insurance for expats and dependents in singapore
Guide to Health Insurance in Singapore for Foreigners (Expats & Dependents)
As an expat in Singapore, you should consider buying health insurance if you find yourself in one of the ...
19 November 2020
international health insurance
5 Top International Health Insurance Plans in Singapore 2021
If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that health is fragile. If you’re an expat ...
19 November 2020
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10 Cheap Hostels in Singapore That Charge Under $45 Per Night
After 50 baht meals in Thailand, the high prices in Singapore can be jarring. Staying at a hostel in Singapore ...
25 March 2020
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5 Best Singapore City Tours — Price List of Bus Tours, Walking Tours & More
Visiting Singapore for a day or two and want to see as much as you can? The easiest way to do so is to ...
24 February 2020
fwd international health insurance
FWD’s International Health Insurance – Changing the Game for Health Coverage Around the World
This post was written in collaboration with FWD. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless ...
car rental singapore
Car Rental in Singapore – Guide to Cheap Car Rentals for Singaporeans & Expats
Public transport in Singapore is awesome and all, but there are times when you’d REALLY rather not deal ...
17 May 2019
Singapore Expats – Which is the Best Local Bank for You? (2019)
Singapore Expats – Which is the Best Local Bank for You? (2019)
As a new expat in Singapore, you’ve got probably got a long to-do list which might or might not include ...
21 March 2019
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Singapore Expats – How to Apply for Singapore Visas to Live & Work Here
Thinking of moving to Singapore for a few years to make some money? You’re not alone. About a third of ...
19 November 2018
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Remittance from Singapore – Expats’ Guide To Cheaper Overseas Money Transfers
Like many foreigners, you might be living and working in Singapore and then remitting money back to your ...
25 May 2018
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Expats Working in Singapore – Guide to Income Tax For Foreigners
Singapore is a good place to earn money thanks to the low tax environment… so long as you don’t spend all ...
18 May 2018
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Should Expats Enrol Their Child in a Local or International School in Singapore?
The Singapore education system is known for producing top scorers in the PISA test, and for being extremely ...
9 November 2017
3 Reasons Why Singapore May NOT Be the Most Liveable City For Asian Expats
3 Reasons Why Singapore May NOT Be the Most Liveable City For Asian Expats
Singapore has long been thought of as a paradise for monied expats. Paying almost zero income tax, partying ...
14 March 2016