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I am the poster boy for reinventing one's self. I've been a broadcast journalist, technical writer, banking customer service officer and a Catholic friar. My life experiences have made me the most cynical idealist you'll ever meet, which is why I'm also the co-founder of a local pop culture website. I believe ignorance is not bliss, and that money is the root of all evil only if you allow it to be.

year end holiday credit card travel
Credit Cards
Year-End Holidays: Read This Before Booking Anything
It’s the end of the year and you’re ready to get away for a much needed holiday with your family. You add up the price of the flight tickets, the...
8 December 2014
why singaporeans are not investing more
4 Reasons Why Singaporeans Aren’t Investing More
To Singaporeans, investing is like your “favourite” relative. You know, the one whom you dread dealing with every family gathering. Like the grand-auntie who always pinches your cheeks and reminds...
8 December 2014
grocery shopping credit card singapore
Getting Your Parents to Do Your Grocery Shopping Might be the Best Saving Tip of the Year
Your parents may have worked hard to give you a good life, but here’s another way they can continue to make your life good! If your parents are above 60 in Singapore, they’re officially Senior...
4 December 2014
5 ways to get debt free
How To Become Debt Free in 5 Simple Ways
Last month, the government announced something we thought was really fantastic. Yes, we’re actually enthused by something the government is doing. You can expect to see flying pigs soon.
20 November 2014
home loan calculator hdb maximum loan financial calculator flat interest rate cpf
Home Loans
Home Loan Calculator – You Should Definitely Read This Before Using One
A home loan calculator is a common tool to help you reduce your stress. Good home loan calculators start by getting you to key in some basic information about the...
12 November 2014
5 jobs for former shisha retailers
5 Jobs That Former Shisha Retailers Can Do After The Ridiculous Ban
Earlier this week Parliament banned the import and sale of shisha tobacco, though they gave licensed retailers until the end of July 2016 before the ban kicks in for them...
11 November 2014