Travel Frequently to Malaysia? Data Roaming in Malaysia Just Got a Whole Lot Cheaper – Here’s Why

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Whether you’re zipping in and out of JB for a quick bite of some asam pedas, go shopping at Tebrau City, or just planning to get some cheaper petrol, Singaporeans love travelling often to Malaysia. Some of us even spend a day on a 3-hour road trip to and from Malacca, just to get away and enjoy the chicken rice balls and laksa.

Getting in and out of Malaysia by car is relatively convenient, but what can be quite the hassle is getting mobile phone data once you’re across the Causeway. Unless your phone allows you to use multiple SIM cards, chances are you’ll either have to switch off data roaming or trouble yourself to switch SIM cards just to get connected again.

If you’re travelling often into Malaysia, you should consider Singtel ReadyRoam Malaysia, a new cost-friendly and hassle-free plan specially catered for these quick and frequent getaways.


What is Singtel ReadyRoam Malaysia?

ReadyRoam Malaysia is a new roaming service from Singtel that gives you 1GB of data anywhere in Malaysia for 30 days, at just $5. This is the cheapest data roaming plan for Malaysia in the market available now – which means there’s no more need to get a local SIM card and switch to a Malaysian number, and no loss of connectivity once you’re across the Causeway.

Furthermore, ReadyRoam Malaysia remains active for 30 days, which means you can use it for multiple trips within 30 days (even if it goes across 2 months). This is great especially if you’re crossing the border often to eat, shop for groceries and fill up on petrol!


But… isn’t it cheaper to just get a Malaysian SIM card?

Yes, a prepaid Malaysian SIM card would cost you around 10 RM, which comes up to about 3.30 SGD (based on current exchange rates) for 1GB. However, these plans are usually valid for 1 day only, and you would need to top up $3.30 each time you travel. For the same price, you get a 30 day validity with ReadyRoam, meaning you can make multiple trips within the month for $5, and you can enjoy the subsequent GB at the same price of $5/GB.

And just imagine the hassle of having to switch SIM cards every time you enter Malaysia! These little inconveniences that add up. Firstly, there’s the trouble of having to hunt for top up kiosks and having to reload your SIM card constantly to ensure that it doesn’t expire. Secondly, a Malaysian SIM card means you’re stuck with one Malaysian telco, so in areas where the network strength isn’t great, there’s very little you can do about it. ReadyRoam Malaysia allows you to connect to Maxis and Digi, two of Malaysia’s top telcos.

Then, there’s the need to keep your Singapore SIM card safe while in Malaysia. Worst of all – ensuring that you don’t misplace your Malaysian SIM card when you’re back in Singapore. Take it from me – something that small can be easily misplaced and the last thing you want is to buy a new Malaysian SIM card every time you’re headed up North.

Actually, those aren’t the worst things that can happen, they’re just the more likely ones. Some potential inconveniences include being unable to receive One-Time Passwords for online transactions while you’re in Malaysia (because they’re being sent to your Singapore number) or getting scammed by illegitimate SIM card resellers because you can’t tell who the licensed ones are.

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What about WiFi dongles?

Of course, there is the other alternative to get data in Malaysia, which is a Wi-Fi dongle to share among several members of the travelling party. But what you may not realise is that Wi-Fi dongles often throttle internet speeds after you’ve used up a certain amount of data (usually 500MB) per day, which can get rather annoying as the cap is easy to reach if you’re sharing amongst a few people. With ReadyRoam Malaysia, you’ll never experience such bandwidth throttling. And at $5 for 1GB for a 30-day period, ReadyRoam Malaysia is unbeatable in price and duration against WiFi dongles.


How do I find out more about Singtel ReadyRoam Malaysia?

No other telco makes it that affordable and convenient for customers, especially those who travel frequently across the Causeway. If you’re already a Singtel subscriber, you can subscribe to the plan easily via My Singtel app up to 14 days before you leave the country. You can also activate ReadyRoam Malaysia via *100# when you’re already overseas, but why wait till then?

Find out more about ReadyRoam Malaysia and other Singtel roaming bundles on the ReadyRoam website.

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