5 Money Saving Tips for Wedding Receptions

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Why do wedding receptions cost so much? Aren’t they just an elaborate prelude to dinner? Yet I could swear the cost of this pre-dinner event is enough to start a small law firm. Still, it’s not acceptable to suggest everyone grab a burger and go play Angry Birds till evening. So from Wedding Guide Asia, here’s 5 tips on lowering that reception cost:

1. Go Off Peak

By that we mean consider booking your reception for a weeknight or during the day. Chances are you’ll have much more leverage to ask for discounts and get a better deal because they’ll be anxious to sell a daytime/weeknight function


2. Sparkling Wine

Ditch the French champagne and opt for sparkling wine instead. There are plenty out there that are reasonably priced (see my earlier article on champagne alternatives) or consider serving sparkling wine cocktails (bellini and Kir royale are two popular choices) to make the bubbly stretch even further


3. Do-It-Yourself

Make your own invites, party favours and floral arrangements. If you’re not the ‘arty’ type, ask around: you’ll be surprised how many people you know who are who would be happy to help


4. Cocktail Receptions

Instead of an eight-course Chinese banquet or a western three-course meal, try instead a cocktail reception with great music and delicious canapés. Your guests will have a ball and you’ll save a packet. If you must have a sit down, opt for simple classics that are crowd pleasers but also easy on the wallet (stay away from fancy meats like veal, fish or lamb)


5. Get a DJ

Instead of hiring a band (unless you happen to have friends who are musicians), get yourself a DJ to spin funky tunes. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful and everyone gets to request their personal favourites!

(Bonus MoneySmart tip: Don’t tell the DJ it’s a wedding. Just tell him / her it’s an “event”. Mention it’s a wedding after the price is negotiated. And if any old clients are reading this, I’m sure we can all laugh about it now. – Ryan)

Have any tips of your own? Comment and let us know!

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