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I Got Around Sydney Without Paying A Single Cent in Cash…And Maximised My Savings
I Got Around Sydney Without Paying A Single Cent in Cash…And Maximised My Savings
Travelling is always exciting: the joy of exploring new places and sights, experiencing new activities, ...
SOMPO Travel Insurance Review
Sompo Travel Insurance Covid-19 Singapore: Review (2022)
Sompo travel insurance has gone through some MAJOR changes since we’ve last talked about it. Let’s first ...
31 May 2022
FOMO Pay Review – What Is FOMO Pay, How Does It Work, & Is It Safe?
FOMO Pay Review – What Is FOMO Pay, How Does It Work, & Is It Safe?
Been diligently following financial news even on your annual leave week? You would have read that this ...
17 December 2021
Singtel Dash Town festive - win prizes and more
Play to Win: Singtel Dash Offers Over 1 Million Prizes in Dash Town
This post was written in collaboration with Singtel Dash. While we are financially compensated by them, ...
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10 Best E-Wallets & Mobile Payment Apps 2021: PayLah, GrabPay, Google Pay & More
It’s 2021, and cash is officially passé. With so many mobile payment options, it seems like all you have ...
20 January 2021
Singtel Dash Rewards - how to maximise it
3 Ways to Maximise Your Singtel Dash Rewards
Source: Singtel Dash In tough times such as this ongoing Covid-19 situation, maximising our dollar is key. ...
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Cashless Society? Wait Long Long. 5 Reasons Why We Still Use Cash in Singapore
Like a lot of Singaporeans I know, I own several credit cards and my phone is loaded with Apple Pay, FavePay ...
9 September 2019
cashless contactless payments NETS Flashpay Credit Card Samsung Pay Apple Pay
Best Cashback Credit Cards For PayWave, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay & Other Cashless Payments
Remember all those coins you used to stash in your piggy bank when you were a kid? Well, they’re pretty ...
13 December 2018
favepay alipay grabpay singapore
Making Sense of Dash, DBS PayLah, GrabPay, Liquid Pay, AliPay, FavePay & Other Cashless Payments
As Singapore continues to try to turn itself into a cashless society, Singaporeans grapple with the problem ...
13 November 2018
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5 Chilling (Yet Probable) Consequences Of Hawker Centres Going Cashless 
On the surface, going cashless at hawker centres seems like a dream. It’s like that Visa PayWave ad, right? ...
17 October 2018
sg bonus 2018
SG Bonus 2018 FAQ – How Much Are You Getting & When Is the Payout Date?
Hurray, it’s time for SG Bonus! By now, you should’ve received some form of notification or at least heard ...
4 October 2018
cashless payments singapore
5 Countries That Do Cashless Payments Way Better Than Singapore
The Singapore government is pushing to create a completely cashless society, but naysayers have been insisting ...
23 February 2018
visa paywave cashless payment singapore
5 Tips to Help Singaporeans Survive the Transition to Cashless Payments
The government seems pretty determined to turn Singapore into a cashless society, and has announced that ...
7 February 2018
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Cashless Payments in Singapore – 7 Reasons Why Merchants Should Get Onboard
There’s been a lot of talk about how the government hopes to transform Singapore into a cashless society. ...
11 September 2017
cashless singapore credit card
Singapore as a Cashless Society: Why We Should Be Looking Forward To It
In this year’s National Day message, PM Lee pushed for Singapore to become a cashless society, in line ...
8 September 2017
cashless payments singapore
Ignoring This One Point About a Cashless Society Could Have a Huge Impact on Singaporeans’ Finances
Now that the government has been clear that they’re aiming to turn Singapore into a cashless society in ...
4 September 2017
What Does Singapore Need to Do to be Fully Cashless?
What Does Singapore Need to Do to be Fully Cashless?
Everybody has that one friend who always uses the excuse that he has “no cash” when the bill arrives, and ...
24 August 2016