Top 3 Credit Card Sign Up Promotions That Make Us Want To Grab These Credit Cards Now

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In the right hands, credit cards can be a source of tons of freebies. I especially love cash back credit cards since you get back a bit of the money you spend, and who doesn’t love money, amiright?

If you’re an auntie, however, the thing that really pushes you to apply for a new card could be the sign up bonus of a free suitcase. To each his own.

Here are 3 of the best credit card cashback sign up bonuses the banks are dangling right now… even if you don’t end up using the card, there’s no harm collecting these benefits.


1. ANZ Optimum World MasterCard

ANZ Optimum World MasterCard Credit Card

Card Benefits

  • Online Exclusive: Up to $168 Cash Rebate + 28” Luggage
  • $100 Cash Back on Travel and Online Overseas Spend
  • Apply online and receive $168 Cash Rebate OR $88 Cash Rebate when you charge at least $588 OR $388 of Qualifying Card Spend respectively, by the end of the next calendar month following the date of card approval
  • Get a 28” Luggage Bag - Limited to the 1st 100 approved New to Bank Cards per week
  • Applicable to new ANZ Cardmembers only

The rebates will be offered to you using Optimum$ under the Optimum Rebate Programme. Redemptions of Optimum$ is in blocks of $50. From now to 31 March 2017, those who sign up for this card receive $168 cash rebate for all new applicants and a 28″ Luggage.

The free luggage promotion is limited, to the first 100 approved per qualifying week so you’ll need to send in your applications at the start of each week. If you are interested in the ANZ Optimum World Mastercard, click to apply here.


2. Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard

Standard Chartered MANHATTAN World MasterCard

Card Benefits

  • $150 Uber Credits OR $150 Caltex StarCash Card OR $138 Cashback + $30 Cashback in Apple/Android/SamsungPay*
  • 20% Cashback on Uber Rides Globally
  • Up to 26.6% Fuel Savings at Caltex
  • Choose between $150 Uber Credits or $150 Caltex StarCash Card or $138 Cashback - Valid for New Principal Cardholders till 31 Mar 2017
  • 20% Cashback on Uber Rides Globally - Charge a minimum of $600 on total retail spends per month, $50 Cashback cap
  • Up to 26.6% Fuel Savings at Caltex
  • Click on product page to find out more

From now till 31 March 2017 all new applicants get to choose between  1) S$150 of Uber credits 2) S$150 Caltex StarCash Petrol voucher 3) Or a straight $138 direct cash rebate on sign up.The key standout benefit on the Standard Chartered Card has to be the 20% cashback on all Uber and UberEats spend. All you need to do is to spend $600 monthly to qualify for this cashback.

Also, from now till 31 Jan 2017, earn an additional earn an additional $30 cashback on your first eligible Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay transaction. All you have to do is make at least 1 Qualifying Transaction through the card within 30 days of card activation.

Do note that the sign up offers are only valid for New Principal Cardholders! If you are interested in the Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard, click to apply here.


3. Citi Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Card

Card Benefits

  • S$150 Qoo10 Gift Card - MoneySmart Exclusive!
  • Up to 8% cash back at ALL supermarkets, grocery stores, and food and beverage outlets globally
  • Petrol: Up to 20.88% at Shell and Esso, and 8% cash back at all other petrol stations
  • MoneySmart Exclusive sign up gift - S$150 Qoo10 Gift Card

From now till 30 April 2017, apply for a Citi Cash Back Card exclusively through MoneySmart and receive a $150 Qoo10 Gift Card. This is only valid for new Citibank cardmembers, so if you already have a Citibank credit card, tough luck.

If you used to have a Citibank credit card but cancelled it, you are eligible if the termination of your card happened more than 12 months ago.

Of course, there’s a catch. Not only do you have to apply online through MoneySmart, you’ll also have to charge $150 to the card within 30 days of approval. The $150 Qoo10 Gift Card will be given to you within 8 weeks after you’ve charged $150.

If you are interested in the Citi Cash Back Card, apply here.


Bonus Mention

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

Card Benefits

  • MoneySmart Exclusive! - Delsey Helium Aero 71cm TSA Luggage worth S$529 + Up to S$40 Cashback
  • Up to 5% cash rebates on grocery and petrol, and up to 2% cash rebates on dining
  • 5% cash rebate on Recurring Mobile/Cable TV/Internet Bill Payment
  • 2 year Annual Fee waiver
  • MoneySmart Exclusive! - Delsey Helium Aero 71cm TSA Luggage worth S$529 + Up to S$40 Cashback

HSBC Revolution Credit Card

Card Benefits

  • MoneySmart Exclusive! - Delsey Helium Aero 71cm TSA Luggage worth S$529 + Up to S$40 Cashback
  • $1 = 1 Reward point. No minimum spend and earn as many Rewards points as you like
  • 2 year annual fee waiver
  • 5X Rewards points on Online, Dining and Entertainment transactions
  • MoneySmart Exclusive - Delsey Helium Aero 71cm TSA Luggage worth S$529 + Up to S$40 Cashback

There’s no better time to be a HSBC credit card holder. Sign up for the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card or HSBC’s Revolution Card and you could earn up to $180 cash back. You must spend at least $300 a month within the first three months to qualify. Just like that!

If you also apply for one or more Supplementary Cards, you get an additional $20 cash back, and if you apply online (and agree to receive direct marketing and promotions from HSBC by indicating on the Letter of Instruction), you also get an extra $20 cash back.

The above offer is valid till 30 April 2017. If you’re interested in the HSBC Visa Platinum Card, click to apply here. If you’re interested in HSBC’s Revolution Card instead, click to apply here.



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