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I am the poster boy for reinventing one's self. I've been a broadcast journalist, technical writer, banking customer service officer and a Catholic friar. My life experiences have made me the most cynical idealist you'll ever meet, which is why I'm also the co-founder of a local pop culture website. I believe ignorance is not bliss, and that money is the root of all evil only if you allow it to be.

budget 2015 skillsfuture
What’s So Good About SkillsFuture Credit?
So you may already have heard that the Budget 2015 announcements included some goodies for any and all Singaporeans itching to learn some new skills or upgrade their current ones....
25 February 2015
cpf salary ceiling
Budget 2015: What is Raising the CPF Salary Ceiling Going to “Cost” You?
While many of you were hoping that the Budget 2015 speech would be filled with SG50 style freebies, Mr Tharman instead announced that the CPF Salary Ceiling would be raised...
24 February 2015
sgx lot size singapore
5 Ways in Which You Can Make the Most of the Smaller SGX Lot Sizes
For once, trashy magazines are correct. Size does matter. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying too hard to make you feel better about yourself. But the good news...
23 February 2015
sibor singapore
Home Loans
Interview with SingCapital CEO – Should You Still Get a SIBOR-based Home Loan?
Think of the last good dream you had. You know, like the one where you paid only $2 COE on your new car, or you were Left Shark in the...
23 February 2015
singapore wedding banquet price list 2015
Singapore Wedding Banquet Price List 2015
Some days I wonder if wedding banquets in Singapore, especially the traditional Chinese sit-down dinner is for the married couple or for the married couple’s parents. You know what I...
16 February 2015
CPF minimum sum Singapore
What the CPF Minimum Sum Changes Really Mean for You
In 2016, say goodbye to the “CPF Minimum Sum”. And say hello to “Retirement Sum”. I can just imagine how the CPF Advisory Panel started their discussion. “Okay, ladies and...
16 February 2015
valentine's day dinner singapore
High Life
5 High End Restaurants in Singapore with Good Valentine’s Day Deals
I have a bad habit of thinking out loud. I would constantly say random things like, “You’re not old enough for me to give up my seat“, “That outfit is...
12 February 2015
cpf minimum sum singapore
What Exactly is the Big Deal About the New CPF Minimum Sum?
If a certain opinion editor of a mainstream newspaper is to be believed, no one really cared about the recently announced changes to the CPF Minimum Sum scheme. She would...
12 February 2015
4 Reasons Why the Degree is the New Diploma
4 Reasons Why the Degree is the New Diploma
I’m happy to see that in meritocratic Singapore, we’re finally changing attitudes that ITE stands for “It’s The End” and that you only go to polytechnic if you can’t make...
5 February 2015
chinese new year singapore
5 Financial Reasons Why People Run Away During Chinese New Year
All Singaporeans look forward to Chinese New Year for one main reason: the long weekend holiday. For many, the holiday is also a wonderful opportunity to meet friends and family,...
2 February 2015
education loan singapore
Education Loans
The MoneySmart Guide to Education Loans
So you’re in a dead-end job and you’re looking to “upgrade” yourself and make yourself more relevant for the workforce. Instead of whining about your pathetic work life to your...
29 January 2015
Public Transport Fare Hike: What You Should Really Be Concerned About
Public Transport Fare Hike: What You Should Really Be Concerned About
Oh look, the annual public transport fare hike is here again. Although it’s something generally expected, people still have the same reactions to it as finding a rat in a...
23 January 2015
investment singapore
4 Ways To Start Investing More in 2015
It’s the new year and you’ve started to take stock of your finances and realised you have quite a fair bit of cash on hand that you’d like to invest. Don’t...
15 January 2015
personal loans singapore
Personal Loans
3 Situations Where a Personal Loan Could Save Your Ass
Unless you need money to urgently purchase a bazooka, before your home gets overrun by a gang of marauding zombies, do NOT take up a personal loan. Yes, you heard us right, don’t...
15 January 2015
credit cards singapore
Credit Cards
Do You Have the Right Credit Card, or Some Piece of Plastic Junk?
When I got my first credit card, I was pretty pleased with myself. I had picked the best of the best, I told myself. This credit card had everything! It...
14 January 2015
personal loans singapore
Personal Loans
The 7 Most Important Things You Need to Know About Personal Loans
Take a moment to find out what personal loans are, and learn what to do if and when you need them. A personal loan is an unsecured loan that you...
13 January 2015
fitness activity singapore
Fitness & Beauty
6 Fitness Activities That Will Help You Get In Shape And Stay in Shape in 2015
“This New Year, I will lose weight and get fit.” Everyone always makes this New Year resolution first. Well, everyone but me. I don’t bother making it anymore since I...
2 January 2015
exclusive credit cards singapore
Credit Cards
The Top 5 Credit Cards in Singapore You’ll Never Own
I know what it’s like to have people fall at my feet, make way for me wherever I go and scream whenever they see me coming. Yes, I’m still looking...
2 January 2015
save money 2015
The Secret to a Better 2015 – Save Money Just By Following These 4 Steps
It’s the end of yet another year, and it’s time to look ahead to 2015. You may have a list of resolutions already planned, but let’s face it, those resolutions...
23 December 2014
cpf minimum sum increase singapore
CPF Minimum Sum Goes Up Again: Should You Really Care Anymore?
What’s your first reaction when you hear that the CPF Minimum Sum has gone up again? It’s probably similar to when I see a giant cicak run across my floor. I...
18 December 2014
Singapore Credit Card Interest Rates Going Up
Credit Cards
Singapore Credit Card Interest Rates Going Up – Do You Know How Much You’re Getting Charged?
Last time, policemen wore shorts. Forget that, now we’ll be saying, “Last time, credit card interest rate only 24%”. This year will be remembered for many things – Ebola, ISIS and...
15 December 2014
salary budgeting singapore
If You Don’t Budget Your Salary Now, You’ll Hate Yourself
Congratulations! You’ve got your first month’s salary. No more cup noodles for lunch. You now take a cab everywhere you go. You buy that handbag or watch you’ve been eyeing....
11 December 2014
early retirement Singapore
Singaporeans, Say Goodbye to Early Retirement!
A bunch of data that was released earlier this month regarding employment in Singapore. Naturally, our mainstream media tried to spin it positively by saying there were more people joining...
10 December 2014
sg50 jubilee baby gift
SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift: We Consult You Before We Spend Your Money So You Can’t Complain
I bet you parents of babies born this month are really feeling pek chek. If your baby had just waited a few more weeks to escape their mother’s womb, you...
9 December 2014
natas travel fair singapore
NATAS Travel Fair: Is it Still Worth Going?
For many years, it was the world’s biggest gangbang NOT starring Annabel Chong. NATAS was essentially screwing both consumers and exhibitors of their travel fairs with rising admission fees, rental...
9 December 2014