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I am the poster boy for reinventing one's self. I've been a broadcast journalist, technical writer, banking customer service officer and a Catholic friar. My life experiences have made me the most cynical idealist you'll ever meet, which is why I'm also the co-founder of a local pop culture website. I believe ignorance is not bliss, and that money is the root of all evil only if you allow it to be.

couples save money singapore
7 Simple Ways Couples Can Save More Money in Singapore
You may have recently heard that divorces and separations are on the rise in Singapore. I’m betting $50 that a good number of the marriages soured due to money matters. I’m...
13 May 2015
modern home office
How to get the Modern Singapore Home Office for under $1000
Whether you have a full time stay-at-home job or are cramming in after-hour duties, a home office is nice to have – a space where the focus should be on relaxation and comfort. A well-decorated workspace has the power to inspire and rejuvenate, turning the most mundane of tasks into bearable and (dare we say) […]
13 May 2015
make money singapore
5 Quick Ways to Make Money in Singapore If You Need Cash Fast
Did you know you could make up to $250 an hour doing homework in Singapore? A recent MyPaper article revealed just how much parents were willing to spend in order...
12 May 2015
online shopping
Credit Cards
5 Things to Watch Out For Before You Splurge Online in Foreign Currencies
Shopping online has made it so easy to spend your hard earned money. Because you don’t actually see any cash changing hands, or see what effect the weight of your...
12 May 2015
no-claim discount protector singapore
Car Insurance
Car Insurance No-Claim Discount Protector – Is It Worth The Money?
When it comes to driving on the road in Singapore, I’m extra kiasu. I signal a whole 5 seconds before I change lanes, even when there are no cars behind...
8 May 2015
cashback credit cards
Credit Cards
Cashback Credit Cards – How They Actually Work and What You Need To Know
As Singaporeans, we’re an interesting species. When it comes to looking for good food or places to make out, we look online. But when it comes to our personal finances,...
7 May 2015
insurance investment singapore
Insurance or Investment – Which Prepares You Better For Retirement?
I want you to imagine a world. In this world, we’d all be paid a good salary that not only allows us to live comfortably on, but also provides enough...
6 May 2015
ocbc 360 account
Savings Accounts
The OCBC 360 Account Is Now Better Than Ever – Or Is It?
It must be quite the emotional rollercoaster to be a fan of Iron Man in the Marvel movies. One movie Tony Stark destroys all his Iron Man armours in order...
30 April 2015
personal loan singapore
Personal Loans
5 Common Reasons Why Singaporeans Take Personal Loans
Taking a personal loan from a bank in Singapore is a relatively common practice and has been for some time now. For some, its like a “Get out of jail...
30 April 2015
renovation singapore
How Much Are Singaporeans Spending on Renovating Their Homes?
Last month, local company Absolook Interior Design received international attention when they released photos of their project inspired by Marvel’s The Avengers movie franchise. The renovation was done for a...
28 April 2015
myrepublic free sim card
MyRepublic’s 1,000 Free SIM Cards With Unlimited Data – What’s The Catch?
When MyRepublic said that they wanted to be Singapore’s fourth telco and offer unlimited mobile data, they weren’t kidding around. Earlier today, it was reported that MyRepublic will be giving...
27 April 2015
10 Activities in Sentosa That Won’t Bust Your Budget
Ah… Sentosa. The island paradise south of Singapore that used to be all about historical sites like Fort Siloso, and unique attractions like Underwater World and the Musical Fountain. But...
17 April 2015
cpf housing grant
The Ultimate MoneySmart Guide to CPF Housing Grants in Singapore
I’ve never tried skydiving. I guess it’s fun and exciting. But only if you’ve got a parachute strapped to your back when you jump out that plane. Buying a HDB flat is like skydiving. The...
8 April 2015
ocbc 360 account singapore
Savings Accounts
Is It Really Time To Ditch the OCBC 360 Account?
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you would have heard by now that as of 1 May 2015, the bonus interest rates for the OCBC 360 Account are going...
7 April 2015
travel insurance singapore
The 7 Dumbest Ways Singaporeans Get In Trouble on Holiday
Singaporeans love travelling. When it was announced that the 7th of August this year was a public holiday, it wasn’t surprising how quickly air tickets sold out for that 4-day...
6 April 2015
myrepublic unlimited data
How Much Does MyRepublic Have to Charge for Unlimited Data to Destroy the Competition?
Two’s company, three’s a crowd. What’s four? I guess we’ll soon find out. MyRepublic, the local tech startup that was the first internet service provider to offer 1Gbps fibre broadband...
2 April 2015
bedroom decoration singapore
How to get the Modern Singapore Bedroom for under $1000
Great interiors shouldn’t be limited by a tight budget. Not everyone enjoys doing math, but we definitely had some fun putting together a bedroom under $1000. Working around Joanne Pang’s “Drink Some Clouds #3″, we brought together some affordable pieces of furniture and with some DIY, came up with a rather modest and Scandinavian look, […]
24 March 2015
car leasing singapore
Is Leasing a Car the Answer to all Your Problems?
Here’s a lifehack for all of you couples. There’s only one correct response to “Does this dress make me look fat?” Bite your tongue, resist the urge to say something...
16 March 2015
5 March Holiday Activities to Do With Your Kids for Under $50
5 March Holiday Activities to Do With Your Kids for Under $50
The March school holidays are around the corner. If you’re a tiger parent from hell, feel free to keep them locked in that cage you call their room and make...
16 March 2015
No More Medisave Minimum Sum – But Do You Really Get More Money Back?
No More Medisave Minimum Sum – But Do You Really Get More Money Back?
I can just imagine the conversations after last night’s CPF announcement, whether online or in the coffee shops. “Wah piang eh! CPF change again. Already got new Basic Retirement Sum,...
13 March 2015
credit card call centre singapore
Credit Cards
Hate Calling Credit Card Companies? Here’s How To Deal With Credit Card Call Centres
In another life, long before I got this awesome gig with, I was a customer service officer with a bank’s credit card department. It was an eye-opener. Not only...
12 March 2015
robbery malaysia
Travel Insurance
What Should You Do If You Get Robbed In Malaysia?
Singaporeans love to travel to Malaysia for many reasons – for work, the cheap petrol, the amazing food, soak in the culture, or just take advantage of the really good...
10 March 2015
travel smart rewards mrt singapore
Travel Smart Rewards: How You Could Actually Make Money Just By Taking the MRT
Good things must share! This Uniquely Singaporean saying is especially true when money is involved. Yet the biggest kept secret is Travel Smart Rewards. It’s a rewards scheme that actually...
9 March 2015
artloft decorate living room singapore
How To Get The Modern Singapore Living Room for Under $1,000
Great interiors shouldn’t be limited by a tight budget. Interior decorating should be the most exciting part of moving into a new home. Embrace it as an opportunity to create a space that screams “Me” or “We”, where one gets to showcase and express their creativity. Of course, we all have limitations and budget constraints, […]
1 March 2015
budget 2015 sme business
Budget 2015: Dear SME Owners, Are You Getting Screwed?
It takes a lot of guts to be an entrepreneur. You have a great idea and think it’ll make you money. You put your life savings on the line, enter...
26 February 2015