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Top 4 Investments for 2012

With Singapore’s current inflation at 5.7%, investing is now as optional as breathing; fail to do either and you die. And it’s not as if you lack choices: Between the…

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How to Make Money While On Vacation

Vacations are inherently unproductive. In fact, the whole point of a vacation is to be spectacularly unproductive for a given time. But lucky for us, productivity and money aren’t always…

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Forex Trading: Pros and Cons

Forex trading is like driving too fast without a seatbelt: intoxicating, sexy, and potentially lethal. It promises fast cash, a 24 hour market, and easy access. With brokers accepting lower…

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Real Estate: A Sure Road to Wealth?

Some things in life, you just can’t be certain about. Pay raises, investment opportunities, the hygiene standards in my house…all of these are highly variable. But there’s a persistent myth…

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All that Glitters: Investing in Jewellery

You know what’s cooler than a good investment? Wearing your investment. No one wants to hear about your gazillion dollar growth from But earrings, bracelets, and other bling…that’s different….

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