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I used to be MoneyDumb. I hung out at H&M every day and thought that a $50 lunch set was a good deal. These days, I spend my time researching the crap out of life and trying to maximise utility on micro-decisions. I'm not sure if that's an improvement.

tokyo disneyland disney sea guide
Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea Guide – Ticket Prices, Hotels & Money-Saving Tips
Whether Disney fan or otherwise, visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea (its sister theme park) is just one of those things that constantly tops Singaporeans’ travel bucket lists. But...
9 November 2018
car rental hokkaido
Car Rental Hokkaido – 7 Things to Know Before Your Hokkaido Self-Drive Trip
Family-friendly and just the right amount of outdoorsy, it’s totally easy to see why Hokkaido is one of Singaporeans’ most beloved holiday destinations. And now that budget airlines Scoot and...
8 November 2018
jr pass singapore types & prices
JR Pass Singapore – The Ultimate Guide to Japan Rail Pass Types & Prices
There are some Singaporeans who travel to Japan so much that the names of obscure towns roll off their tongues like nobody’s business. For the rest of us, travelling around...
7 November 2018
5 things that will be more expensive singapore 2019
Cost of Living in Singapore Going Up – 5 Things That Will Get More Expensive in 2019
“Singapore so expensive!” and “Wah lao, [insert hawker dish here] price went up again!” are common refrains at the HDB void deck and on forums. Judging by the recent spate...
1 November 2018
habitat by honestbee singapore
Habitat Honestbee Singapore – Is This High-Tech Supermarket Worth Visiting?
I’m one of those people who would rather queue at the self-checkout line than be silently judged for my grocery choices by a human cashier. So when Honestbee Singapore opened...
1 November 2018
iphone xr price singapore 2018
Singtel, Starhub & M1 iPhone XR Price – How Much Cheaper Can the iPhone XR Get?
Hi folks, it’s me again. Back to talk about the prices of the upcoming iPhone XR, a hot button issue that is close to all of our hearts. For those...
22 October 2018
temasek retail bonds 2018
Temasek Holdings Bond – 5 Things to Know About the New Temasek Retail Bond
Traditionally, investment bonds are hardly the stuff of casual conversation. You won’t find your insufferable colleague bragging endlessly about how much money he made with his Singapore Savings Bonds. But that looks...
18 October 2018
tanjong pagar cafes 2018
Top 10 Cult Tanjong Pagar Cafes – How Much Do Their Signature Drinks Cost?
Running a cafe in Singapore is tough business these days – all the more so in places like the CBD, where you get stiff competition from dozens of Tanjong Pagar...
5 October 2018
sg bonus 2018
SG Bonus 2018 FAQ – How Much Are You Getting & When Is the Payout Date?
Hurray, it’s time for SG Bonus! By now, you should’ve received some form of notification or at least heard the buzz. That’s right, the government wants to give us money for doing...
4 October 2018
iphone xs case singapore 2018
iPhone XS Cases Singapore – 7 Best iPhone XS & XS Max Cases Under $60
These days, “Don’t forget to use protection!” seems to apply more to iPhones than to sex. After all, your genitals were bundled in for free when you were born, but...
26 September 2018
big c bangkok thai snacks 2018
Big C Bangkok Shopping Guide – 17 Must Buy Thai Snacks From Big C Supermarket
Before you start sniggering, Big C Bangkok is NOT a gay club and the “C” stands for “Central” (not whatever else you were thinking of). Big C Supermarket is a Thai grocery chain, and...
21 September 2018
pratunam hotels bangkok 2018
Pratunam Hotels Bangkok – 15 Best Hotels Near Platinum Mall from $60 a Night
Singaporeans are damn one kind. While tourists from all over the world visit Bangkok for Wat Pho and Soi Cowboy, ask any Bangkok-bound Singaporean about his itinerary and you’re gonna...
20 September 2018
singtel starhub m1 iphone xs price singapore 2018
Singtel, Starhub & M1 iPhone XS Price – Which Telco Has The Best iPhone Plan?
