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I’m a 90s millennial who’s starting to realise that #adulting is more expensive than it seems on Instagram. When I’m not writing for MoneySmart, I’m usually playing with drain-dwelling stray cats or shopping at Sephora.

Cheapest Travel Destinations for Singapore Public Holidays 2018
Singapore Public Holidays in 2022 – 11 Cheap Travel Destinations For Long Weekends
The borders are open after two long years and with travel back in full swing, you’re all set to start planning your holidays (if you haven’t already). You already know...
17 May 2022
Maybank Family & Friends Card — MoneySmart Review 2022
Credit Cards
Maybank Family & Friends Card — MoneySmart Review 2022
The Maybank Family & Friends Card has held its position as one of the best cards in the cash back category since 2019. If you’re looking for a credit card...
12 May 2022
expedia promo codes credit card promotions
Expedia Singapore – Citibank, HSBC, DBS Credit Card Promotions (2022)
It’s no secret that Singaporeans LOVE travelling – and there are numerous long public holidays in 2022 to take advantage of or annual leave days to clear. If you’re already on...
6 May 2022
agoda promo codes
Credit Cards
Agoda Promo Codes – Citibank, DBS, HSBC, UOB Credit Card Promotions (2022)
Few friends I know actually makes their travel bookings via airline or hotel websites anymore. Most of us make our travel and hotel bookings through travel aggregators because it’s simply the easiest...
4 May 2022
bangkok trip
Bangkok Travel Guide Post Covid-19 : Cheap Flights, Best Hotels, Best Buffets & Food (2022)
Going on your very first Bangkok trip… in two years? Here are some tips on what to do, the best hotels and places to stay (budget hotels from just S$60/night!) and...
30 April 2022
bangkok shopping mall
13 Best Bangkok Shopping Malls and Night Markets From Cheap to Luxury
Bangkok is the most popular budget travel destination for short trips. The flight tickets are affordable, the food is good, and of course — it’s a cheap shopping paradise. If...
30 April 2022
tuas power supply review singapore
Tuas Power Supply Review — Comparison of Tuas Power Electricity Plans & Promotions
Now that the Open Electricity Market (OEM) has been rolled out, all households in Singapore can switch away from SP Group and choose their preferred electricity retailer. There are currently...
20 April 2022
Travel Insurance Promo Codes (2022) — Plus, 7 More Ways To Save On Travel Insurance in Singapore
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance Promo Codes (2022) — Plus, 7 More Ways To Save On Travel Insurance in Singapore
I have a love-hate relationship with travel insurance – it’s the umbrella I know I should bring out, yet am always tempted to leave at home. Whether or not you should get travel insurance is...
19 April 2022
sembcorp electricity retailers
Singapore Electricity Price — Compare 9 Best Electricity Price Plans
You can’t procrastinate forever — the Open Electricity Market (OEM) initiative has been in full swing for some time so if you haven’t already, it’s right about time to choose your...
13 April 2022
sp group electricity retailer
Open Electricity Market (OEM) Singapore – What Is It & How Does It Work?
Until the Open Electricity Market (OEM) initiative in Singapore — launched in Nov 2018 — electricity supply was never something Singaporeans had to give much thought to. Singapore Power (SP Group)...
12 April 2022
sp group faq electricity retailers singapore
Should I Switch Electricity Retailers? 5 Most Common Questions Answered
The Open Electricity Market (OEM) has been in effect ever since 1 May 2019. Everyone in Singapore can choose their preferred electricity retailer. In theory, it sounds wonderfully liberating: Yay,...
11 April 2022
electricity price hidden costs
Electricity Prices in Singapore – 9 Hidden Costs To Watch Out For
With the open electricity market (OEM) initiative in full swing, consumers are constantly comparing prices to suss out the cheapest electricity retailers and prices in town. Most of us just...
11 April 2022
electricity retailer oem have not switched commentary
5 Key Reasons Why Singaporeans Are Hesitant To Switch To An Electricity Retailer
It’s been 4 years since the Open Electricity Market (OEM) — i.e., since Singapore Power (SP) Group gave up its monopoly and let private electricity retailers shoot their shot at...
11 April 2022
best electricity singapore
Open Electricity Market: BEST Electricity Price Plans Review
Editor’s Note: BEST Electricity exited Singapore’s Open Electricity Market (OEM) in October 2021 We’re almost completely done with the Open Electricity Market (OEM) rollout, and I’ve still yet to find the...
7 April 2022
personal loan advertising
Personal Loans Should Be for Emergencies, Not Frivolous Shopping
Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve received 3 phone calls from several banks in Singapore, all asking if I’m interested in “having more money to spend”. Yup. Apparently, that’s how...
5 April 2022
travel insurance claims
Travel Insurance Claims Guide — What to do, What Receipts to Keep and More
Nobody ever wants to make travel insurance claims unless they really, really have to. Why? Because it’s troublesome, lah. It’ll always be a hassle to fill up forms and rustle...
1 April 2022
mattress singapore price guide 2018
Mattress Shopping in Singapore: The Complete Guide for First-Time Buyers
Most people don’t give much thought to the costs involved in buying a mattress in Singapore. After all, how often do we actually need to buy new ones? Not very...
30 March 2022
vet clinics singapore
19 Popular Vet Clinics in Singapore and Their Prices (2022)
People always poke fun at pet parents, saying that furkids are like children, except they will never “grow up”, earn money and take care of you when you’re old. They’re...
29 March 2022
car sharing singapore
Car Sharing Singapore (2022) – GetGo vs BlueSG vs Tribecar vs Car Club vs DriveLah
When my rusty car hit the big 10 last year, I decided it was simply too expensive to continue owning a car. It is, after all, a depreciating asset and...
23 March 2022
International Women’s Day 2022 – Is There Gender Equality in Singapore?
International Women’s Day 2022 – Is There Gender Equality in Singapore?
The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is #BreaktheBias, which encourages us to take action towards a “gender equal world” – be it in the media, government, or workplace. Short...
3 March 2022
tokio marine travel insurance
Travel Insurance
Tokio Marine Travel Insurance – MoneySmart Review 2022
As a product, the Tokio Marine travel insurance plans have very little brand awareness in Singapore’s market. Most people just know that Tokio Marine is from Japan, but unless you’re...
22 February 2022
cheap flower delivery
Cheap Florists in Singapore: 14 Valentine’s Day bouquets for every budget
Fresh flowers are known to cost a pretty penny, so here’s a list of affordable flower shops that provide cheap flower deliveries in Singapore.
13 February 2022
Citi PremierMiles Review
Credit Cards
Citi PremierMiles Card – MoneySmart Review 2022
The Citi PremierMiles Card has been in the spotlight for the longest time: It’s considered one of the most popular Citibank credit cards, and once upon a time, some even...
8 February 2022
counselling singapore depression
Counselling in Singapore — Free & Affordable Help for Mental Healthcare
We’re always joking about slaving our lives away, but that’s only because it’s true — very often, living, studying and working in Singapore can feel like being in a pressure...
27 January 2022
nsf ns singapore pay salary allowance
National Service in Singapore — NSF Ranks, Pay and Other Benefits
I’ve obviously never served National Service (NS), but from what I gather, it’s pretty serious business. I’ve seen my male peers transform from innocent Ah Boys to grown-up Men who can...
24 January 2022