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University Degrees in Singapore 2019
NUS, NTU, SMU & Other Singapore University Degrees—How Much Do They Cost in 2023?
Generally speaking, Singaporeans are a privileged bunch. For tertiary education, most of us focus on getting ...
14 August 2023
australian universities tuition fees costs rent
Australian Universities – How Much Does it Cost to Send Your Child There? (2022)
Walk down the streets of Melbourne, Sydney or Perth and you might be surprised to bump into some familiar ...
16 March 2022
cpf education loan singapore
CPF Education Scheme: Using Your Parents’ OA to Pay For Your University or Polytechnic Fees
University and polytechnic fees in Singapore are not cheap. The good news is that if your parents are unable ...
17 February 2020
education loan singapore
Getting an Education Loan in Singapore – Guide to Funding Your Tertiary Education
In Singapore, university is usually regarded as a stepping stone to a hopefully lucrative career. Whether ...
16 January 2019
bachelor degrees overseas only veterinary science international relations
5 Bachelor Degrees You Can’t Take in Singapore: International Relations, Podiatry & Others
The career path of a young Singaporean graduate isn’t quite as boring or as straightforward as before. ...
10 January 2019
4 Tips for Singaporean Parents Who Intend to Pay For Their Kids’ University Education
4 Tips for Singaporean Parents Who Intend to Pay For Their Kids’ University Education
It’s no secret that Singaporeans are willing to spend big bucks on their children’s education—just ask ...
29 June 2016
education loan singapore
The MoneySmart Guide to Education Loans
So you’re in a dead-end job and you’re looking to “upgrade” yourself and make yourself more relevant for ...
29 January 2015
University Education singapore
What Millennials Need to Know About Paying for their Own University Education
University can feel like a neverending party, but it’s over in the blink of an eye. And if it hasn’t been ...
5 January 2015
5 things to consider before taking education loan singapore
5 Things to Consider Before Taking Up an Education Loan
Don’t choose an education loan the way Singaporeans choose what tertiary courses to enrol in—by choosing ...
10 October 2014
education loan singapore
6 Things You Should Know Before Taking an Education Loan
Remember when you were a kid and prayed fervently for the day to arrive when you would never again have ...
17 September 2014