5 Ways to Travel with Peace of Mind Without Getting Travel Insurance

5 Ways to Travel with Peace of Mind Without Getting Travel Insurance

What’s your reason for not buying travel insurance?

Perhaps you feel the premiums are too expensive? Or maybe, the process of getting travel insurance is too troublesome? It’s probably because you just can’t find the time to go through each travel insurance policy to know exactly what you’re signing up for. Don’t worry, we totally empathise with your pain. And that’s why we’ve come up with this list of 5 ways to help you travel without worrying about the fact that you don’t have travel insurance.


1. Don’t pack any check-in luggage

luggage cat travel insurance
“My cat insisted there was nothing in my luggage I needed anyway.”

Check-in luggage can be such a hassle. Not only do you have to arrive at the airport early in order to check it in, you may also have to deal with being penalised for exceeding your baggage limit. But that’s not all. So many things could happen to your check-in luggage once it’s out of your sight. It could get damaged from mishandling, or corrupt security officers may break into it. It could even get misplaced or put on the wrong flight.

Travel insurance typically covers any inconvenience that results from the loss or delay of check-in luggage, but why put yourself through any of that stress at all? Our quick and dirty solution? Don’t pack any check-in luggage! No luggage, no stress.

Instead, put everything you feel you need into your carry-on bag. Only the essentials, and never let that bag out of your sight. Buy (or borrow!) whatever non-essentials you didn’t bring at your destination.


2. Arrive at the airport 5 hours early before your flight

airport alone travel insurance
“I’ve been waiting here since before the airport was built. And I had black hair then, too.”

Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. There are hundreds of reasons why flights get delayed or cancelled, and you can bet that 99.9% of them are beyond your control or your ability to predict. Unless, you know, you’re the one leading the airport workers’ strike. Or you’re the smart aleck who gave budget airlines the idea of cancelling flights if they weren’t filled.

Travel insurance should compensate you as best as they can for any inconvenience that results from delayed or cancelled flights. But since trying to provide evidence to make a claim can be so troublesome, here’s a better alternative. Reach the airport insanely early before you’re scheduled to fly off. Our professional opinion? At least 5 hours before your flight.

That way, you’ll have more than enough time to book an alternative flight or consider other options as soon as you find out that your original flight is delayed or cancelled. Plus, if you find yourself stranded at the airport with no flights available, at least you’ll have time to find a nice comfortable corner of the airport to sleep for the night.


3. Travel without your wallet

beggar travel insurance
Now you won’t be lying when you say you have no money on you!

Because we’ve enjoyed our relatively low crime rate, Singaporeans tend to not take sufficient precautions when travelling overseas. Unfortunately, that makes us easy targets for pickpockets and other criminal elements.

A good travel insurance policy covers you for theft of money, other personal belongings and especially travel documents. If you lose your passport for example, it could be very costly and inconvenient to get a replacement. Though not as troublesome, the loss of money and credit cards would still result in a fair bit of stress. Travel insurance compensates you for these costs. But if you don’t have travel insurance? Your best bet is to not bring your wallet with you when you travel.

And I don’t even mean leave your belongings in the hotel safe! We’ve all heard horror stories about even that most secure of locations getting broken into (probably because you didn’t know how to secure it properly). No, I mean leave your wallet at home. After all, you just need the best travel credit card for all your needs. That’s what the American Express Centurion card is for, isn’t it?


4. Live in a hospital, not a hotel

hospital living travel insurance
I bet you there’s no hotel worldwide that provides complimentary babies.

Short of actually dying, needing a medical evacuation is the worst thing that can happen to you while you’re travelling. Not only does it mean you’re probably in critical condition that requires urgent medical attention, medical evacuation can cost you thousands of dollars.

Travel insurance usually covers medical evacuation and repatriation costs, and more often than not, your coverage is sufficient enough that you don’t have to pay a cent out of pocket. However, if you don’t have travel insurance, then you could be at risk of losing lots of money should you fall seriously ill unless… you’re able to get proper medical attention immediately. Our solution? Choose to live in a hospital.

The benefit of living in a hospital cannot be understated. Not only do you have a bed to yourself, you also have the advantage of medical personnel ready to attend to you at a moment’s notice. Plus, if you make the extra effort not to leave the hospital grounds for the duration of your stay, you dramatically reduce the possibility of an accident. Unless, you know you walk into an radiography room while an X-Ray is being performed, or you stumble into a lab filled with contagious virus samples, or… you get the picture.


5. Travel Using Google Maps’ Street View mode

kinect google maps travel insurance
Giving “tai chi responsibility” a whole new meaning.

Why even put yourself at risk by travelling? Just visit all the major landmarks of the world by using Google Maps’ Street View to get a panoramic view of life there. The city you want to visit isn’t on Street View? It probably wasn’t worth the trek there then.

And since you’re not travelling, you don’t need to worry about travel insurance! Problem solved.


If I could be serious for a minute…

If it’s not obvious already, we’re KIDDING. These are terrible suggestions that would make NO sense to the average traveller. Travel insurance is relatively cheap and does provide quite a substantial amount of coverage. Yes, it can be a little troublesome to make a claim, but if you follow these 6 simple steps when claiming travel insurance then you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

However, cost aside, you should make sure that you’re sufficiently covered for your trip, which is why you should never buy travel insurance from the airline. Instead, use our travel insurance comparison tool to find the cheapest travel insurance policy with the best coverage.


Do you have any serious advice for people who refuse to buy travel insurance? Let us know.


Photo credits: Craig Wyzik, Craig Cloutier, Antoine K, Nate Grigg, Open Exhibits