Which Countries Have the Highest Paid Teachers? The Answer Might Surprise You

Which Countries Have the Highest Paid Teachers? The Answer Might Surprise You

Being a teacher is tough. In many nations, it’s a low-paying, underappreciated profession that has one of the biggest responsibilities imaginable – developing the minds of a nation’s youth.

Both of my parents are teachers in the United States and I have many friends working for the Ministry of Education (MOE) – so I have a good idea just how difficult the profession can be.

It requires long hours of marking, tons of patience when dealing with difficult parents, and the leadership to motivate underachieving students and maintain order in the classroom.

Is being a teacher really low-paying everywhere? Well, that depends on your perspective. Thankfully, some nations actually pay teachers a pretty decent salary. How much? That’s what you’re about to see.

Here’s an infographic showcasing the nations with the highest average teacher salaries:



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Final Note: That’s right! Singapore is #1 when it comes to having the highest average teacher salary in the world. Although it doesn’t have the best education system ranking in the world, it’s pretty damn close at #3.

It’s easy to make the judgment that teachers in Singapore are “overpaid” for the work they do. And it’s true that there are probably some teachers out there who are just “cruising” for a steady paycheck. But you’ll find those kinds of teachers in every country.

Singapore’s teachers are evidently doing something right, especially if its education system is right behind that those of Japan and South Korea – two nations with excellent academic reputations.


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