Here’s Why Travel Insurance Claims Don’t Need to Be a Hassle Anymore

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Buying travel insurance is important, but you’re always buying it hoping you’ll never need it. No one doubts how inconvenient it is when your belongings are delayed or lost, or your flight is cancelled. But what makes it worse is the big hassle you often face because the insurance company is giving you a hard time with your travel insurance claims.


What is a typical travel insurance claim like?

Often, you have to fill up a claims form and get all your supporting documents ready (and make sure they’re originals, not copies). You then have to wait for the insurer to process the claims – and this can usually take up to 2 weeks!

That’s assuming you’ve given them all the documents they need first time around. If you’ve missed out any documents, such as receipts or police reports, then the claim could take much longer.

In fact, most people would consider the claims process too tedious, making you wonder why you bought travel insurance at all.


But what alternatives do we have to the typical travel insurance claim?

What if I told you that you could get your travel insurance claims instantly? With a new travel insurance product, HyfeAssure, you can easily make your travel insurance claim once It’s as easy as heading over to any with your necessary documents.


Here’s how HyfeAssure instant claims works

Say you’ve experience a baggage delay while on your travels. HyfeAssure covers baggage delay at a rate of $100 per 6 hours of delay. All you need is the following original supporting documents:

  • Baggage delay report
  • Baggage tag issued from the airline during check-in
  • Written confirmation from the airline on the reason for and duration of the delay
  • Acknowledgement receipt for baggage received

Just bring these four documents to any Changi Recommends counter and you can claim up to $200 instantly. No need to wait 2 weeks unlike normal travel insurance claims.


What other claims can HyfeAssure process instantly?

Other than baggage delay, you can claim for medical expenses, baggage damage, travel delay and travel misconnection instantly at any Changi Recommends counter.

Just bring the necessary supporting documents to the counter. All claims are up to $200.

Some claims require more documents, while other claims are so straightforward it’s embarrassing that people have had to wait more than a day to process them.

For example, say your flight was overbooked and you missed it as a result. All you need to present is your air ticket or boarding pass, and a written confirmation from the airline on the reason for and duration of the delay due to the overbooked flight. Easiest $100 claim you’ve ever made.


But what if my claim amount is more than $200?

If you are entitled to a claim of more than $200, then you will still need to make the claim the usual way, by submitting your documents online. For obvious reasons, a counter in the middle of Changi Airport’s many terminals will not have the ability to process a claim larger than $200.


Does HyfeAssure cover anything outside these 5 categories?

Of course! HyfeAssure covers the usual inconveniences you’d find in any good travel insurance policy. You’re covered for medical and hospitalisation expenses, both overseas and when you return to Singapore. You’ll also have unlimited coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation, which is very important.


But without a doubt, HyfeAssure is for the customer who normally finds travel insurance claims tedious

How many times have you put off making a travel insurance claim simply because there was too much paperwork and delays that just didn’t seem worth the hassle?

Thanks to HyfeAssure and Changi Recommends, buying travel insurance no longer feels like a waste of money. Travel in peace knowing that even if you encounter minor medical expenses, baggage damage, baggage delays, travel delays and travel misconnections, there will be someone there to help you process your claim once you return.

With their convenient instant claims process, and the fact that you can make the claim at any Changi Recommends booth in Changi Airport, you can always ensure that your trip can end on a good note.

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This article is brought to you in collaboration with Changi Recommends.