5 Reasons Why Being a MindChamps Education Advisor Is Perfect If You’re Looking To Boost Your Income

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With everything in Singapore getting more expensive even as we speak, the pressure to supplement one’s income is omnipresent.

What’s more, now that job security is dead and everyone lives in fear of retrenchment, the need to diversify one’s income is more pressing. That’s also why so many Singaporeans moonlight after hours as private tutors and Grab drivers.

But it’s not easy to find a decent stream of side income that doesn’t have a huge impact on your day job, day-to-day life and work-life balance. I mean, sure, you could spend hours after work every day working a second job, but that would mean not having any time to yourself.

That’s not the only challenge. Singaporeans are starting to care not just about how much they can earn, but whether their work serves a meaningful purpose.

But there is a solution to all the above problems.


Working as a MindChamps Education Advisor

Think it’s impossible to find a side job that offers 100% flexible hours, an own-time-own-target approach, lets you help people AND can earn you your desired income at the same time?

Then consider a job as a MindChamps Education Advisor and be pleasantly proven wrong.

Education Advisors and Education Coaches for MindChamps come from all walks of life—by day, they are professionals, creatives, businesspeople, freelancers and parents.

But after work, they promote MindChamps’ enrichment and preschool programmes to parents, receiving a rewarding commission for each successful sale. And yes, this is a licensed job, so it is completely legitimate.

Here are some of the advantages of becoming a MindChamps Education Advisor.


1. Additional income

Thanks to a reasonable commission rate, this is a job that can pay off handsomely for those who put in the effort.

Imagine earning a decent income while enjoying flexible working hours and having lots of quality time to spend with your family and friends.

Well, that’s what you could potentially enjoy if you invest in your career as a MindChamps Education Advisor.


2. Recession-proof

The education industry in Singapore continues to grow, and the best part is that this high demand is pretty much recession-proof, since parents are willing to invest in their kids in both good times and bad.

In good times, parents are optimistic and have no compunction about spending freely in their children. But in tough economic times, they become all the more aware of the need to safeguard a bright future for their kids.


3. Completely flexible

As a MindChamps Education Advisor, it’s up to you when, where and how you wish to work.

Whether you wish to educate your friends about enrichment options for their kids or speak with your colleagues is up to you. You’re free to use your creativity to come up with ways to promote the programmes.


4. Enables you to contribute to society

When you work as a MindChamps Education Advisor, you are helping to shape the next generation. You are not selling tuition packages, but enrichment programmes that can uplift and transform children, giving them a brighter future.

By opening parents’ eyes to the MindChamps preschool and enrichment programmes, you are empowering them and giving them the tools to poise their children for lifelong success.

You will also receive training that will enable you to coach the young and groom the future generation.


5. Hone your communication and leadership skills

As a MindChamps Education Advisor, you will hone valuable soft skills such as communication and interpersonal skills. You will undergo sales training with the top sales leaders to understand the essential selling approaches relating to the programme. The best part is these skills are transferable to many other work areas as well and could even benefit you in your own personal life.

Eventually, you may receive the chance to be promoted to a more senior position, which will enable you to hone your leadership skills by guiding other Education Advisors.


Find out more

MindChamps is recruiting Education Advisors right now.

To find out more, attend MindChamps’ upcoming Business Opportunity Seminar on conducted by a business leader and Senior Education Advisor:

When? 27 Sep 2017 (Wed)

What time? 1:30pm to 3pm

Venue: MindChamps @ Toa Payoh HDB Hub East Wing Level 17

You can sign up for this free seminar here.

Alternatively, contact MindChamps directly to arrange a one-on-one interview session.

Grab this opportunity to earn a great income and live the lifestyle you want, all while impacting the lives of young people.

What is the most important thing you look for in a side job? Tell us in the comments!

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