5 Travel Trends Singaporean Yuppies are Spending Big Money on These Days

5 Travel Trends Singaporean Yuppies are Spending Big Money on These Days

Despite the fact that Singaporean tourists are often spotted in shorts and slippers while holidaying in neighbouring countries, the affluent Singaporean tourist is actually quite fond of expensive activities that would make the ang moh backpackers balk.

Here are five of Singaporean’s favourite expensive travel experiences of the moment:


Skiing in Niseko

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If most of your friends work at Raffles Place, you’ve probably already been jioed on a ski trip to Niseko. Singaporeans are always feeling oppressed by the disgustingly hot and humid weather here, and ski trips are their favourite way to enjoy cold weather, while doing a high status sport that’s easy to pick up.

It’s going to cost you, though—the ski resorts at Niseko are notoriously expensive, and between paying for accommodation, lessons (necessary if you’re a noob or else you’ll be wasting your time), food and gear rental, you could be shelling out hundreds of dollars per day. But that’s the price to pay if you don’t want to have to resort to Snow City.


Shopping at Woodbury

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Despite the fact that the Woodbury Common Premium Outlet is an hour from Manhattan and requires you to spend 30 to 40 USD in shuttle bus fare, Singaporean visitors to the East Coast of the United States never miss a chance to stock up on deeply discounted designer goods.

We’re talking about $10 Kate Spade wristlets and $100 Prada bags. Because the outlet malls are in such an ulu area, you can expect to dedicate an entire day of your trip to shopping there. But don’t worry, no Singaporean ever complained about “wasting” their holiday time shopping there.


Michelin-star restaurant hunting

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Singaporean foodies who love to travel often fantasise about eating at Michelin-starred restaurants, even going to the trouble of researching all the Michelin options in cities they’re visiting. London, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong are favourite destinations of Michelin star hunters.

Never mind the fact that receiving a Michelin star instantly hikes up the cost of a meal at an awarded restaurant. Locals in France, where the Michelin rating originated, say there are hordes of restaurants at Michelin standard, but because they haven’t been awarded the stars are much more affordable than those on the list.


5 star resorts in Bali or Phuket

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A Singaporean never says no to a bit of luxury. And Bali and Phuket are two of the most popular destinations to indulge in a stay at a five star resort, complete with private pool (bonus points if it’s an infinity pool), rustic-style open air bathroom and a desktop wallpaper-worthy interior.

On the high end of the scale, a truly ritzy resort stay can cost as much as a five-star staycation in Singapore. But bargain-savvy Singaporeans can go for resorts in the 200 to 300 SGD range which will still knock your socks off—okay, let’s face it, any sea view that isn’t filled with oil tankers is pretty much a winner in any Singaporean’s book.


Taking pre-wedding photos in Paris

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Singaporeans who really really want impressive pre-wedding photos because the honour of their family depends on it may be reluctant to do the same old Botanic Gardens / Marina Bay Sands shoot as all their friends. No, they want something even more romantic,  even more stylish and even more envy-inducing.

That must be the only reason why some couples are willing to spend upwards of $10,000 to have their pre-wedding photoshoots done in Paris, smack in front of the Eiffel Tower. We can only imagine how much their honeymoon is going to cost.

Image credits: Mark Kenworthy, llee_wu, Sheep“R”Us, Vin Crosbie, D o m i e n

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