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I love sunshine, adventure, new experiences and outdoor places. I started taking personal finance seriously ever since I became a senior relationship manager at a local bank and later a priority banking relationship manager. I feel gratified to be in a role where I can make a difference in people's lives on a subject close to their hearts. I would love to hear from you at [email protected].

4 personal loans tip in singapore
Personal Loans
4 Things You Must Know Before Getting a Personal Loan in Singapore
So, cashflow is tight and you are contemplating getting a personal loan to tide you over. Be it for big-ticket items like a holiday, a wedding, or financial emergencies… as...
5 April 2022
teaching kids personal finance
5 Most Important Financial Literacy Lessons You Need To Teach Your Children
There is so much going on for Singaporean children – tuition classes, enrichment classes like swimming, piano, speech & drama, art, dance… the list is endless. Besides trying to unleash...
16 March 2022
dollar cost averaging
Dollar Cost Averaging: Definitions, Examples and the Pros and Cons for Singapore Investments
Dollar cost averaging is one of the time-honoured methods of investing. It is also popular as you do not need a lump sum to start. It is easy to apply...
18 February 2019
how to claim overseas tax VAT
Having a Huge Headache With Overseas Tax Refunds? Here’s 6 Tips To Make Your Life Easier
On a recent trip to Europe, I bought my first Miu Miu clutch bag. It was a beautiful purchase in an equally beautiful island off the Southern coast of Italy....
30 October 2014
EC eligibility criteria singapore
Why Is It So Hard To Buy an EC in Singapore Today?
You’ve probably heard your friends or read somewhere that buying an EC (Executive Condominiums) is a great idea – the development will become privatised after 10 years and the value...
24 October 2014
3 Unique Staycation Ideas in Singapore
3 Unique Staycation Ideas in Singapore
Fancy a staycation on an island with a sandy beach and lagoon for swimming? In a holiday bungalow that  can accommodate 10 people and which costs less than $20 per day?
17 October 2014
what to do when you get into a car accident in malaysia
Car Insurance
Driving Into Malaysia? Here’s What You Should Do If an Accident Happens There
Singaporeans drive in and out of Malaysia everyday, and yet it seems like the hazards change on a daily basis. One day, it’s a speeding driver, the next day it’s...
10 October 2014
biggest mistakes when buying travel insurance singapore
Travel Insurance
5 Biggest Travel Insurance Mistakes People Make
Travel is indeed a favourite Singaporean pastime. A national sport, if you would. Buying Travel insurance for your trip however, is not often thought about as much. As the year...
24 September 2014
Planning Your Finances After Graduation – Where and How to Get Started
Planning Your Finances After Graduation – Where and How to Get Started
A recent NTUC Income Survey of 1,000 polytechnic students, undergraduates and young working adults between the ages of 18-29 yielded dismal findings. 87% feel financially unprepared for the challenges ahead....
23 September 2014
child benefits from singapore government
5 Child-related Benefits You Can Get From the Government
With an ‘abysmal’ fertility rate of 1.2 (far below the replacement rate of 2.1) and declining birth rate cited as the ‘biggest threat to Singapore’s survival’ by the senior Mr...
4 September 2014
debts and liabilities when you pass away
Life Insurance
What Happens To Assets And Liabilities When Someone Passes On?
What happens to one’s credit card debt when he or she passes on? How about bank accounts? Shares? Mortgage? These may be questions that are seldom considered but important nonetheless....
2 September 2014
Why You Need To Get Mortgage Insurance
Mortgage Insurance
3 Reasons Why You Need To Get Mortgage Insurance
To be honest, mortgage insurance was a product that was the least intuitive to me when I was training to become a relationship manager years ago. Despite how simple a...
28 August 2014
How To Get Out of Annoying Sales Pitches Without Losing Your Cool
How To Get Out of Annoying Sales Pitches Without Losing Your Cool
Ever signed a spa package or an insurance policy that you don’t really need only to regret it later? With all these credit card and Groupon deals on spas, facials,...
28 August 2014
The 3 Biggest Money Traps Couples Fall Into When Planning a Wedding
The 3 Biggest Money Traps Couples Fall Into When Planning a Wedding
As we hurtle towards the end of the year, it is wedding season once again.  You may have gotten weary of attending yet another hotel banquet, but you can be...
26 August 2014
Save on Home Renovation in Singapore
3 Ways to Save on Home Renovation in Singapore
So you’ve collected keys to your new home, yippee! Next would be the important (and slightly daunting) task of renovating your biggest asset. We hope these tips will help you...
25 August 2014
3 Types of Insurance You Should Consider for Your Child
3 Types of Insurance You Should Consider for Your Child
In the jungle of insurance, what is types of insurance are relevant to your child, and at which stage? Parenthood comes with many challenges and juggling feats, we hope this...
20 August 2014
Sum up of National Day Rally 2014 Announcements
National Day Rally 2014: 3 Things You Need To Know About The New Announcements
This year’s National Day Rally provided some interesting insights into how the Government is restructuring policies to cope with current hot topics. Dignity in old age. Provision for medical care....
19 August 2014
4 Ways To Get Started as a Mumpreneur
4 Ways To Get Started as a Mumpreneur
To all new mums out there, congratulations on the 4 months paid maternity leave, the first of many parenting privileges, not least the unspeakable joy of raising your precious little...
18 August 2014
Singapores's Life Insurance Industry
Life Insurance
Why the New MAS Announcement on Purchasing Insurance is Great News for Everyone
This is the first major announcement of an overhaul of Singapore’s life insurance industry that began in April 2012.  This gives you, the consumer, a reason to celebrate (cheaper premiums!...
31 July 2014
Money Traps Couples Fall Into
5 Money Traps Couples Fall Into When Buying Their First Property
The unspoken proposal in Singapore has long been balloting for a new HDB flat, especially in the past years where successfully being allocated one is akin to striking the lottery....
30 July 2014