AXS Singapore Guide — Traffic Fines and Bill Payments, GrabPay & More

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The only people I knew who used AXS payment machines were those who were trying to ‘siam’ the $10 credit card charge by Scoot (it was $6 at the AXS kiosks). But now that Scoot has scrapped the processing fees altogether (Sep 2019), I’m not sure how relevant AXS stations are anymore.

The most common uses for the machines are for utilities and credit card bill payments and traffic police fines. However, with mobile and online banking services, you can do all that in the comfort of your home, in pyjamas even, if you want.

In fact, AXS itself has a desktop site and mobile app with the same service offerings as the physical kiosk, so there’s literally no reason to head to the physical kiosk.

That’s what I understand, anyway. But I could be missing something because there are still some 835 AXS stations in Singapore! If you know what the main benefit of using an AXS machine is, please leave a comment to enlighten me so I can add it in here.

Otherwise… here’s a guide to AXS payments in Singapore.


Types of AXS payments in Singapore

There are 3 types of AXS platforms:

AXS station machines

AXS stations are the physical machines all over Singapore. There are 835 AXS machines islandwide — to find an AXS machine near you, head to the AXS website and key in your address.

AXS e-station online site

The AXS e-station is the desktop site online, opened through an internet browser.

AXS m-station mobile app

The AXS m-station is the mobile application, to be installed on your smart phone. It’s available on both the Apple store for iOS and Google Play store for Android.

Through AXS, you can make the following payments:

  • Credit card bills
  • Other bills (utilities, telco, etc)
  • Traffic fines (from HDB, LTA, TP and URA)
  • Other payments (condo/building management fee, home services, student services fees)
  • Prepaid card top-up
  • Government eServices
  • NParks BBQ pit booking and camping permit application
  • Ticketing

These are the payment modes accepted:

Payment mode  Things to note 
Credit card For selected payments only. Only selected bank cards accepted on desktop and mobile app.
Debit card Only selected bank cards accepted on desktop and mobile app.
(mobile app only) 
NETSPay app must be installed on the same mobile phone. Requires fingerprint or passcode. 
For internet banking customers of DBS, POSB, OCBC, UOB, Citibank and Standard Chartered only. Requires iBanking token. 
DBS PayLah!
Requires PayLah! UserID and PIN. 
OCBC Pay Anyone
Requires UserID and PIN. 
Masterpass and Mastercard
Requires registered Masterpass wallet or 16-digit card number and OTP. Note: credit cards cannot make payment for credit cards and loans. 
Cannot earn GrabRewards and cannot make payment for credit cards and loans. 

Basically, the AXS station machines only accept debit cards and credit cards (for selected payments). They do, however, accept more bank cards than the online and mobile platforms. In addition to the usual DBS, POSB, UOB, OCBC and Citibank, the AXS station machines also accept Maybank, HSBC and Diners Club. So if those are the only cards you have, you have no choice but to swing by a kiosk.

For the e-station desktop site and m-station mobile app, you can use internet banking, Masterpass/Mastercard, as well as GrabPay.

Yup, as of August 2019, AXS has included GrabPay as a mode of payment.


AXS payments — now accept GrabPay

As any credit card-savvy person would know, bills, fines and payments to the government are generally in the exclusion list for bonus cash rebates, air miles and rewards points. GrabPay is a possible workaround for this because you can use any credit card to top up your GrabPay wallet and earn the perks for that transaction.

For example, even though very few cards reward you for bill payments, many have promotions for online spending. Unless GrabPay is stated as an exclusion — sadly, some banks have caught on — your top-up should qualify as an online transaction.

GrabPay is also useful if you want to swipe an Amex, JCB or UnionPay card, since they’re not accepted at the AXS station machines.

Do note, however, that you will not earn any GrabRewards points for your AXS payments. You also cannot use GrabPay to pay for credit card bills and loans, which is fair.


AXS Plus — save your bill details

Although you don’t need an account to use AXS’ payment services, it would save you a bit of time if you had one.

If you create an AXS Plus account (it’s free), you can save your bill account numbers so the next time you make the same payment, you don’t have to key in everything again.


AXS scams — double-check your payment summary page

Back in 2017, there was an AXS scam incident involving a man who tried to get other people to “accidentally” pay his bills for him.

He would key in all his details, and deliberately leave his unpaid bills on the payment screen, hoping that the next person would just continue keying in their bill details and pay for everything in the “cart”.

This scam came to light when a Ms Kimberly Meagan shared her experience on Facebook. Her post went viral and was shared over 6,000 times, with other users saying they had similar experiences too.

This is old news, but I thought it was worth a mention anyway. If you’re making payments via AXS, always double- and triple-check the payments summary page before you “check out”.


AXS promotions — movie ticket discounts, win Bose headphones & more

For most people, it’s just easier to make bill payments via mobile banking. However, if for whatever reason you want to go through AXS, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that they have quite a few ongoing promotions.

For example, when I paid a credit card bill earlier this year, I unknowingly entered myself into a lucky draw to win a Porsche and received a 6-month Bill Guard Insurance Plan by Chubb. It was part of a huge Drive the Dream 2 campaign, but that ended on 31 Jul 2019.

There’s no big giveaway at the moment, but there are a few perks:

AXS HDB Instant Treats (1 Oct to 31 Dec 2019)

For every HDB payment made via AXS (excluding fines), you can choose 1 of the following:
1) $3 off a pair of tickets at Shaw Theatres JCube, Seletar and Paya Lebar Quarter
2) 15% off KristalBond Solar window coating service at Arc Floor Pte Ltd
3) or a 1-for-1 deal on the Ogawa Cuddly Touch pillow.

This promotion is only available for AXS station machines.

AXS American Express bill payment promotion (1 Oct to 31 Jan 2020)

Win a set of Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones (worth $319) when you pay your Amex bill through AXS. The campaign runs until Jan 2020, and there are 60 sets to be won.

Applicable for Amex bill payments via AXS station machines, as well as online and on mobile.

AXS OCBC Pay Anyone promotion (1 Oct to 31 Jan 2020)

Win a Dyson V11 Absolute cord-free vacuum cleaner (worth $999) when you use OCBC Pay Anyone on AXS (for bill, top-up, eServices and insurance payments).

There is no cap to the number of entries, but each transaction/bill payment will earn you 1 chance. The promotion runs until 31 Jan 2020, and there are 4 sets to be won.


Do you think the AXS payments service is worth using? Tell us in the comments below!