DIY Weddings: Worth the Effort?

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Unless you start buying helicopters and yachts, never will you spend so much in 24 hours as on your wedding. If the very thought of it makes you light headed, you’d better consider a DIY approach. It’s exhausting work, but at least you won’t be E-Baying your furniture as a pathetic last bid. This post by Wedding Guide Asia examines the pros and cons of a DIY wedding:


To DIY Or Not To DIY?

Once in a while, being an avid fan of photography, I browse through blogs to spoil myself with pictures of DIY projects. Sometimes, I find myself blown away by the sheer creativity of some DIY brides. On one occasion, one bride used Oragina bottles as centerpieces to be brought home as favours! Pretty neat huh? But artsy doesn’t necessarily mean breezy, so let’s try to weigh the pros and cons here.



If you’re hardworking, crafty, frugal (it’s a good thing in this case) and patient, I say, you ought to be a DIY bride. Many local stationery stores (such as WGA vendor, Czip Lee) retail a wide gamut of high-quality papers and templates at affordable prices. For stationery junkies (such as yours truly), you’ll get to have loads of fun picking out sheets and background cards. In need of some ideas? Check out Samira’s article on DIY Wedding Invitations.

Downside: Have I mentioned it’s a lot of work? But if friends are willing to lend a hand and if you’re really sure of your artistic capabilities then go for it! Just make sure you use templates, unless you want to end up with 25 different designs when working with 25 different people…




Departmental stores like IKEA have made it possible for even recessionistas everywhere, to have a fabulous wedding. WGA recently featured some Cheap and Chic Deco from the Swedish household name. Grab a friend and browse through online catalogues for inspiration or see what’s on offer in-store.

Downside: This move is going to need some serious manpower and restraint on your end. Foresee sleepless nights and some nasty paper cuts. Also, don’t take it for granted that family would be ever willing to help. I know someone who wanted hand-threaded jasmine chains on the wedding dais and after the 30th or so, her mother was begging her for permission to just buy some from outside a temple or something. Sadly, there are people who believe that making something “personal” isn’t really worth the effort.


Boutonnieres and Corsages



Back in school, I used to think I was quite dexterous with my fingers (who says self-praise is no praise?). Embracing the enterprising and very persuasive debater that I was, I managed to coax my schoolmate, Greg, into buying one of my ‘limited edition’ rose corsages for RM5! As I found out, boutonnieres and corsages are not that hard to make after all. You’ll soon learn that the World Wide Web is a wonderful place to learn how to make them.

Downside: None really. Unless of course you’re not satisfied with simple designs and would love to make the more complicated pieces but you just don’t have the fingers for it. And then you’ll just be frustrated because you can’t have what you want. Oh and if you’re planning to use fresh flowers, do keep them fresh and dewy by putting them in the fridge, in sealed containers.

So.. to DIY or not to DIY?


MoneySmart Thoughts

Definitely DIY for me; or at least, a lot of DIY. It’s not just about saving money. When things are handmade, the entire event becomes more memorable. It’s also a chance to get your volunteers more involved, and the whole experience is more satisfying all around.

Are you going DIY for your wedding? Comment and let us know!


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