Here’s How You Can Stay at Some of the World’s Most Luxurious Hotels Without Paying a Ton of Money

Here’s How You Can Stay at Some of the World’s Most Luxurious Hotels Without Paying a Ton of Money

Singaporean foodies all over the island have been using The Entertainer to enjoy one-for-one meals at restaurants. The app has become a must-have for people who like to eat out which is, uh, all of us. Just activate it on your phone, claim your voucher and you and your friend instantly get two meals for the price of one.

But fewer people know that a subscription to The Entertainer comes with another perk—the right to enjoy a free night at hotels all around the world when you book a night’s stay.

Even if you can’t afford to stay in a fancy five star hotel for the entire duration of your trip, booking one night and then claiming another one free means you’re effectively getting to stay in an extra luxe hotel at half price.

Here are five luxurious hotels you where you can enjoy a 2-night stay at half price thanks to The Entertainer.


Bali – Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

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If you’ve ever dreamt of staying in one of those ultra-luxe Bali resorts where our ministers’ sons and daughters throw their wedding parties, now’s your chance. Anantara Bali is as fancy as it gets, from its seafront location to super modern interiors.

An ocean view suite costs $464 right now, which means that when you use The Entertainer you lower the price of a two-night stay to $232 a night.


Chiang Mai – North Hill City Resort

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Chiang Mai is the new Bangkok, at least for Singaporeans who are flocking to the Northern Thai city, which now has its fair share of hipster cafes and trendy bars. North Hill City Resort offers a retreat experience several kilometres from the Old City. The main draw for golf fans would be their on-site golf course, as well as the fact that the entire place is kitted out like an expensive gentlemen’s club.

Room rates for a deluxe double twin are about $215 right now. Two nights at a golfing resort for $215 (assuming you use The Entertainer) is a real steal.


Maldives –  The Residence Maldives

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You’ve seen those honeymoon pics your friends took in the Maldives, and now you too are dying to stay in a luxurious hut standing on stilts in a turquoise ocean. Now you can do so for two nights without breaking the bank (as much). Thanks to the fact that Air Asia flies to the Maldives, you can cut costs even further.

A night at a beach villa here will cost at least $2,800—ouch! But that also means you save a ton of cash using your Entertainer discount.


Siem Reap – La Tradition d’Angkor

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While Singaporeans usually associate a trip to Cambodia with getting hot and sweaty amidst temple ruins, it’s also one of the world’s most affordable places to stay at a luxury resort. La Tradition d’Angkor is a small, exclusive resort that hints at Angkor’s former splendour. All rooms come with great views of Siem Reap and the Angkor Archeological Park itself.

Regular rates for a deluxe double are about $300++ right now, and if you use The Entertainer you can bring that price down to $150++ per night for a two-night stay.


Beijing – Sunrise Kempinski Hotel

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 1.39.14 AM

This futuristic hotel is a sight to behold. Shaped bizarrely like the rising sun and lit up at night, the hotel sits on the banks of Yanqi Lake, across which rise the Yanshan Mountains.

A deluxe twin room costs about $270 right now, which is a reasonable price for a five star resort. With The Entertainer, a two-night stay becomes a steal at about $135 a night.

Image credits: Anantara, North Hill Chiang Mai, The Residence Maldives, La Tradition d’Angkor, Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing, Anantara Uluwatu Bali (header image)

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