University Degrees in Singapore 2019
NUS, NTU, SMU & Other Singapore University Degrees—How Much Do They Cost in 2024?
Generally speaking, Singaporeans are a privileged bunch when it comes to tertiary education. Year after ...
4 days ago
Singaporeans Studying Abroad Lose $446 Every Year Due To This Hidden Fee
It may be expensive to study abroad, but hefty tuition fees are pretty much inevitable once you decide ...
26 August 2023
The Ultimate Guide to NUS and NTU University Scholarships in Singapore
Weird brag: I volunteered at my university programme’s Open House practically all my undergraduate years. ...
20 June 2023
best preschool singapore - little footprints preschool
This Preschool Develops Specialised Programmes to Enrich Your Little One’s Learning Journey — Now with up to $2,600 in Savings
This post was written in collaboration with Little Footprints Preschool. While we are financially compensated ...
My First Skool - top preschool in Singapore
My First Skool: Bringing High Quality Education to All Income Brackets
This post was written in collaboration with My First Skool. While we are financially compensated by them, ...
edusave psea school subsidies 2018
Edusave, PSEA & More – 9 Government Schemes for Schoolgoing Kids & Parents in Singapore (2022)
If we’re being perfectly honest, the most expensive part of being a parent in Singapore is right at the ...
23 June 2022
Top 10 Kids Activities in Singapore to Learn Coding, Art and Other Skills
Top 10 Kids Activities in Singapore to Learn Coding, Art and Other Skills
The March school holidays are in full swing! Sign your kids up for some activities and camps where they ...
australian universities tuition fees costs rent
Australian Universities – How Much Does it Cost to Send Your Child There? (2022)
Walk down the streets of Melbourne, Sydney or Perth and you might be surprised to bump into some familiar ...
16 March 2022
Saving Tips Future University Tuition Fees
5 Tips for Saving For Your Child’s Future University Tuition Fees
At the end of the education rat race, all Singaporean parents hope that their child eventually does well ...
15 March 2022
teaching in singapore MOE tuition teacher
Teaching in Singapore: Is It Better to Be an MOE Teacher or a Private Tuition Teacher?
On the face of it, MOE teachers seem to have it good. Decent pay AND long holidays? Sign us up! Yet everyone ...
17 August 2021
cpf education loan singapore
CPF Education Scheme: Using Your Parents’ OA to Pay For Your University or Polytechnic Fees
University and polytechnic fees in Singapore are not cheap. The good news is that if your parents are unable ...
17 February 2020
polytechnic course fees singapore
Junior College vs Polytechnic Course Fees in Singapore (AY 2020 / 2021)
After the GCE O Levels, most teenagers will reach their first big educational crossroad in life: should ...
12 January 2020
preschool ndr 2019 education
NDR 2019 — More Affordable Preschool, Polytechnic & University Fees for Mid-Income Families
On the education front, it was good news all around at last weekend’s National Day Rally 2019. A huge chunk ...
21 August 2019
national day rally 2019
National Day Rally 2019 — On Retirement, CPF, Education & More
Shortly after Singapore’s 54th birthday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made his National Day Rally 2019 ...
19 August 2019
psle sbb changes education reform singapore
PSLE Changes & Subject Based Banding in Secondary Schools: Will Singaporean Parents Become Less Kiasu?
Singapore’s education system has always been hailed as world-class, but it’s also one of the world’s most ...
15 August 2019
international schools in singapore
International Schools In Singapore 2019 – Guide To Fees And Costs For The Best Expat Schools
So you’re moving to Singapore with the kids in tow. If you’ve decided to enrol your kids in an international ...
18 April 2019
psle tuition costs
PSLE Dates 2020, Cut-Off Points & The Cost of PSLE in Singapore: How Much Should Parents Spend?
The 2018 campaign Life Beyond Grades wants to tell parents: PSLE results and PSLE cut-off points are not ...
27 February 2019
enrichment classes singapore
5 Enrichment Classes That Can Really Pay Off For You and Your Kid
Kids are many things—sometimes cute, sometimes bratty, but always expensive. At least in Singapore, where ...
18 February 2019
education loan singapore
Getting an Education Loan in Singapore – Guide to Funding Your Tertiary Education
In Singapore, university is usually regarded as a stepping stone to a hopefully lucrative career. Whether ...
16 January 2019
bachelor degrees overseas only veterinary science international relations
5 Bachelor Degrees You Can’t Take in Singapore: International Relations, Podiatry & Others
The career path of a young Singaporean graduate isn’t quite as boring or as straightforward as before. ...
10 January 2019
study overseas free universities in berlin cheaper than singapore
Study Overseas to Get a Degree – It May Be Cheaper Than Attending a Singapore University
Going to university in Singapore is getting pretty damn expensive. We’ve reached the point where studying ...
13 December 2018
top mba in singapore
Top 6 MBAs in Singapore – How Much Does An MBA Cost and Is It Worth it?
You’re a degree holder and you’re now looking for a way to get ahead on the corporate ladder. To improve ...
25 September 2018
6 Ways Students Can Get Career Guidance on What Course to Take at University
6 Ways Students Can Get Career Guidance on What Course to Take at University
So you’re about to take your A levels or complete your diploma this year, and after that you’ll hopefully ...
12 April 2018
graduate degree
3 Ways You Can Make Your Job Search Easier When You Graduate With an Unmarketable Degree
As a fresh faced A level or poly grad, you thought you were following your heart. So you picked a degree ...
12 March 2018
5 Factors Other Than Prestige Parents Should Consider When Picking a Secondary School for Their Child
5 Factors Other Than Prestige Parents Should Consider When Picking a Secondary School for Their Child
To truly kiasu parents, the most important factors when choosing a primary school for their kids are the ...
14 February 2018