Articles by Joanne Poh

In my previous life, I was a property lawyer who spent most of my time struggling to get out of bed or stuck in peak hour traffic. These days, as a freelance commercial writer, I work in bed, on the beach, in parks and at cafes, all while being really frugal. I like helping other people save money so they can stop living lives they don't like.

travel to melbourne australia on a budget
How to Go on a Week-Long Holiday to Melbourne, Australia for Less Than $1,400
If there were a definitive list of Singaporeans’ favourite cities, Melbourne would definitely be within the top three. In fact, these days you see more Singaporeans on the streets of...
17 November 2014
why your budget will fail
4 Reasons Why Your Budgeting Plan is Doomed To Failure
You already know how important it is to have a budget if you want to get your finances in order, especially in the oversized shopping mall that is Singapore, but...
14 November 2014
best massage places singapore
3 Ways to Get a Cheap Massage in Singapore For Not More Than $60
When life gets too stressful, as it does 99% of the time in Singapore, some turn to alcohol, and others turn to spas. Unfortunately, like everything else here, both are...
14 November 2014
how to maximise your company benefits
Don’t Waste the Employee Benefits your Company Gives You – Here’s How to Maximise Them
Think about your job. Is there anything good about it besides the pay? If your answer is no, you’re wrong, even if your boss is the devil incarnate and the...
13 November 2014
why you should not pay for your child's university
3 Huge Reasons You Shouldn’t Pay for Your Child’s University Education
Most Singaporean parents want to pay for their kids’ university education if they can afford it. In fact, those who can’t might even feel a bit of guilt. After all,...
12 November 2014
holiday to iceland under $2,000
How to Spend a Week in Reykjavík, Iceland for Under $2,000 Including Flights
There are holiday destinations that everybody has been to and nobody is really impressed by, like Australia and Thailand. And then there are those destinations that most people only dream...
11 November 2014
eating healthy on a budget singapore
Think Eating Healthy is Hard in Singapore? Here’s Why It’s Even Harder on a Budget
Although 99% of the people on Singapore streets still look like sticks to me, according to many anxious news reports, Singaporeans are actually getting fatter. And even if you’re all...
10 November 2014
why are gen y singaporeans not saving money
Why Are Gen Y Singaporeans Saving So Little Despite Not Having to Pay Rent?
Sure, a house costs a ton of money in Singapore—but so does a Ferrari. Neither affects you at this point if you’re still living with mum and dad. And that’s...
10 November 2014
tuition teacher singapore 2018
How to Be a Full Time Tuition Teacher in Singapore
Forget about investment banking or going to law school. Of all my secondary school classmates, the first one to be able to afford her own car was a full time...
5 November 2014
high paying jobs singapore
3 Well-paid Jobs You Can Get Even With a Useless Degree
Just do what you love, they said. That’s why you went and got a degree in Tahitian Studies or Ancient History of Agriculture. And now employers are staring at your...
5 November 2014
retirement jobs that will help you retire comfortably
4 Retirement Jobs That Can Help You Retire Much More Comfortably Than Just Relying on CPF
When most people think of retirement, they imagine old folks wearing Hawaiian shirts and slippers with socks sipping cocktails on some island in the tropics. Unfortunately, if that tropical island is...
4 November 2014
travel to italy for under $1,600
How to Go on a Week-Long Holiday to Rome, Italy for Less Than $1,600
So the university holidays have started, or perhaps you’re thinking of finally taking that block leave before you lose it. But you’re sick and tired of “affordable” destinations like Malaysia...
3 November 2014
3 reasons why job interview rejected singapore
Top 3 Reasons Singaporean Employers Reject Job Applicants After an Interview
Your degree from that fancy pants university cost your parents a ton of money, plus you did about fifty internships. So why have you not been able to snag any...
3 November 2014
best halloween costume singapore
5 Affordable Places to Rent a Halloween Costume in Singapore
You might be the sort who can’t even be bothered to change out of your pyjamas on Chinese New Year. But Halloween is serious business. Get a lousy costume and...
30 October 2014
stupid money saving habits
Singaporeans Need to Stop Making These 5 Stupid Mistakes in the Name of Saving Money
No Singaporean can be accused of not thinking about money—or at least fantasising about what money can buy. Even something as simple as a walk in the park (petrol and...
28 October 2014
single people planning finances singapore
4 Things Single People Cannot Afford To Ignore When Planning Their Finances
When you were a kid, you probably vaguely imagined yourself at your current age, married and with a brood of five kids. Because that’s what adults do, right?
28 October 2014
how to get more out of your lawyer when your purchase property
How to Get More Out of Your Lawyer When You Purchase Property
Whenever you tell people you’re going to speak to your lawyer, they immediately assume you’re going to jail or getting sued. Whatever it is, it can’t be good.
27 October 2014
biggest retirement regrets singapore
Singapore Retirees Share Their 3 Biggest Retirement Regrets
Most Singaporeans wearily envision their lives as a never ending period of working, working, working from the cradle to the grave. Yippee. But people often lose sight of the fact that...
27 October 2014
craft beer places in singapore
6 Craft Beer Joints in Singapore Where You Can Drink For Less Than $10
Take one look at the menu at a typical bar in Singapore and you know you’re going to be ordering the Tiger Draught. Not because you love local beer but...
24 October 2014
how to save on wedding dinners singapore
Received Another Wedding Invite? Here’s How to Deal Without Going Broke
Singapore has all the romance of a CBD office building. Marriage proposals happen like clockwork sometime after successfully balloting for a flat and the ROM is timed to coincide with...
24 October 2014
how much does it cost to migrate to bangkok
MoneySmart Migration Series: How Much Does It Cost To Move To Bangkok?
While many Singaporeans gyrate at Thai discos on weekends and have wardrobes full of clothes from Chatuchak Market, few have actually considered migrating to Thailand.
24 October 2014
top 4 powerbanks singapore
The Best 4 Power Banks To Stop Your Phone From Perpetually Dying On You
Having your smartphone’s battery die on you can be a fate worse than death. Imagine having to endure a packed MRT ride with nothing to distract you from the armpits...
23 October 2014
5 Reasons Your Credit Card Application Got Rejected
Credit Cards
5 Reasons Your Credit Card Application Got Rejected
Like those other obsolete symbols of wealth the Vertu phone and the Prada nylon backpacks ah lians used to carry, credit cards were once regarded as some kind of status...
21 October 2014
Is expensive makeup a waste of money
High Life
Why High End Designer Makeup May Be Costing You More Money Than You Think
The line between a “premium” product and a regular product is tricky one to tread. Your Merc S-Class may in fact look better and last longer than a Chery QQ,...
21 October 2014
singapore movie discounts 2014 moneysmart guide
Singapore Movie Discounts 2014: The MoneySmart Guide to the Best Movie Deals
It seems a bit silly to pay full price for movie tickets these days. Look, I’m not being dismissive here. But just have a look at how many movie discounts...
17 October 2014