MoneySmart Launches Rewards Programme SmartRewards—Easy-to-Earn Points, Flexible Gift Redemption


There’s a swanky new rewards programme in town—MoneySmart’s very own SmartRewards.

In a nutshell, this programme lets you earn points when you use  MoneySmart to apply for  financial products. These points can then be redeemed for gifts. With SmartRewards, they can even be converted to cash!

Let’s take a closer look at how the SmartRewards programme works, who should use it, and how it benefits you.


  1. What is SmartRewards?
  2. What are SmartPoints?
  3. What can I redeem SmartPoints for?
  4. How do I earn SmartPoints?
  5. So, how does the SmartRewards programme benefit me?
  6. Is the SmartRewards programme suitable for me?


1. What is SmartRewards?

SmartRewards is MoneySmart’s rewards programme. It’s an easy way for you to get rewarded when you use MoneySmart to compare and apply for financial products like credit cards.

The mechanics are simple: buy products, earn SmartPoints, and redeem gifts. Everything happens on the MoneySmart platform, on which you can view at any time:

  • The number of points a financial product will earn you
  • The number of points you’ve earned so far in your SmartPoints Wallet
  • The types of gifts you can redeem via the Rewards Store
  • How many points you need to redeem each gift

The points you earn are linked to your MoneySmart account.


2. What are SmartPoints?

SmartPoints is the reward currency that powers the SmartRewards system. If money makes the world go round, SmartPoints keeps SmartRewards functioning sound. Every financial product you buy earns you SmartPoints, and every gift you later redeem is “bought” using your SmartPoints.

Once you’ve earned your first SmartPoints, they’ll go into your SmartPoints Wallet, an e-wallet that stores these points for you. Use your SmartPoints Wallet to manage and view your SmartPoints balance and history.

From the date they’re credited, SmartPoints are good for 2 months. Use them within 2 months to redeem gifts, or even convert them to cash!


3. What can I redeem SmartPoints for?

You have 2 options: redeem your SmartPoints for gifts, or convert them into cash.

  1. Redeem SmartPoints for gifts via the Rewards Store. These gifts can include smartphones, smart watches, ergonomic chairs, headphones, F&B vouchers, shopping vouchers, and even a coffee machine. There are gifts from up to 35 brands for you to browse. The choice is yours!
  2. Convert your SmartPoints into cash (minimum 170 SmartPoints). All you have to do is submit a request on the Manage SmartPoints page—fill in your PayNow mobile number, the number of points you want to convert. Then just wait 10-15 working days to receive your moolah.

If you ask us, the most MoneySmart way to go about using your SmartPoints is to redeem them for gifts—not cash. These gifts stretch your SmartPoints more. In other words, they earn you items that are worth more than what the same number of SmartPoints would have earned you if converted to cash. You can convert SmartPoints to cash at a rate of 17 points per $1, but are probably going to get a better conversion rate with the gifts.


4. How do I earn SmartPoints?

There are currently 2 ways to earn SmartPoints.

Earn SmartPoints by completing the SmartPicks quiz

The first will take you just a minute. Take a short, 5-question SmartPicks quiz to tell MoneySmart about yourself—where you are in life, and what you’re looking for. We’ll then be able to recommend personalised financial products that best match your needs—your very own SmartPicks from MoneySmart.

Completing the quiz will earn you 50 SmartPoints—you don’t even need to buy anything! Do note that this is on a first come first serve basis for a limited number of customers.

Earn SmartPoints by applying for financial products

Use MoneySmart to compare things like credit cards and travel insurance. Selected financial products earn you SmartPoints—some up to 5,100! You can currently earn SmartPoints on selected Citibank credit cards, and can expect to be able to earn SmartPoints on more financial products soon.

Be sure to apply on MoneySmart to earn SmartPoints, and do check the promotion’s eligibility criteria in the T&Cs before applying. Most credit cards require that you be a new-to-bank customer in order to earn SmartPoints. Once you’ve applied for the financial product of your choice, submit the claim request form to earn those points.


5. So, how does the SmartRewards programme benefit me?

In a word: flexibility.

The SmartRewards programme gives you SmartPoints—a reward currency. How you choose to spend this currency in the Reward Store is up to you. It’s the equivalent of someone giving you a red packet with money in it for your birthday instead of trying to guess what you’d like and potentially getting it wrong. With the money—or in this case, SmartPoints—in your hands, you can choose what gift you want to receive.

This is especially useful if you have a particular financial product—say, a credit card—in mind, but also a particular sign-up gift you know you want. With SmartPoints, you won’t find yourself saying, “Why can’t the Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard come with the Sony headphones instead of the Nintendo Switch?” Instead, you’ll receive 5,100 SmartPoints, which you can redeem for your choice of product from Sony, Apple, Nintendo, and more.

Don’t have enough points to redeem a product? No worries. You also have the option to use your SmartPoints to offset a portion of the total cost of an item. Think of it like a discount with no minimum amount—there’s no minimum points requirement to redeem any item on the Rewards Store. 


6. Is the SmartRewards programme suitable for me?

As long as you’re interested to learn more about what financial products could benefit you, you’d benefit from the SmartRewards programme. You could be single or married, young or old, working or looking for a job. Just start by taking our SmartPicks quiz (earn 50 SmartPoints!) so we can personalise product recommendations for you.

Then, use MoneySmart to easily and efficiently compare financial products. Apply via our platform to earn even more SmartPoints (earn up to 5,100 SmartPoints!), and you’re on your way to redeeming gifts or cash rewards while also benefiting from the financial products you purchased.

At the end of the day, the SmartRewards programme is for you. It’s here to benefit you with greater flexibility, and to encourage you to take the next steps in your financial journey.


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