Top 3 Reasons Overseas Singaporeans Decide to Move Back Home

Top 3 Reasons Overseas Singaporeans Decide to Move Back Home

Singaporeans are always complaining about how they wish they could migrate to another country to escape the poor work-life balance, bad weather and what have you.

In fact, a 2016 poll found that 42% of the respondents wanted to migrate, and there is indeed a growing number of Singaporeans living overseas.

But this isn’t necessarily cause for concern, because it turns out that there’s a fair number of overseas Singaporeans who have returned or who intend to return.

Here are the top three reasons overseas Singaporeans decide to move back to the motherland. And, surprise surprise, none of them involve hawker food cravings.


Better job opportunities

Overseas Singaporeans are often highly educated and highly skilled, and those in certain industries find that there’s no shortage of opportunities waiting for them back home.

What’s more, their international experience is looked upon as an advantage in Singapore, where the proliferation of MNCs means that a global outlook is particularly prized—in fact, the problem is rather that there aren’t enough Singaporeans who have done overseas stints.

Overseas Singaporeans often find it even easier to get hired when they come back home, where the competition is much less stiff than in other major cities.

Other developed countries can be a lot more protective of their local employees and stricter about the employment of foreigners. The talent pool in London, New York, Hong Kong or Sydney is huge, so it’s also a lot harder to outshine the competition.

What is more, salaries in Singapore on the upper end of the scale can be very attractive in certain fields, even when compared to those in other developed societies, especially when you take the low income tax rate into consideration. Basically, if you’re working as a mechanic or plumber, you’d be better off in Australia. But if you’re an investment banker, coming home might be worth your while.


Availability of maids and parents or in-laws to look after kids

The lack of a support system overseas can be incredibly stressful for parents. In other developed countries, you can’t just hire a live-in maid from a third world country for $500 a month. You’d have to pay a babysitter a decent hourly rate.

Having parents or in-laws around to look after your children is a huge benefit of being back in Singapore. Some lucky Singaporeans are able to completely save on childcare by leaving their kids with their parents or in-laws while they’re at work.

Of course, not everyone’s parents/in-laws are willing to take on the job of a full-time carer. But even if your child is enrolled in childcare, it is infinitely less stressful when you know you can have your parent take care of your kid when you wish to enjoy the occasional date night with your spouse, or spend some time with your friends.


Caring for aged parents

Singaporeans might want to travel the world when they’re young and sprightly, but as they get older, caring for their aged parents starts to weigh on the minds of many.

The lack of a social safety net in Singapore and the dismal state of our eldercare facilities makes putting your aged parents in a nursing home a very unpalatable, and even inhumane prospect for many.

What’s more, those who have a good relationship with their parents might eventually want to move back so they can spend more time with them in their twilight years, before it’s too late.

Have you moved back to Singapore after an overseas stint? Share your reasons for doing so in the comments!