renovation singapore
How Much Are Singaporeans Spending on Renovating Their Homes?
Last month, local company Absolook Interior Design received international attention when they released ...
28 April 2015
property singapore
3 Things You Need to Know About Buying Property Near an Upcoming MRT Station
With property prices falling like a coconut above your head, you may be lured into thinking that any deal ...
20 April 2015
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3 Tricks That Can Get You a Discount On Your Rent in Singapore
While most adult Singaporeans still continue to live with their parents until they get married, renting ...
6 April 2015
home renovation
Embarking on a Full Home Renovation? Here’s How To Not Screw Up Your Finances
My idea of home renovation might involve lots of Blu-Tack and masking tape, but don’t let that stop you ...
19 March 2015
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5 Reasons Why You’d Be Silly To Ignore Commercial Property in 2015
Let’s say you’ve squirrelled away a hefty sum of money and have been thinking of plonking it down on a ...
13 March 2015
sibor singapore
Interview with SingCapital CEO – Should You Still Get a SIBOR-based Home Loan?
Think of the last good dream you had. You know, like the one where you paid only $2 COE on your new car, ...
23 February 2015
property investment singapore absd
This Small Policy Change Could Help You Decide On Property Investments In 2015
Everyone’s got that uncle or auntie they meet once in a while at a family dinner, who goes on and on about ...
17 February 2015
renting house singapore
Thinking of Renting Your Own Place in Singapore? Here are The 3 Most Important Things You Should Know
It used to be non-negotiable that Singaporeans stayed in the family home until marriage, but these days ...
16 December 2014
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Moving House on a Budget: Is DIY Moving Worth the Trouble?
You and your friends might have spent countless hours watching anime or drama serials in your childhood ...
15 December 2014
Lake Life EC Home Loan Singapore
Buying a Lake Life EC Unit? Here Are 3 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your Home Loan
If you were one of the lucky few that secured a unit at Lake Life over the weekend, you may have really ...
10 November 2014
how to get more out of your lawyer when your purchase property
How to Get More Out of Your Lawyer When You Purchase Property
Whenever you tell people you’re going to speak to your lawyer, they immediately assume you’re going to ...
27 October 2014
EC eligibility criteria singapore
Why Is It So Hard To Buy an EC in Singapore Today?
You’ve probably heard your friends or read somewhere that buying an EC (Executive Condominiums) is a great ...
24 October 2014
buying a resale HDB flat singapore
Your Step-By-Step Guide To: Buying a Resale HDB
Unlike those BTO flat buyers, you don’t want to have to wait years to move into your new home. Or maybe ...
7 October 2014
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3 Key Factors You Should Know When Using Your CPF to Purchase Property
Your Central Provident Fund (CPF) account is a lot like an indestructible piggy bank that won’t give you ...
30 September 2014
should you upgrade your property
Are You Making a Huge Mistake By Upgrading Your Property?
Singaporeans are always looking for reasons to upgrade to a larger home. Then again why shouldn’t they? ...
18 September 2014
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Don’t Sign a Residential Rental Agreement in Singapore Without Looking Out for These 5 Things
So you’ve fallen in love with your new place and are already texting your friends to see who’s free to ...
12 September 2014
feng shui tips for selling home
5 Feng Shui Tips to Help You Sell Your Home
Good feng shui doesn’t mean placing statues of dragons and elderly Chinese deities all over your flat. ...
4 September 2014
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How Do You Know If You Are Ready For Refinancing Your Property Loan?
It’s a bright sunny day, the birds are singing and a light breeze blows steadily from the north. Relaxed, ...
2 September 2014
Why You Need To Get Mortgage Insurance
3 Reasons Why You Need To Get Mortgage Insurance
To be honest, mortgage insurance was a product that was the least intuitive to me when I was training to ...
28 August 2014
Save on Home Renovation in Singapore
3 Ways to Save on Home Renovation in Singapore
So you’ve collected keys to your new home, yippee! Next would be the important (and slightly daunting) ...
25 August 2014
What properties can you afford around the world
What Property Can $1.5 Million Get You Around the World? Prepare to be Shocked
What can $1.5 million get you in Singapore? Well, there are plenty of properties to choose from if you ...
7 August 2014
4 Ways You Can Still Grow Rich On a Regular Employee’s Salary
4 Ways You Can Still Grow Rich On a Regular Employee’s Salary
Staring at your monthly pay-slip can sometimes be as depressing as opening your fridge to find you only ...
6 August 2014
Money Traps Couples Fall Into
5 Money Traps Couples Fall Into When Buying Their First Property
The unspoken proposal in Singapore has long been balloting for a new HDB flat, especially in the past years ...
30 July 2014
Subletting your HDB
3 Insane Ways People Try to Flout HDB’s Subletting Rules
HDB has a ton of rules, because it’s public housing and all. And at first, we were about to explain those ...
22 July 2014
Grow Rich, Singapore Style
Grow Rich, Singapore Style
Every now and then, you come across a shared article on your news feed that tells of a heart warming, tear ...
19 July 2014