4 FREE Last Minute Hotel Booking Apps That’ll Save You Some Serious Cash

4 free hotel apps that saves your money on booking last minute

You don’t need me to tell you that the best way to save money on travel is to PLAN AHEAD! While that’s especially true for booking airline tickets, what you might not know is that if you want to save on your hotel booking – it’s might actually be better to wait until the last minute.

How counterintuitive is that?

Well it’s true as long as you use certain apps that cater to travellers who just happen to book at the last minute. After all, hotels need to fill rooms so if they can fill them at a discounted price – it’s still better than having a vacant room.

Of course, if it’s a hot travel destination during a peak period – you can pretty much forget about all that.

So whether you forgot to book a hotel room (doh!), you need to make travel plan adjustments or you’re taking a spontaneous last-minute trip – make sure you check out the following last-minute hotel booking apps:


#1 Airbnb

Whether you’re a budget traveller looking for an affordable place to crash or a vacationer travelling with your family – Airbnb probably has the right lodging at a an affordable price.

Notice I said lodging instead of hotel – because you’re not booking a hotel. Rather, you’re booking a room in someone’s apartment, condominium or landed property. Well, you can also book the entire place too!

If you’ve read our previous article on whether Airbnb is really that much cheaper than hotels, you already know that even in the cities with the MOST EXPENSIVE hotel rates for a single room – you can rent a whole flat for 20% to 40% less.

You can download the app here.


#2 Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight’s whole business model is run on a basic concept – hotels providing it with a number of unsold rooms that are then made available on the app. Simple right?

The app automatically updates with new listings from participating hotels every morning so that you can make a same day booking quickly and easily. The discounts offered vary from hotel to hotel, but it’s possible to find discounts ranging from 20% to over 50%.

Unfortunately, Hotel Tonight does not include deals for hotels in Asia. It’s a bit of a bummer, but if you’re looking to travel to North America and Europe, it’s definitely an app you should have on your mobile phone.

You can download the app here.


#3 HotelQuickly

Are you sad that you can’t use a last minute booking app like Hotel Tonight in Asia? Well don’t be. Much like its non-Asian competitor, Hong Kong-based HotelQuickly was MADE for last minute hotel bookings in the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.).

You can book a hotel at a discounted rate not just on the same day, but as far ahead as tomorrow as well, giving you the option to plan at least a day in advance if you’re a bit squeamish about booking at the absolute last minute.

Another nifty feature about this app deals with the payment method – if you’re not comfortable using your credit card for the transaction, you can pay for your booking through PayPal.

On average, hotels booked with HotelQuickly are 28% cheaper than many other online hotel booking sites. But depending on your holiday destination, you can save as much 50%+ on the price of booking a hotel.

You can download the app here.


#4 Jetsetter

As the name implies, this app is geared more for individuals with a bit more cash on hand to spend.  OK, it’s for people with A LOT more cash to spend, as in the type of people who can take a last minute holiday excursion on a whim.

Seriously though, just because you have the cash to throw around doesn’t mean you can’t still save some serious cash on exclusive hotel deals and flash sales from exotic destinations around the world.

But you want to know what the great thing is? You don’t have to be an ultra-rich to take advantage of luxury deals that are actually quite affordable for what you’re getting. In fact, you can probably get a night’s stay at a luxury resort for about less than the price of a night at Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

You can download the app (or have your personal assistant download it for you) here.



Final Note: Travel insurance is a must-buy for every traveller – because you never know whether you’ll run into flight cancellations, delays, get sick, injured, or scammed during your holiday.

Plus, it’s not that expensive. You can even sign up for travel insurance quickly and easily here. Also, there are several credit cards that offer FREE travel insurance, which you should definitely check out too!


What are some other FREE last minute booking apps that should be on this list?