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Wealth Hazards: Investing Overseas

I’ve never been a fan of overseas investments. Putting money into something you can’t track (at least, not without buying Singapore Airlines a new staff lounge with your air fare)…

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The Best Investment is a House

Fixed deposits, structured deposits, stocks, the list of investment properties is huge. It’s not just a question of which will make you money, but which will make you the most…

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Are Shoebox Apartments Worth it?

Shoebox apartments are also called Mickey Mouse apartments. Apparently, local estate agents think the mascot of a multi-million dollar company is trivial. But just like Mickey Mouse, shoebox apartments aren’t the…

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The Truth About Degree Holders

It’s cool to diss education these days. Every other week, I find at least one tweet espousing the glory of ignorance. It’s bad advice. And hypocritically, it often comes from people…

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