Cost of Cancer in Singapore – How Much Does Treatment Really Cost?

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At present, cancer is Singapore’s #1 killer, with approximately 1 in 3 deaths in Singapore being caused by cancer, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, critical insurance coverage in Singapore remains lacking, according to the 2017 Protection Gap Study done by the Life Insurance Association (LIA). According to the study, economically active Singaporeans and PRs are only covered for about 20% of the expenses they need should a critical illness (CI) keep them out of the workforce for 5 years. That’s a gap of a massive 80%.

Most conventional CI plans cover a wide range of diseases, including cancer, but what they might not cover is early stage cancer. This is certainly an important point to note when getting coverage because the likelihood of recovery from cancer is higher if detected and treated early. This is why cancer insurance can be a very useful supplement to most critical illness plans.

The trouble is, it’s hard to estimate how much you’d really need if you got diagnosed with cancer.

Main types of cancer in Singapore

While you could get cancer on practically any part of your body, the following types of cancers are some of the most commonly diagnosed in Singapore:

  • Breast cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer

How much does it cost to treat these conditions?

Costs for cancer treatment can vary wildly. A lot depends on the stage at which the cancer is discovered and the size of the tumour, which is yet another reason why it’s so important to go for recommended screenings!

Other factors include the treatments elected, the presence or absence of complications and the hospital and ward chosen by the patient.

Based on information supplied by the Ministry of Health’s historical transacted bill sizes, here’s what you would expect to pay for the following procedures at a private hospital.

Procedure Estimated total bill amount
Breast cancer treatment (conservation of breast, removal of cancerous growth with removal of underarm lymph nodes) $23,423
Cervical cancer (female reproductive tract, scope of the cervix with removal of growth (<2am) $7,075 to $8,261
Colon cancer (lower abdomen, scope of large intestine for diagnosis with removal of growth (multiple or >1cm) $3,755
Prostate cancer (male reproductive tract, removal of entire prostate and surroundings) $53,326
Pancreatic cancer (upper abdomen, scope of bile duct and pancreatic duct with treatment) $1,412 to $2,984

Are you prepared for the costs of cancer?

The above costs are for common treatment options for the main cancer types in Singapore. It is important to note that your actual bill is likely to amount to much more, due to the need for consultations and scans for diagnosis, the possibility of complications and the need for chemotherapy.

Another big cost will be the loss of income if you are forced to stop work to undergo treatment. Your lost income will not only impact your ability to pay your medical bills, but could also mean that you’re not able to look after your family.

FWD’s cancer insurance helps you on both these fronts, providing you with a lump sum payout to help with your overall finances. That way, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that both you and your family will be taken care of as you seek treatment. The policy gives you a 100% payout regardless of which stage you are diagnosed with, and you also have the option of getting a second medical opinion as well. You don’t have to go for any medical tests and just need to complete 1 simple health declaration.

FWD’s cancer insurance plan is also significantly more affordable than typical critical illness plans on the market, with premiums starting from as low as $97 per annum. So if you’re just starting your career or have to juggle the twin pressures of raising a family while looking after the aged parents, cancer insurance lets you get protection where you’re most likely to need it.

With the cost of healthcare rising every year, cancer insurance can be a vital supplement to an existing critical illness plan, and FWD has come up with a product that makes getting cancer coverage both accessible and comprehensive.

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