tokio marine travel insurance
Tokio Marine Travel Insurance Review: Claim, Promotion, Policy Wording
Tokio Marine deserves a prize for being the most underrated insurance company in Singapore. The only thing ...
8 August 2022
senior travel insurance 2018
Senior Travel Insurance for Elderly with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions (2022)
Finally planning to take your parents or grandparents on holiday this year? You’ve probably got a good ...
28 July 2022
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Nursing Homes in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost?
Sending your loved ones to a nursing home can be an emotionally wrenching decision. But with a small property ...
13 April 2022
old with no children senior citizens
No Kids? Singaporeans Without Children Can Do These 5 Things to Plan for Old Age
Singaporeans are becoming extinct thanks to our spectacularly low birth rate. Many have chosen to live ...
16 March 2022
The Sandwiched Generation in Singapore - Finances of Caring for Aged Parents and Children
The Sandwiched Generation in Singapore – Finances of Caring for Aged Parents and Children
Giving your parents allowance is probably something you’ve been told to do since you were young. It’s love, ...
16 March 2022
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Want to Retire Overseas? Retirement Visas For Thailand, Malaysia, and Other Countries
Retiring in Singapore does not seem to be easy, judging by the number of elderly people toiling away in ...
16 May 2019
Pioneer Generation Card Subsidies
If You Think the Pioneer Generation Card Only Benefits Your Parents, You’re Wrong
By now you would’ve known someone with the Pioneer Generation Card. It could be your grandfather, your ...
28 February 2019
EASE HDB package for elderly
EASE HDB Package for Elderly Residents in Singapore (2019): How Much Does It Cost?
The EASE package is a government initiative that all elderly people living in HDB flats can benefit from. ...
13 February 2019
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SERS & VERS – Complete Guide to “HDB En Bloc Sale” Schemes (2019)
There’s been a lot of talk lately about whether Housing Development Board (HDB) flat owners really own ...
13 February 2019
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Lease Buyback Scheme – Is This HDB Scheme Really A Lifesaver for Elderly Singaporeans?
HDB’s Lease Buyback Scheme has been growing in popularity in the past few years, thanks to the government ...
16 January 2019
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Managing Costs of Elderly Care for Your Aged Parents in Singapore
If you were born Singaporean and can’t afford to take care of your parents, you’re going to get more than ...
28 November 2018
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Fines in Singapore – 9 Things You Don’t Want To Be Caught Doing
Singapore is not known as a fine city for nothing. Just making sure you don’t murder someone or peddle ...
5 November 2018
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Elderly Care in Singapore – Cost Guide to Your Options
Singapore’s ageing population has been a cause for national alarm for some time. Yet the question of what ...
13 July 2018
Singapore‘s New Elderly Care Scheme: Here’s Why It Won’t Work
Singapore‘s New Elderly Care Scheme: Here’s Why It Won’t Work
In January this year, the Institute of Policy Studies’ latest proposals addressing Singapore’s ageing population ...
15 February 2017