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I’m a 90s millennial who’s starting to realise that #adulting is more expensive than it seems on Instagram. When I’m not writing for MoneySmart, I’m usually playing with drain-dwelling stray cats or shopping at Sephora.

sumang walk ec
Piermont Grand Executive Condominium Review (2019) — Price, Location and More
Those gunning for an executive condominium (EC) unit would’ve heard of the highly anticipated Piermont Grand in Punggol. As the only EC launch in 2019, the Sumang Walk EC plot...
18 July 2019
5 Korean Makeup Brands & Online Stores in Singapore for K-Beauty under $10
Fitness & Beauty
5 Korean Makeup Brands & Online Stores in Singapore for K-Beauty under $10
Soft brows, tinted lips and cherry cheeks — Korean makeup is great because not only does it enhance your features in a natural, subtle way, but it’s also relatively inexpensive...
10 July 2019
semi-permanent makeup
Fitness & Beauty
Semi-Permanent Makeup Prices in Singapore — Is It Worth The Money?
You’ve probably heard of eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery, but did you know — aesthetics salons are now offering eyeliner and lipstick tattoos, and bb cream “infusions” into your skin? For...
8 July 2019
klook promo code singapore
Credit Cards
KLOOK Promo Codes in Singapore for Credit Card Discounts, Promotions & More
Fuelling our wanderlust is expensive business, yet somehow many Singaporeans manage to afford vacations on seemingly every long weekend, and in June and December. How? With budget flights and discounted...
5 July 2019
cat adoption singapore
Cat Adoption and Ownership in Singapore – How Much Does it Cost?
Some say the world is split into cat and dog people. I don’t believe that, but if I had to choose, I’m 100% #TeamCat. And you know what? Cats are...
4 July 2019
dog adoption singapore
Dog Adoption and Ownership in Singapore – How Much Does it Cost?
People think that just because I’m a cat lady, I don’t like dogs. In actuality, I love all furkids – including cuddly canines! Dogs are by far the most popular...
4 July 2019
animal shelter singapore adoption
13 Animal Shelters for Puppy, Kitten and Rabbit Adoption in Singapore (Some Are Free!)
I’m a huge advocate of pet adoption in Singapore — you probably would be too, if you knew as much I do about the horrible breeding practices of the puppy...
3 July 2019
NDP 2019 fireworks
Where to Watch the NDP 2019 Fireworks for Free (Plus, Cheap Staycations Under $300!)
Depending on how much you love Singapore, you might or might not really care about the National Day holiday (9 Aug). But the one thing everybody loves — regardless of...
2 July 2019
Power Bank Buying Guide – 5 Affordable Brands Like Xiaomi, ValueClub & More
Power Bank Buying Guide – 5 Affordable Brands Like Xiaomi, ValueClub & More
If you only use your smartphone to dinosaur way — so just for calls and texts — then 1 full charge might last you the day. But if you’re the...
1 July 2019
gojek grab comfort taxi singapore
GoJek vs Grab vs Comfort Taxis in Singapore – Which Is The Cheapest?
Ride-hailing is a very lucrative business in Singapore. And although there’ve been many players who’ve tried to join the fray, few of them ever had a chance against Grab and...
24 June 2019
best steaks singapore
Price Guide To 11 Best Steaks In Singapore For Every Budget
When you think “fine dining”, most people imagine sipping on red wine, savouring a medium-rare steak. That could be true – many of the best steaks in Singapore cost upwards...
21 June 2019
ASOS promo codes singapore
ASOS Singapore Guide (2019) – Promo Codes, Student Discounts & more
I’d like to think I’m something of an ASOS expert. I’ve shopped there since I was a wee teenager with embarrassing dress sense. From the promo code “seasons” to the...
20 June 2019
strawberrynet sephora
Fitness & Beauty
StrawberryNet vs Sephora Singapore – Which Is Cheaper? Is StrawberryNet Legit?
As a self-professed beauty junkie, I’m always looking for good lobang to shop for branded makeup. I recently learnt about StrawberryNet, which is an online makeup store based in Hong...
13 June 2019
what to buy in taiwan
5 Makeup Brands To Buy in Taiwan – MKUP, My Beauty Diary & More
I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of confidence in Taiwanese beauty and makeup products. You would too if you’ve ever seen those trending videos of Taiwanese...
11 June 2019
jb massage price
JB Massage Price Guide – Bangkok Spa, Thai Odyssey & More
Massages are notoriously expensive in Singapore – you can easily spend $60+ on an hour-long full body massage, and that’s at the cheaper, more affordable massage parlours like Massage Master...
7 June 2019
Dyson hair dryer singapore price
Fitness & Beauty
Would You Pay $599 For The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer?
Dyson has a knack for coming up with overpriced gadgets that actually sell like hotcakes despite the hefty price tag. First there was the vacuum cleaners – so sleek, so...
5 June 2019
durian delivery singapore
Durian Delivery Singapore Price Guide 2019 – Same-Day Delivery? No Problem!
As someone who’s equal parts lazy and greedy, I completely approve of durian delivery services. I mean, most of us don’t have the time and energy to rush down to...
4 June 2019
Craving Mao Shan Wang? Here Are 10 Popular Singapore Durian Stores & Their Prices (June 2019)
The only good thing that’s come out of the recent heat wave is that it’s officially durian season again! Thanks to the rising temperatures (and hence increased supply), the king...
2 June 2019
Tokyo banana
What to Buy in Japan: Tokyo Banana, Shiroi Koibito Cookies & More Japanese Snack Prices
Our love for Japanese food doesn’t stop at sushi and sashimi – it extends to sweets and confections as well. Think the famous Tokyo Banana cake and Shiroi Koibito “white...
31 May 2019
teeth whitening singapore
Fitness & Beauty
Teeth Whitening Singapore Price Guide – Home Kits vs Salons vs Dentists
Plastic surgery and beauty-enhancing procedures have always been taboo in Singapore, but there is a strange exception: somehow, it’s socially acceptable to spend tons of money fixing your teeth to...
29 May 2019
sheng siong singapore
Sheng Siong Supermarket Singapore – Prices, Delivery, Outlets & More
I used to hate Sheng Siong supermarkets – the fresh food section always had wet floors and smelled of muddy, unwashed veggies. Like many millennials, I was #TeamNTUCFairprice for the longest...
21 May 2019
influencer singapore
How Do Influencers Make Money & How Much Do They Earn?
We all know influencer marketing exists – just open Instagram and you’ll be bombarded with girls in bikinis, taking selfies with the newest “health supplements” and other trendy products. Oh,...
16 May 2019
daiso singapore makeup
Fitness & Beauty
$2 Daiso Makeup & Skincare Products To Try: Colour-Correcting Primers, “Designer” Eyelashes & More
As an avid fan of Daiso in Singapore, I’ve explored almost every outlet and every aisle of the $2 paradise. I say “almost” because there’s one section I always, always...
13 May 2019
cheap buffets singapore
15 Cheap Buffets in Singapore Under $15++ to Eat Your Fill At (2019)
In Singapore, most of all-you-can-eat buffets cost upwards of $30++, which is pretty pricey. Sure, they may serve expensive seafood, but really, how many Alaskan king crab legs can you...
9 May 2019
car motorcycle singapore comparison
This Versus That
How Much Cheaper Is It To Own A Motorcycle Than A Car in Singapore?
When a friend of mine casually mentioned that he only pays $0.65 to park his motorcycle for an entire day, I nearly spit water in his face. I pay the...
8 May 2019