unconventional jobs singapore
4 Unconventional Careers That Pay Well in Singapore
In Singapore, a career is only considered desirable if it pays big bucks. Unfortunately, too many of such ...
26 February 2015
How Much Should You Charge as a Freelancer?
How Much Should You Charge as a Freelancer?
Whether you’re doing a bit of freelance work on the side as you complete your studies or are fully self-employed, ...
4 February 2015
How to Take a Break From Work Without Destroying Your Career
How to Take a Break From Work Without Destroying Your Career
Long working hours in Singapore are taking their toll, and for young workers these days, taking a break ...
2 February 2015
social media influencer singapore
Can You Really Earn Money as a Social Media “Influencer”?
Blogging is big business in Singapore. Certain bloggers are even more well-known than actual TV celebrities. ...
30 January 2015
making money online
4 Ways to Earn Money Online, Singapore-style
You might not exactly dream of becoming the next Xiaxue, but I bet earning money online doesn’t sound like ...
29 January 2015
non-profit organisation singapore
Can You Survive Working for a Non-Profit Organisation?
If your day job comes across as a little… well… soul-sucking, you’ve probably thought of doing something ...
28 January 2015
Are SMEs Shooting Themselves in the Foot by Paying Their Employees Lousy Salaries?
Are SMEs Shooting Themselves in the Foot by Paying Their Employees Lousy Salaries?
“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys,” goes the old saying. And many SMEs are indeed getting the short ...
26 January 2015
short course career singapore
Here’s Why Taking Short Courses May Not Increase Your Salary
Not earning enough? Time to upgrade yourself, exhorts the government! But before you run to the nearest ...
22 January 2015
job offer singapore factors to consider
Thinking of Taking Up a Job Offer? Here’s 10 Factors You Should Keep In Mind Before Accepting
Singaporeans tend to be better at answering questions than asking them. If you break out into a cold sweat ...
21 January 2015
job hunt singapore
5 Ways Singaporean Job Hunters Make Themselves Look Bad on their Resumes
As a working adult, you know the whole drill—when you decide you’ve had it with your abusive boss, you ...
8 January 2015
5 Things Degree Holders Need To Do To Survive in Singapore’s Job Economy
5 Things Degree Holders Need To Do To Survive in Singapore’s Job Economy
Congratulations on graduating! You’re now one a few hundred thousand graduates in the job market, many ...
3 January 2015
career change
The 3 Biggest Reasons Singaporeans Make Major Career Changes
We all know that guy who left banking to open a café or the engineer who became a real estate agent. While ...
31 December 2014
how to negotiate higher salary
Stop Getting Lowballed by Singapore Employers – Here’s How to Negotiate a Higher Salary At Your Next Job Interview
Let’s be honest. As much as you might try to give job interviewers the impression that you’re so passionate ...
17 December 2014
flexible work arrangements singapore
If You’re Still Skeptical About Achieving Work-Life Harmony, Let Some Organisations Show You How With Flexible Work Arrangements
In the perpetually busy state that Singaporeans are in, it’s tough to juggle the multiple responsibilities ...
12 December 2014
Should You Get Another Degree If You Hate Your Job?
Should You Get Another Degree If You Hate Your Job?
It’s not uncommon to meet accountants who are sick to death of looking at numbers and engineers who want ...
10 December 2014
how to tell if your boss sucks
4 Questions to Ask at an Interview That Can Help You Determine If an Employer Sucks
Being so desperate when you attend an interview that you’re willing to help your new boss tie his shoes ...
26 November 2014
how to deal with conservative bosses
3 Ways to Deal with Conservative Local Bosses in Singapore
Anyone who’s worked for a Singapore company knows the horrors of trying to deal with a Conservative Local ...
24 November 2014
how to make the most of your annual leave
How to Stop Getting Shortchanged By Your Employer and Make the Most of Your Annual Leave
I once had a friend who, fresh out of engineering school, got a job with a 6-day work week and only 7 days ...
19 November 2014
how to maximise your company benefits
Don’t Waste the Employee Benefits your Company Gives You – Here’s How to Maximise Them
Think about your job. Is there anything good about it besides the pay? If your answer is no, you’re wrong, ...
13 November 2014
tuition teacher singapore 2018
How to Be a Full Time Tuition Teacher in Singapore
Forget about investment banking or going to law school. Of all my secondary school classmates, the first ...
5 November 2014
high paying jobs singapore
3 Well-paid Jobs You Can Get Even With a Useless Degree
Just do what you love, they said. That’s why you went and got a degree in Tahitian Studies or Ancient History ...
5 November 2014
retirement jobs that will help you retire comfortably
4 Retirement Jobs That Can Help You Retire Much More Comfortably Than Just Relying on CPF
When most people think of retirement, they imagine old folks wearing Hawaiian shirts and slippers with ...
4 November 2014
3 reasons why job interview rejected singapore
Top 3 Reasons Singaporean Employers Reject Job Applicants After an Interview
Your degree from that fancy pants university cost your parents a ton of money, plus you did about fifty ...
3 November 2014
3 things to do in university that will make you rich
3 Things You Can Do at University That Will Help You Get Rich
Nobody really thinks of university as a time that prepares you for the adult world. Get real. University ...
8 October 2014
6 things to do after losing your job
6 Critical Things To Do After Losing Your Job
After all that complaining you’ve done about your job, you would think you’d be happier with it out of ...
29 September 2014