That Last Game
How: Catch as many falling Lower Prices That Last products as possible in 30 seconds. The more you catch, the higher your score.
Prizes: The top 3 scorers for each round will receive $100 Giant Vouchers each
Contest Rounds: 1 – 14 Oct 2020, 15 – 28 Oct 2020, 29 Oct 2020 – 11 Nov 2020, 12 – 25 Nov 2020Play Now

Head to Giant to start shopping and saving now. Locate your nearest Giant outlet here.