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I’m a 90s millennial who’s starting to realise that #adulting is more expensive than it seems on Instagram. When I’m not writing for MoneySmart, I’m usually playing with drain-dwelling stray cats or shopping at Sephora.

starbucks menu prices singapore
Starbucks Coffee Prices in Singapore – Are They The Same Islandwide?
Earlier this year, I was served #shookt tea when I found out that McDonald’s charges us different prices at different outlets in Singapore. Many of our readers were surprised too,...
7 May 2019
halal catering buffet
Halal Catering in Singapore: Affordable Halal Buffet & BBQ Caterers Price List
It is almost that time of the year again; when I notice the smell of delicious curries and spices wafting through the HDB corridors, as the makciks prepare for their annual...
6 May 2019
geylang serai bazaar 2019 ramadan
Geylang Serai Bazaar 2019 – 5 Hipster F&Bs That Didn’t Increase Prices
There’s a lot to be excited about for the Geylang Serai bazaar 2019. Last year, the “Ramadan” bazaar got lots of flak for the notoriously high rental fees, and for...
6 May 2019
student meals singapore
9 Non-Fast Food Restaurants With Student Meals Under $10
Sure, school means maths, science and exams, but it also means you get to dine at restaurants for as cheap as under $10, which is almost unheard of in Singapore....
30 April 2019
Guide To iShopChangi – Duty-Free Online Shopping in Singapore
For people like me who make effort to head to Changi Airport hours before my flight just to go duty-free shopping, iShopChangi is a real godsend. I say first ah:...
25 April 2019
landed property in singapore terrace house
Can Average Singaporeans Actually Afford To Buy Landed Houses?
The other day, one of our colleagues randomly lamented about how it’s as good as impossible for Singaporeans to afford landed properties in Singapore anymore (“the only way is to...
25 April 2019
food discount apps singapore
5 Apps for Discounted Dining in Singapore – Chope, Burpple, Entertainer & More
Singaporeans have something of an obsession with food… And we don’t like to pay full price for it. With apps like Chope, Burpple and Entertainer that offer discounts and deals...
24 April 2019
Applecare singapore
AppleCare Plus & Extended Warranties – Worth It Or Not?
I use an iPhone, work on a MacBook Pro, and carry an iPad Mini on the go, but the truth is, prior to this article, I didn’t think or know...
18 April 2019
best burger singapore
Best Burgers Singapore Price Guide (2019) – 9 Trending Restaurants To Check Out
I don’t know how I missed the memo, but with the opening of Shake Shack and Burger & Lobster in Singapore, burgers are officially trending. Gone are the days when...
17 April 2019
pokemon center singapore
Pokemon Center At Jewel Changi Airport – 15 Things Under $15
There’s a lot of buzz around the recent opening of the Pokemon Center at Jewel Changi Airport. It is, after, the first official Pokemon store outside of Japan. However, as...
15 April 2019
tanjong pagar korean food
Tanjong Pagar Korean Food Price Guide: Kimchi Jigae, Korean BBQ and Fried Chicken (2019)
The Tanjong Pagar district has so many Korean restaurants, it might as well be called the “Little Korea” of Singapore. And although I’ll never understand the K-pop and K-drama craze,...
15 April 2019
pokemon center singapore jewel changi airport
Pokemon Center Singapore Price Guide — Nope, Not Everything Is Cheaper In Japan!
Anyone who knows me can vouch for my obsession with Pokemon – I’ve played every “colour” on every console, including the newest Pokemon Let’s Go on the Nintendo Switch. So...
15 April 2019
baju kurung online shopping singapore
Hari Raya 2019 – 6 Online Shops for Affordable Baju Kurung in Singapore
If you opt for luxurious fabrics and high-end brands, buying a baju kurung in Singapore can easily cost you $300 to $400, at least. And with just about a month to...
26 March 2019
boc elite miles card
Credit Cards
BOC Elite Miles Card – MoneySmart Review 2020
The Bank of China launched the BOC Elite Miles Card in mid-2018 – and I must say, it’s pretty impressive. In fact, it may even be one of the best credit...
26 March 2019
burger vegan impossible beyond
Vegan Burger Singapore Price Guide – Impossible Foods VS Beyond Meat VS Quorn
With all the buzz around the newly launched Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, it looks The Economist was right – 2019 is really kicking off to look like “the year...
20 March 2019
bralette singapore
10 Lingerie Shops in Singapore For Bralettes $30 & Under
On behalf of all the women… bras are oppressive! These wired contraptions are super uncomfortable, expensive and in the case of most petite Asians, totally unnecessary. The modern woman’s solution?...
19 March 2019
best japanese buffet singapore
Best Japanese Buffets in Singapore – From $14.99++ & up!
Japanese buffets are wildly popular in Singapore because we love Japanese cuisine AND buffet spreads. There’s just something about free-flow sashimi, sushi and grilled meat that’s impossible to resist. As...
15 March 2019
game shop singapore
Cheap Video Game Shops in Singapore (2019) – Qisahn, Gamewerks & More
Video gaming is an expensive hobby – and I say this as a girl who only boots up her PS4 once in while when there are big releases, like the...
13 March 2019
pet insurance singapore
Health Insurance
Pet Insurance in Singapore – AON HappyTails vs Liberty PetCare & More
If you know me personally, you’d know I’m more of a furkid than actual-kid kind of girl. And unfortunately for pet parents like myself, if your dog or cat has...
11 March 2019
KOREAN SUPERMARKET singapore shine kroea
Top 5 Korean Supermarkets in Singapore For Korean Snacks & Food (2019)
K-pop, K-beauty, K-BBQ… As long as it’s Korean, it’s worth checking out, right? If you want to live and breathe the K-lifestyle, you’ll need to stock up your kitchen with...
7 March 2019
cheap pet shop & online pet shops singapore 2018
Pet Shops in Singapore 2019 – 11 Best Pet Stores for Affordable Pet Supplies
Owning a furkid may not be as expensive as raising a child, but it sure isn’t cheap. And while you won’t want to be scrimping on things like good quality...
6 March 2019
vending machine singapore
9 Unbelievable Vending Machines in Singapore – Get Chilli Crab, Salmon and even Books
Once upon a time, when I popped $0.80 into the vending machine, I got an ice-cold can of coke. Now, nothing costs $0.80 anymore and there are vending machines for stuff like...
28 February 2019
eyebrow embroidery singapore
Fitness & Beauty
Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore Price Guide (2019)
With semi-permanent makeup, “I woke up like this” isn’t so hard to believe anymore. The most popular procedure is eyebrow embroidery, which is kind of like getting it tattooed, except...
26 February 2019
Starbucks 1-for-1 Promotions & 7 Other Money-Saving Hacks (2019)
Starbucks 1-for-1 Promotions & 7 Other Money-Saving Hacks (2019)
Just writing this article might make me the black sheep of the team: After all, spending $7 on a Starbucks iced coffee isn’t a very “MoneySmart thing” to do, especially...
25 February 2019
Singapore budget 2019 comments
Budget 2019 Discussion – 3 Things Singaporeans Are Concerned About
Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat made the Singapore Budget 2019 announcement on Monday (18 Feb 2019), and it is all anyone can talk about this week. But what exactly are...
22 February 2019