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HDB Community Care Apartments
HDB Community Care Apartments — Are They Really Such a Good Deal?
There’s a new type of HDB flat in town. The new kid on the on the block is called the Community Care Apartment, ...
18 February 2021
cpf life payout plan minimum sum
CPF LIFE: The Complete Guide to Payouts, Plans & Minimum Sums in 2021
If you’re in your 30s like I am, retiring in Singapore is the stuff of nightmares. By the time our retirement ...
19 January 2021
Budget 2020 Singapore — Careers and Employment Support, Measures to help local workers
Budget 2020 — How Workers of All Ages Can Stay Employed, Keep Growing, and Seize New Opportunities
This post was written in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance. While we are financially compensated ...
merdeka generation package singapore
Merdeka Generation Package Singapore — Who’s Eligible & What Top-Ups Do You Get?
Remember the Pioneer Generation package that was rolled out in Budget 2014, to much excitement and debate? ...
25 October 2019
silver support scheme senior citizens
Silver Support Scheme 2019: Payouts & Eligibility For Lower-Income Senior Citizens
Seeing very old Singaporeans working at food courts can tug at the heartstrings. But the Silver Support ...
13 September 2019
senior citizen discounts singapore
11 Types of Senior Citizen Discounts in Singapore from Groceries to Phone Plans (2019)
Getting older doesn’t mean getting less awesome. In fact, if you live in Singapore, becoming a senior citizen ...
6 August 2019
senior citizen discount supermarket
Senior Citizen Discounts in Singapore — Supermarkets and Pharmacies
I think of birthdays like video game levels. With each decade you clear, you “unlock” a series of benefits ...
5 August 2019
senior citizen discount dining
26 Best Senior Citizen Dining Discounts in Singapore – Cheap Buffets from $12.90++
2019 has been a pretty good year to be a senior citizen in Singapore. Not only is there a shiny new Merdeka ...
5 August 2019
senior citizen tours
7 Best Travel Agencies in Singapore for Multi-Generational Family Tours
In Singapore, travelling is not only reserved for fit singletons with few responsibilities on their back. ...
24 July 2019
nursing homes singapore
Nursing Homes in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost?
Sending your loved ones to a nursing home can be an emotionally wrenching decision. But with a small property ...
23 July 2019
health insurance aging elderly
Health Insurance for Elderly: Is It Too Late to Get Health Insurance for Your Ageing Parents?
You know you’re old when you remember styrofoam McDonalds containers, mobile phones as heavy as bricks, ...
10 July 2019
“Senior Proof” Your Home – 5 Places to Get Safety Gear for the Elderly in Singapore
“Senior Proof” Your Home – 5 Places to Get Safety Gear for the Elderly in Singapore
If you were expecting a new baby, the entire household would be aflutter with activity as everyone rushes ...
29 May 2019
activesg credits swimming pool gyms
5 Things Singaporeans Can Use Their $100 ActiveSG Credits On
Singaporeans complain the government doesn’t give them enough welfare, but when they do get free money ...
6 March 2019
Pioneer Generation Card Subsidies
If You Think the Pioneer Generation Card Only Benefits Your Parents, You’re Wrong
By now you would’ve known someone with the Pioneer Generation Card. It could be your grandfather, your ...
28 February 2019
senior travel insurance 2018
Senior Travel Insurance (2019) – 7 Best Plans in Singapore for Elderly Travellers
Planning to take your parents or grandparents on holiday this year? You’ve probably got a good handle on ...
30 January 2019
Pioneer Generation Card In Singapore – Guide to Utilising Its Subsidies And Top Ups
Pioneer Generation Card In Singapore – Guide to Utilising Its Subsidies And Top Ups
If you were born before 1950 and became a Singapore citizen before 1987, congratulations, you’re part of ...
16 April 2018