4 Edutech Startups Singaporean Students and Parents Should Look Out For

4 Edutech Startups Singaporean Students and Parents Should Look Out For

The amount of resources that get poured into making sure the kids of Singapore pass their exams is nothing short of astounding. We have a billion dollar tuition industry, 52% of parents willing to go into debt to fund their children’s university education and super tutors earning $1 million a year.

So it’s not surprising that more and more edutech startups are cashing in on education mania for a slice of that sweet, sweet pie.

Here are four edutech companies kiasu parents and students alike might be interested in checking out.


Cialfo – online service that helps students get into overseas universities

Singaporeans who are lucky enough to have studied abroad know the application process is a long and painful one. From those pesky personal statements required by US universities to the exhausting UCAS applications for those who want to study in the UK, it’s a very leceh process.

Cialfo cashes in on the growing numbers of students whose parents can afford to send them overseas by making it easier for them to apply for and get in to their university of choice.

They have an app that students/parents can download and use to communicate with a mentor from Cialfo. They can create lists of tasks (eg. writing their uni application essays, submitting supporting documents) with deadlines so the student is kept on track. The site also contains a database of universities that students can browse the entry requirements for and filter according to their own test scores.

For students who wish to study abroad, this is a great resource as Cialfo heightens their chances of getting into a better school than they’d have been able to get into on their own, given their limited knowledge and time to make applications.


Learnly – mobile app linking tutors and students

Tuition agencies are a vital part of the shadow education industry, but lately they have been replaced by online portals. Learnly is one such portal.

The mobile app links up tutors and students. It’s free for tutors to create listings and, unlike those who go through traditional tuition agencies, they do not have to sacrifice 50% of their first month’s pay as commission.. Students can browse the pool of available tutors, contact them directly and even leave reviews.

There’s another startup, Tueetor, that matches up tutors and students online. They don’t have a mobile app just yet, but they do have a handy map that can help those who want to easily sort tutors by distance.


Vivaling – online English and Chinese classes

Parents whose children struggle with English worry they’ll fall behind at school and in society, while those whose kids lag behind in mother tongue worry that they won’t be able to get into local unis.

Vivaling is an online language school targeted at children, offering tuition in MOE English and Mandarin, as well as French and Spanish. Since kids are so addicted to mobile devices these days, online classes might actually be more appealing to them than having a private tutor drone on and on in front of them.


Miao – Automated help with math homework

Those Pisa scores didn’t come from out of nowhere. Math homework is the bane of many Singaporean students’ lives.

Mobile app Miao aims to solve that. The free-to-use app lets students take a photo of their math questions, and the solution is then provided… not by a human being desperately solving questions, but by machine learning technology. If only we knew machines would one day be doing math homework….

Do you know of any exciting edutech startups in Singapore? Tell us about them in the comments!