Scrambling to get your hands on the brand new iPhone XS or XS Max… and wondering which telco you should sign up with? This article compiles the Singtel iPhone XS price, Starhub iPhone XS...
19 September 2018
iphone xs xr price in singapore 2018
Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max & iPhone XR Price in Singapore
So, Apple announced its new iPhone lineup yesterday (12 Sep), which means that many, um, enterprising Singaporeans are already camping out on the Apple website to preorder the new models:...
18 September 2018
proximity housing grant
Proximity Housing Grant – Is This The Game Changer For Resale Flats in Singapore?
Like every other Singaporean, I love a good kaobei session, and Budget 2018 GST hike announcements sure provide plenty of fodder for cathartic complaining. But when all is said and...
10 September 2018
national day rally 2018
National Day Rally 2018 – 4 New Housing & Healthcare Schemes Singaporeans Should Know
Is it just me or did this year’s National Day Rally feel like a rundown of recent movie blockbusters? “From the creators of SERS, HIP, Pioneer Generation and CHAS, we...
20 August 2018
Cheapest Travel Insurance in Singapore – Is It Worth Buying?
Travel Insurance
Cheapest Travel Insurance in Singapore – Is It Worth Buying?
When I buy travel insurance, I don’t really care whether the insurer has 900 years of experience or if the plan comes with extra coverage for Chanel bags. Just give...
13 August 2018
michelin guide singapore 2018 bib gourmand hawker
Michelin Guide Singapore 2018 – Price List of All 50 Bib Gourmand Winners
You might have heard the news that the Michelin Guide Singapore 2018 features a whopping 50 hawker stalls and affordable eateries under their “cheap eats” category, the Bib Gourmand, proving once again that best...
20 July 2018
Cheap & Good Vegetarian Food in Singapore – 13 Places With Meals Under $10
Cheap & Good Vegetarian Food in Singapore – 13 Places With Meals Under $10
Singapore may have its flaws, but one great thing about it is that there is no lack of vegetarian food options. I mean, just take a look at this list of...
12 June 2018
Astrea IV Bonds – 6 Things You Should Know About This Singapore Bond
Astrea IV Bonds – 6 Things You Should Know About This Singapore Bond
It’s not every day in Singapore that investment bonds make headlines, so it’s rather remarkable that Astrea IV bonds are in the news lately. Launched by Temasek Holdings subsidiary, Azalea Asset Management, these bonds...
11 June 2018
Keto Diet in Singapore – How to Go LCHF on a Budget
Fitness & Beauty
Keto Diet in Singapore – How to Go LCHF on a Budget
The very idea of a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet, often called the keto diet, is the stuff of most Singaporeans’ nightmares. If you ever let slip that you’re on this...
11 June 2018
Tian Ma Singapore
25 Insanely Cheap Lifestyle Goods You Can Buy at Tian Ma Group
One man’s “cheap” is another man’s “overpriced”, as the proverb goes (sort of). That said, I’ve discovered this heartland store that I think EVERYONE can agree is definitely cheap, confirm guarantee...
21 May 2018
10 Photos That Prove Mustafa Centre is Actually Secretly Hipster
10 Photos That Prove Mustafa Centre is Actually Secretly Hipster
Everyone knows about Mustafa Centre, that vast emporium selling every object known to mankind. But beyond the piles of Alphonso mangoes, cheap electronics and gold plated jewellery, just what is it that makes Mustafa so...
18 May 2018
cheap scuba diving singapore 2018
Scuba Diving Singapore – How Singaporeans Can Go Diving on a Budget
I have a complicated relationship with scuba diving. On the one hand, I love the feeling of drifting through the open sea and getting up close and personal with marine...
11 May 2018
Miniso Singapore – The 8 Most Value-for-Money Items to Buy
Miniso Singapore – The 8 Most Value-for-Money Items to Buy
Miniso is the kind of shop that you walk into expecting to buy stuff, but once you’re in there, you just end up getting lost in a sea of random...
10 May 2018