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5 Big Lifestyle Changes That Are Now Normal For Singaporeans

Joanne Poh


We’ve come a long way since the days when we had to record our favourite TV shows on our cable TV set top boxes in order to not miss an episode. These days, everything can be seen on demand at our own convenience, which is a far cry from what things were just a few years ago.

Technology has made possible some huge lifestyle changes that we never before thought possible. Singaporeans can now pay for everything using credit cards—and get savings at the same time, thanks to generous cash back offers.

Here are five big lifestyle changes tech savvy Singaporeans now benefit from:


1. Getting chauffeured around in a private hire car

Private hire car services such as Grab have revolutionised the way Singaporeans travel around the island.

Instead of waiting by the side of the road hoping a taxi will stop, simply open your favourite private hire car app and get picked up by a friendly driver within minutes. Gone are the days where you’re left stranded at some unearthly hour because there is not a taxi in sight that isn’t “On Call”.

Plus, you have the option of lowering costs even further by sharing the car with other passengers via car pool services like GrabShare.

Money saving tip: Not only does a Grab ride often cost less than a taxi ride, you can save even more money by paying for your ride with the Citi Cash Back Card, which gives you a generous 8%* cash back on all Grab rides.


2. Ordering meals

Spending time queuing up to buy your food or ordering a takeaway is starting to be a thing of the past. Many young Singaporeans today are finding food delivery services the answer to their overtime, overworked prayers. Instead of having to stress after a long day over what to eat, you can now order before you even leave your office and have your meal show up just after you reach home.

It’s so much more convenient to simply use one of the many online delivery services to have meals from your favourite eateries sent straight to your home. With more cafes, restaurants and zichar stalls accepting delivery, you’re no longer stuck with having to order the same food over and over again.

Money saving tip: From now to 19 Dec 2017, receive a very generous 20%* cash back when you pay for all orders on UberEATS using your Citi Cash Back Card. This means you are entitled to up to $25 worth of UberEATS cash back per month! This is in addition to the card’s existing benefit, where you can get 8%* cash back when you’re eating out at a cafe, restaurant or bar, both in Singapore and overseas.


3. Shopping for groceries

Cooking at home is a great way to exercise greater control over what you put into your body, while saving money at the same time.

Buying groceries no longer means having to find time to make a trip to the supermarket, wandering through endless aisles and struggling with heavy bags. You can now shop for groceries online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Money saving tip: Simply check out with the Citi Cash Back Card, whether you’re online or in the supermarkets, and you can get 8%* cash back on your groceries.


4. Transferring money through mobile P2P payments

Peer-to-peer payments can now be made in seconds using your mobile phone thanks to PayNow, a banking industry initiative enabling you to transfer funds almost instantly to another account with just the recipient’s mobile or NRIC/FIN number. The service is free, secure, and available 24/7.

Now, your friends can no longer use the excuse that they’re “out of cash” to avoid paying their share of the bill when you’re at a restaurant or bar.

Money saving tip: Register your mobile number or NRIC/FIN through your bank to be able to receive payments through PayNow. Whenever you foot the bill on behalf of your friends, get them to pay you back on the spot using their mobile phones. You can register in the Citi Mobile App or on Citibank Online. Visit to learn more.


5. Applying for financial products online

It has never been easier to apply for and purchase financial products. Applying for a new credit card no longer requires you to make a trip to the bank.

Simply apply for your credit card of choice online. If any further action is required, the bank will contact you. Then all you have to do is wait to receive your new credit card in the mail.

Money saving tip: Sign up for a credit card with a fantastic cash back programme and you will save money each time you use it.


Don’t have a Citi Cash Back Card? Apply now and receive up to S$120 cash back^ as you spend. On top of this promotion, MoneySmart is running an exclusive promotion until 30 Nov 2017 where you can enjoy either $100 worth of NTUC FairPrice vouchers OR $100 worth of Takashimaya vouchers upon card approval. Makes signing up for the card that much sweeter! Click here for full details.


*8% cash back and 20% cash back is valid with a minimum spend of S$888 per statement month. For full terms and conditions, visit

^S$120 cash back Terms and Conditions apply.

Do you regularly indulge in any of the above? Tell us which are your favourite in the comments!

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Citibank.

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