“If You Can Get Pregnant, We Can’t Hire You”: A True Story About Hiring Discrimination
Should women have opportunities to work? That seems like an unnecessary question. It’s 2024, for Pete’s ...
31 May 2024
10 Best Deals this International Women’s Day 2023
As we celebrate International Women’s Day, a ton of shops in Singapore are celebrating with us. Here’s ...
8 March 2023
5 Industries That Have Been Opening Up To Women In Singapore
US$20 billion—that’s how much GDP McKinsey & Company estimated Singapore could gain each year if we advanced ...
8 March 2023
Do Women Need To Save More For Retirement Than Men?
We hate to start this on a downer, but did you know that you and I will literally never see the day women ...
8 March 2023
gynaecologist women's clinic singapore 2018
A Guide To Women’s Clinics & Gynaecologists in Singapore (2023): What Services Do They Offer, How Much Do They Cost, Etc.
The female body is a wonderful, complex machine. But, like any machine, sometimes it doesn’t work the way ...
8 March 2023
2023 Survey Shows That Women in Singapore Are Less Likely Than Men to Pursue Career-related Training
2023 Survey Shows That Women in Singapore Are Less Likely Than Men to Pursue Career-related Training
So maybe you’ve seen the Institute of Policy Studies’ (IPS) latest survey making its way around town. Well, ...
31 January 2023
Great Eastern insurance for women
Girl Power: How Women Ensure They’re Financially Supported & Protected Throughout Different Life Stages
This post was written in collaboration with Great Eastern. While we are financially compensated by them, ...
shopping singapore
4 Financial Mistakes Singaporean Women are Making
Neither men nor women have it easy in Singapore when it comes to staying afloat in an expensive city and ...
8 March 2022
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5 Ways to Make Being a Woman Less Expensive in Singapore
Everyone expects you to always look pretty and fresh as a flower. But confirming to society’s idea of what ...
8 March 2022
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StrawberryNet vs Sephora Singapore – Which Is Cheaper? Is StrawberryNet Legit?
As a self-professed beauty junkie, I’m always looking for good lobang to shop for branded makeup. I recently ...
13 June 2019